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Dummy Text Plugin

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The Free Dummy Text Plugin replaces a tag within Joomla content (or a Joomla Custom HTML-module) with Dummy Text, Ordered or Unordered Dummy Lists and/or Dummy Words. Dummy Text Plugin is available either as a Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 1.6 native extension.

The tag {dummytext p:2} will be replaced with 2 paragraphs of "Lorum Ipsum" dummy text.

Tag Options:
* Paragraphs - p:(number) = set the number of paragraphs
* Unordered Lists - ul:(number) = set the number of items
* Ordered Lists - ol:(number) = set the number of items
* Words - word:(number) = set the number of characters

It allows you to develop, prototype, design and/or test content in your web site quickly. The Dummy Text Plugin helps you speed up the process of setting up a layout for your Joomla site, including content.

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Reviews: 6
It's really useful being able to create a swathe of text quickly.

It would be the perfect extension if I were able to specify how many words should be in a paragraph, e.g. {*dummytext p:1,15*} (without *'s) to be a single paragraph of 15 words.