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Mobile Joomla!® is the best way to mobilize your Joomla! site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all other phones.

Mobile Joomla! is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla! is trusted by more than 150,000 Joomla! users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.

Mobile Joomla! Benefits:

* Easy - Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
* Fast - Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
* Performance - Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
* Optimized - Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use

Feature Highlights:

* Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
* True optimization for your mobile site, accorting to each device's capabilities
* Multi template and layout support for different device segments
* Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
* 3rd party mobile template support
* Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
* Advanced image optimization
* Sub-domain redirection per device category
* Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins

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Reviews: 1
I am amazed. This tool works immediatley with no much struggle!
Reviews: 6
Immediately after installation you're site will be a mobile-optimized website. This extension adds its own template that can be completely customized with it's own module positions. It's really everything you need, especially if you know how to style CSS.

The only problem I have with it is that some browsers appear to get "stuck" in mobile mode. I have no idea why....
Reviews: 1
Installed and worked without a problem.

I was stunned how easy it was to install and use.
Reviews: 2
Like majority of people here I agree that it is an excellent extension. I was able to set up my own custom mobile templates to work for mobile devices in minutes. Easy easy easy. The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars is because it groups iPhone and iPad recognition functionality together - meaning you cannot have supporting template specifically for an iPad (although you can group the two together). It would be great to have iPad/tablet as an option since their use is rapidly increasing.
Reviews: 2
this is the second time here and just to write that this is an amazing extension,to easy installation,in seconds my website was ready for mobiles,thanks developer for such extension.
Reviews: 6
How can this thing be free? Default installation - Perfect! Default settings - Perfect! and my site is mobile. Wow!! I hope these guys take donations.
Reviews: 2
Ive used your extension for a 1.5 site and it was great. Truly the only real option to go mobile, without self coding. Ive just uploaded for 1.6 and so far so good. Ive yet to fully configure, but if like the previous version, not really worried. In fact it looks like you've added some more options. Been waiting patiently for a while for this update, its finally here.
Reviews: 4
Considering what it does, this is a remarkable package! The default installation worked perfectly and with the use of platform appropriate modules and plugins provides super flexibility.

I had actually spent a couple of days building a semi-clone of my main site for mobiles and was contemplating the oncoming difficulty of keeping the two sites in sync. Had I known about this two days before I would willingly have forked out a decent sum for it.

However it does have drawbacks, of a minimal sort. First the ads, take away from a business website so I removed them using the FREE plug-in [guys you really should charge a few bucks for that!] Secondly, for testing purposes I used iBBdemo2 and when I switched to "Standard Version" I could not switch back and could not clear cache on the simulator. To avoid the cache problem I disabled that module too, in case it affects devices I have not had a chance to test with. Finally some of the modules do not display well on the mobile, particularly wide forms. When I have time I shall create mobile versions in hidden menus on the main site to get around that too.

Overall in my opinion, an essential extension.
Reviews: 2
I'm very pleased with this module. In just a few hours I created a perfect mobile site! Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Vewy easy to install and works perfectly.
Reviews: 8
This is a great component/plugin. Works out of the box. I recommend this to every one, a must have joomla! component.

Reviews: 6
Excellent work, the best I've seen. The Joomla team it should integrate
the default Joomla installation package. 100% recommended, easy to use and put
up, even without experience. If you want to change the language can
do so because there are several plugins that are installed, for messages that appear to
foot mobile devices. Also if you want to remove the word Joomla
appears on mobiles within the same plugin the option for removal, as well
that the manufacturer offers a plugin for that. Thanks for your work first class.
Reviews: 8
i guess this component was a best in this category. i used this component and found it very easy to install and to use. until i found strange problem when i tried to link my site from my mobile using opera. it goes to the main menu. but when i click the article i wont link. some error 403.
then i re-setting the menu and the parameters. i even create new category for this especial mobile menu for the articles. works fine on the mobile menu and template. but the link goes error once more if i go to the index page.

somehome the menu only works on sub-page of my page. if show the readcrumbs it goes:
home >> home

it tried again and again and again....still don't finallay i have to change my menu to make my site run on my way....(sigh)
Reviews: 21
As somebody who lives in the 3rd world of Africa, I have to say that this component has the potential to put Joomla light-years ahead of any other CMS in the market. This component is powerful, feature rich and gives you extreme control over the different phones and their templates.

I just wish they had an API so that
I could integrate their mobile functionality with other components I'd like to mobilise. Other than that though, works out the box, works WELL and will DEFINITELY add real value to your site.

Well done guys!
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Very easy to install even for a newby like me. After a few "tweaks" got it working perfectly. Thank you for sharing this.
Reviews: 15
This is one of my favorite extensions. I love it so much and it's free..seriously it's free which makes it even better!!!:)
Reviews: 1
Install...Done! Can't ask for much more than that!
Reviews: 1
Pretty good, would like to redirect resolution smaller than X (ex: 1024*768) to a mobile version too.
Reviews: 1
One-click install success!!
This module is the best extension I've ever installed and my site looks beautiful on the first phone I checked it against.
Fits to the screen, size adjustable and drop down menus all work. Exact replica of the original size.
This is definitely recommended!
Thanks Mobile Joomla!
Reviews: 1
I couldn't even believe how quickly I was looking at my standard site on my localhost on my mobile phone after the installation of this Extension!! Excellent job guys..this is an amazing extension!!
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