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J!Blesta ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
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** Supporting Joomla! 3.2 / 2.5 **
** Supporting Blesta 3.0 **

The initial release of J!Blesta offers Joomla! and Blesta users an amazing set of features including:

Complete Visual Integration
With J!Blesta, the Joomla! web site that you already maintain is wrapped around your Blesta application providing a seamless integration experience for your customers.

Single Sign On Experience
J!Blesta provides a single-sign-on experience for your customers allowing them to log in from anywhere on your Joomla or Blesta sites and be logged into both applications at once.

User Account Bridging
Since your Joomla! and Blesta clients accounts are bridged, they can easily change their profile in either Blesta or Joomla! and have updates carried over to the other system automatically.

Ease of Maintenance
Instead of paying someone to update your site for minor changes or doing them yourself, you can put that time and money to work growing your business and focusing on what's important.

* J!Blesta requires the installation of the J!Blesta Plugin for Blesta a

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