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Fake Online Members! For Joomla! Module

Get fake members and guests online on your Joomla! site.

* Adds fake members and guests to your Joomla! site
* Control members and guests separately
* Control fluctuation of traffic


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Reviews: 2
This module does exactly what you expect. You can display what you want as even the quality of the visitors can totally be modified. However, it is quite difficult to obtain the password to get the file after payment and the author site is quite complicated.
Owner's reply

Hi thanks for the great review! and yes we are having a few probs with the passwords for the download area being sent out automatically (problem with SMTP server)and we have to send them out to everyone manually just now but we will get it sorted soon thanks again Paul.

Reviews: 2
This module does exactly what is says it does. It is a helpful little tool for new sites to use to create the impression of steady traffic. Well done. And not to forget to mention the great support I got from the creator. Thanks a zill
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!

Reviews: 3
I spent a month purchasing and downloading plugis, components and modules and ran them on a test database to be sure that everything worked as it should (and they were what I needed) before I committed to building my site. So I feel compelled to write a review to help others in their decisions.

As my site incorporates social networking, I needed a module to encourage others to join, and this was it. I downloaded both this module and the CB version, but found this one to be more compatible with the 'look' of my site. I will simply say 'Excellent, simple but brilliant'.
I highly recommend... no, I insist you get this module as a must - the best $4.99 i've spent!

*** check your spam folder after purchasing it ***
Owner's reply

Hi thanks for the great review! and yeah after registration check your spam/junk mail folder for your password to the download area as they often end up there, thanks Paul.