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Camelot Tools for SharePoint Component

The Bendsoft Camelot Joomla Tools Integration Component is a gateway between the SharePoint world and the Joomla! world. The technology is based upon the Camelot XML format which is created by the Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint.
To interact with the Camelot formats Joomla Tools uses the Camelot PHP Tools which are available for free at our website,

Updates in version 2.5
Now with NTLM support, personal or global (static) authentication. This provide safer integrations and personalized content from SharePoint.

Ways to integrate
The Camelot Joomla Tools Integration Component is where you keep your imported SharePoint data as Camelot XML Packets and any connections set up to a Camelot SharePoint Integration Service.
Most of this is covered in the videos section on our website, see

Working with the Camelot SharePoint Integration Service
The Integration Service is a part of the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit, which is available at or

How does it work?
Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit includes a self-hosted WCF service, the Camelot SharePoint Integration Service, which allows querying SharePoint (via the Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint) from any remote host. This service was previously known as Camelot WCF Service.
This means that Camelot Joomla Tools can talk to SharePoint through the Integration Service using SQL.

What do you need?
Apart from the software installed in Joomla you also need the Integration Toolkit mentioned earlier, available for download at codeplex;
The Integration Toolkit requires that the Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint is installed on the same server. The Connector is available at the Bendsoft website,

Example usage
In the most simple case, but also one of the more common, you just want to publish a list or content therein to your website. With Camelot Joomla Tools you can easily use the existing or build your own publishing templates which shows the list content as either raw formatted lists or as flowing articles.
This is a way to actually use Microsoft SharePoint as a Web-CMS for parts of or an entire web site.

* News
* Articles
* Press Releases
* Calendar data
* Task lists
* "Ordinary" list data
* Wiki and blog archives

Example data
Download some example lists here

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