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Mobile Joomla!® is the best way to mobilize your Joomla! site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all other phones.

Mobile Joomla! is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla! is trusted by more than 150,000 Joomla! users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.

Mobile Joomla! Benefits:

* Easy - Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
* Fast - Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
* Performance - Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
* Optimized - Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use

Feature Highlights:

* Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
* True optimization for your mobile site, accorting to each device's capabilities
* Multi template and layout support for different device segments
* Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
* 3rd party mobile template support
* Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
* Advanced image optimization
* Sub-domain redirection per device category
* Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins

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Reviews: 7
We need to serve responsive websites for Mobile devices! Using this solution is by far (Not: easily) the best way to handle this - and it's free!

Consider that Set-Up and Configuration takes time and effort ... as Mobilizing Websites is one of the most challenging tasks today (even worse than to achieve IE-compatibility years ago).

I understand that a more detailed and extensive documentation affords labour time that might be better used for development - use the forum: Experiencing some serious problems myself, the "Friendly Mobile Guys" have helped mye to fix this almost in realtime!
Reviews: 2
I am glad that we have a free extension like this, magically converts the Joomla into a mobile site. However, I am frustrated with the documentation and tutorials posted in the website. The tutorials show OLD VERSIONS of MobileJoomla. The UI in settings is very different from the tutorial which is very confusing. And guess what, I was not able to convert it into a Mobile site. I even watched a video which was posted 3 years ago. Sorry but you driving away new users of your component.
Owner's reply

Hi there, first of all, we are sorry to hear about your negative experience.

The screenshots in our documentation are mostly from Joomla! 1.5, since majority of our users still use that version, and that may give the impression of an outdated look. The video you watched is not an official tutorial, but was prepared by one of our community members on Joomla! 1.5 and we wanted to credit his efforts. Sorry, it didn't help you.

However, we highly value our users' feedback & opinion, therefore we reviewed and improved all our documentation. We hope we will be able to turn your experience & review into positive, in near future.

Reviews: 4
Easy to install and configure and works perfectly in making your website mobile compatible.

A great Joomla extension.

Thank you!!
Reviews: 2
When I logged in the site and try to down the free version for a try(there are 3 kind, free version & 2 get paid version), but when u click the "Download" button, it's just lead u go to another "Log Out" page, and I posted my situation in their support forum 1 month ago, but absolutely no answer at all??!! very disappointing!!
Owner's reply

Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your negative experience.

The issue most likely was caused by a browser that caches 301 http redirect statuses (or a proxy between your computer and our server, with the same behavior). We included several additional http headers to prevent caching, hope that will fix your and similar problems in future.

We hope this will help and be able to turn your experience into positive.

Reviews: 11
I was asked to make a mobile version of a joomla site and didn't know where to start. I installed this extension and found it very easy to implement and use to create a working mobile version of my website. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Ive been using MobileJoomla on a Joomla 1.5 since their public beta. It has grown into an impressive tool and I strongly recommend it to anyone. As with any quality extension, if you want support you should buy a subscription. If you use any other 3rd party extensions, you will probably need tech support.

The users of my site are mostly mobile. A stable mobile component was not optional. MobileJoomla has been a dependable solution.

It does an excellent job of displaying a specific template for a specific type of mobile device. If you use a quality mobile template, you can get very good results.
Unless you buy the Pro version, expect an increae in the size of your database. Know the limits of your shared hosting plan.
It works well with K2 and Kunena. I'm sure there are other extensions it works well with, these are just two it does excecptionally well.
It can be tricky to configure. Read all the instructions. Read the forums. BACKUP before you install and backup again as you change settings.
Support for the free version is decent. Support for the Pro version is excellent.
If you do not understand Joomla's temnplate overrides, you might find it difficult to get good results at first. Learn how to use template overrides and you can build a blazing fast, beautiful mobile site.

This component isn't for the Joomla newbie. But if you have a simple site, backup first and give it a try.
Reviews: 2
I started more than year ago with GOOD working version. Later were two upgrades - and now there are ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS.
After I succeeded in resolving conflict in database, discovered, that TeraWurfl application (supporting Mobile Joomla) IS NOT CONFIGURED PROPERLY, tried almost everything - still end up with errors.
If you have access to first version - ok, go for it. For now I strongly discourage using such poor in quality solution - you will have errors even on your laptop/PC when displaying (sic!)
Owner's reply

Thanks for trying our product, we are sorry to hear you were not able to utilize it for your needs.

Mobile Joomla! is improved and evolved significantly during the years. Problems updating might could have been avoided with regular updates (as recommended), since each update has a relation to the previous. Your problems regarding Terwurfl might be due to this reason, since Mobile Joomla! does not use Terwurfl as device detection anymore.

Mobile Joomla! has no effect displaying on laptop/PC, which strongly indicates the errors you get might be due to your Joomla! setup, related to other 3rd party extensions.

We are sorry to see you are discouraging others to use our product. We do our best to help our users to solve their problems on our forums. You are always welcome there if you'd like to solve yours.

Reviews: 2
Thank you so very much! Awesome extensions, super easy to use - took me 30 min from finding the extension, reading the documentation to having it installed & working - no problems at all.

Installed your elegance template...Love it too! You've saved me hours of work. Thank you!
Reviews: 31
Major thumbs-up to the devs on this one. One of the best extensions I have downloaded over the years. It worked straight out of the box, so easy to configure and works a charm. Also lets me disable ads and copyright info without any fuss.

Professional, sleek and (still can't believe it) completely FREE!
Reviews: 5
Firts, making it work was a bit tough, but deffinitely time spent was worth the final effect. Thanks a lot for this component, very useful and a must for joomla site owners:)
Reviews: 13
I needed 2 hours to get it work.
I use FireFox with AddOn User Agent Switcher. I switched and switched and switched but there was no mobile view of my page, just the standard.
So, I checked the source code and found out that the component had cached my user agent settings and ignored my switchings.
So, I deactivated caching with a small hack for further developping and testing and switching ;-)

After that I needed 10 minutes to understand the settings, how to add modules, menus and...

This is an excellent time saving extension, not meant ironically in this context.

Reviews: 1
Even with easy installation consider following before installing this component.
This is my experience checked on live portal site and on local VPS machine

1.MySQL database shell dramatically grow up. If your database was 4MB after installing this component it
shell grow up minimum to 40MB. A lot of tables shell be created.

2.Its difficult to manage footers on Mobile devices.

3. Standard version is not in correct view

4. If there is virus attack then it is impossible after cleaning , to check is site ok on other platforms
for example on Samsung the virus can be still present , and there are a lot of tables to check
Owner's reply

1. Mobile Joomla! is able to detect almost any mobile device in details, to serve the best user experience possible. Device information is stored in database, which requires space. In our earlier versions, database had significant size as you mentioned, however, in our latest releases we listened your feedback and it's optimised to take much less space. You can also use Mobile Joomla! Pro, which uses remote device detection, and does not use any database of your server at all.
2. Footers are Joomla! modules and their management are not different than managing Joomla! modules.
3. Mobile Joomla! has no effect/control over the display of your standard (desktop) website
4. Mobile Joomla! is open source software and is related & can not be responsible of any virus attack you'd get on your server or mobile device.

Reviews: 11
Very pleased with this module, it worked first time and makes the web site much easier to view than in "normal" mode.
Reviews: 11
This extension uses jQuery mobile. If you use several extensions, buy a mobile theme and turn on ajax then you will quickly have to learn a lot about jQuery mobile, javascript and CSS.
This tool helps you very well but getting jQuery mobile to work properly is definitely not klick and play!
Reviews: 2
wow.. it works!! excellent!... congratulations.

easy to install and working in seconds.

Reviews: 3
Hi, I just watched the installation video and able to install it very easily. Thank you for great plug in
Reviews: 1
Many thanks to the developers on this. It provides an easy snap-in, that could have taken hours thanks again for providing such a wonderful FREE component!
Reviews: 1
Unlike most other reviewers, I had difficulty getting this module to work at first. I took the video tutorial, set up the sub-domain, and tried looking at it on the test site suggested (, but no success. I don't personally own a mobile device, which compounded the challenge of figuring out how to get it to function, and I had just recently finished putting together my first Joomla! site.

I am now glad that I didn't quit. I stuck with it because I work for a non-profit and we can't afford to pay someone outside to develop a mobile version of the site. After hours of frustration, I finally took some advice I saw on the forum and reinstalled the extension. That and a little help from Jesus fixed it.

After that, and using a trick mentioned on the site (adding "/?device=iphone" after the url) I was able to view the mobile version in Safari. It then took about an hour to tweak the site to look good on the iphone (It didn't like my DIV tags).

If you do have trouble installing or viewing the effects of this extension, I would encourage you to keep trying, because it is worth it. The site is working really well now, and my boss is happy. Hallelujah!
Reviews: 4
I really need this and it just doesn't work. Just go to the forums and you'll see what I mean. Right now the sub domains don't even work and there is a fix which doesn't work that you have to do yourself rather than an update to the extension itself. Right now there is no good mobile options for Joomla 2.5 Someone could really make some money if they would design a mobile extension that worked.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for taking your time to try and review Mobile Joomla! We are sorry to hear that you did not have a positive experience like majority of our users.

Mobile Joomla! is a free, open source and a Release Candidate software. There may be problems which we are constantly trying to fix with the help of our community. The subdomain issue, as you mentioned was known, fixed and available on Github 2 weeks before your post, which was a day after the last release. Naturally, we do not release an update for every fix, but wait until they reach a certain amount. However, we commit such fixes on Github, for you to benefit until an official update is available.

Regarding other posts you mentioned on Mobile Joomla! Forums: There will always be users who face certain challenges using any software. That's natural and what we do is to try our best to help and improve our product continuously.

We are keen to make Mobile Joomla! the best Joomla! mobilization solution. Yes, we do not ask for money, however, find our motivation when people benefit and have positive experience with our products. We hope we'll be able to help you to solve your problem, and turn your review into positive in close future.

Reviews: 3
I spent twice as long reading the reviews as it took me to download the component and install it and have it working on my website.

Even without any extra configuration it immediately produced a good result for my site displaying on iPhone.

With a bit of configuration of the templates and module positions it will produce an excellent mobile display.

When I read the reviews it appeared that the only negative reviews came from people who had not read the instructions well before downloading, and then blamed the component rather than their lack of knowledge.

One of the common complaints was about the ads at the bottom of the page. It took less than 3 minutes to; find the plugin that Mobile Joomla offers, download it, enable it, and for the ads to be removed from the mobile site.

So the ads are a non issue, other than the fact that this is how Mobile Joomla gets revenue. I would be happy to pay a licence fee for not having the ads if that were an option. Currently it is completely free.

A great component.
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