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Site Lock is a FREE, one of a kind extension for the Joomla CMS that will allow you to password protect your site from being viewed while you are still in development mode.

This is much different from using the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla.

No more need to use an HTaccess file to lock down your site. The Site Lock extension will give you much more flexibility.

Supported Joomla Versions
Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7

Have you ever used the "Site Offline" feature of Joomla and wished that you could allow your clients, colleagues, or friends to view the site without making it public or adding them as a "special" level administrator user?

Or have you ever logged into the front of your site while it is offline to view how it will look to the public only to find that you have those little edit article icons on ever page of the site and you cannot get a true feel for how the site will look to non-logged in visitors?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Site Lock is your answer.

Site lock offers you the following benefits:

HTaccess style site protection
Give your clients their own login (without making them a user on your website)
No file editing or programming necessary
Create your own custom splash page message
Custom splash page message supports HTML formatting you can edit with your favorite WYSIWYG Editor
Site Lock is FREE to download and use on as many sites as you wish
Log in and view your site just as if it were live and see it as the public would see it
No more needing to use the standard "Site Offline" feature of Joomla
Gives you more control of the site during the design process
You choose who can see the site and who can't with custom login credentials
Enable and Disable in one click

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Reviews: 5
You can just leave the site online (from global configuration), and just lock the site down from the extension, while allowing the users you want to view the site. These users are not stored in joomla users, only used by the extension! Plus you can really view the site as your users see it, not as admin (from the frontend), very useful!
Reviews: 3
Great little extension - works as advertised. Had a question on a simple modification, and it was responded to in about 10 minutes.
Reviews: 19
I was waiting for something like this for a long time now. It does just what it is supposed to do. It makes development on a server much easier than to have to keep going to the global configuration and putting the site on and offline. With site lock you can keep your site online and setup which users are able to access the site. This way you can login as a registered user to test the site. You can even log in as a guest to test registration at the site. Nice Job on This.
Reviews: 1
I have spent hours and hours working on getting 2 1.7.3 sites into offline mode with no success. With this extension I was able to put my site in an 'offline mode', with the required security to access the backend and administration login within 2 minutes. I cannot believe how simple and effective this extension is. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Five out of five - keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 5
This worked GREAT, and very intuitive. Worked first time, and I was impressed that message at the top of screen showing the site when it was locked could be edited with the standard TinyJCE editor, to make it look nice -- and I assume link to an alternate site if need by.
I ran into the exact problem SiteLock solvers - requiring the client to enter the BACKEND of the site as a SuperAdmin to see the shopping cart and layout. Since they were Administrators they saw all the extra editor stuff, making them very confused. And I had to get into a big Front End / Back end explanation. I don't understand why this is not a standard component of J 1.7, but THANKS FOR WRITING IT!!
Reviews: 1
Unlike a lot of components, this one worked perfectly. I got a request from the CEO of our company to lock the site down, and 5 minutes later it was done. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
very nice extension and easy to install and configure.
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