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Mobile Joomla!® is the best way to mobilize your Joomla! site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all other phones.

Mobile Joomla! is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla! is trusted by more than 150,000 Joomla! users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.

Mobile Joomla! Benefits:

* Easy - Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
* Fast - Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
* Performance - Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
* Optimized - Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use

Feature Highlights:

* Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
* True optimization for your mobile site, accorting to each device's capabilities
* Multi template and layout support for different device segments
* Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
* 3rd party mobile template support
* Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
* Advanced image optimization
* Sub-domain redirection per device category
* Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins

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Reviews: 12
This is an excellent extension and I highly recommend it. Worked within seconds of installation. I liked having several templates from which to choose.

I would have gladly given it 5 stars instead of 4, had it been disclosed that some templates would show ads (not my own, as my site is ad-free) on the page. Yes, this is a free extension, and the developers are entitled to compensation, but just let us know in advance rather than letting us find ads after the fact.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for your review and we are glad to hear you like MJ!

Ads displayed on mobile version is totally voluntary to support our development, and we provide very simple way to remove them;

We communicated this a while ago;

But you are right, our new users may not be aware of that. We will add a warning, so that this doesn't cause any inconvenience to any.

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate!

Reviews: 3
I tryied like some 4 components for mobile and i have to say that this one is the best, esasy to install, easy con config, and looks very acceptable from mobiles. in my case, i did it with my web, and looks nice on my blackberry, so glad of have this component thanks
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to configure, work flawlessly. Excellent component, a must have for all joomla sites now that mobile navigation is growing. Thank you for keeping this free. Great job.
Reviews: 4
A fully featured component-module-plugin that makes it fairly simple to convert your existing site to a mobile compatible site and that's what you do, convert it. You have to republish your modules to the mobile templates it's not hard if you've got a good handle on Joomla but if you're a Joomla newbie your gone to be lost. Have a look at the forum if you don't believe me. This will probably rate as excellent once I've spent more time with it. BTW this is the first component I've ever HAD to read the docs for. Good job guys.
Reviews: 13
Can't believe I waited so long to try this.

1) Easy to install

2) Works instantly

Great job guys Well done

Reviews: 2
What can I say. I am amazed. It worked out of the box.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please make this wonderful extension ready for Joomla 1.6 too.

God bless you
Reviews: 2
I am amazed that there are people out there who will take the time to produce something this powerful for free! Implementing this component was painless! My hats off to the developers!
Reviews: 3
This extension is ok for old mobile browsers, but doesn't add anything to current mobile browsers such as those found on iPhone and Android. The extensions doesn't work at all on iPhone (there is no menu displayed) and even if the menu worked, the full site is better on these newer phones than the mobile site.
Owner's reply

Hi there, MJ! should display out-of-the box on every device, especially new ones. Please do communicate us on our Forums so that we can try to help you.

Reviews: 1
I am a Joomla extension developer and this is how Joomla extensions should be done. Easy to install, instant results, nothing hackish or confusing. Great job!
Reviews: 1
Just what I needed and it worked for me straight out of the tin (so to speak). There are enough settings and adjustments that can easily be made for a very quick result. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I think this is a big step in the way to make Joomla available for mobile phones, but there is work to be done.
I've installed the plugin in Joomla 1.5.22.
Tested it and found out that it does not work correctly with Iphone. The submenu items do not get displayed. Asked about this to their support forum but the response is slow and still there is no solution. In the meantime tested it on an android phone and the submenu got displayed correctly. After changing to another submenu and going back to the 1st submenu it also does not get displayed.
Reviews: 1
very simple set-up from download on computer to viewing mobile site on iphone. Works very well!

Note that if you have the sh404sef "Enable template switcher" enabled, it will not allow mobile joomla to do its thing. Disable the template switcher in sh404sef (if you have that installed and running), and allow mobile joomla to do the template switching. this will give it more options to switch since MJ is will serve the template based on the mobile device.
Reviews: 1
As I have gotten used to the program settings it has worked great on each site that I set up. What a great way to be mobile compliant and not have to do a separate site or recode a lot on of the things that makes a dynamic Joomla site full featured
Reviews: 2
I have spent years looking for something that worked as nicely as this extension. I spent years trying other extensions for mobile Joomla websites, and found them all lacking. I had all but given up on having a mobile Joomla site...

Then I decided to give MOBILE a try. I run a site with 30K+ daily visitors... Absolutely ZERO issues, immediate, great output on Blackberry and Iphones. Lots of template customization possibilities. Give this one a try, it's highly recommended!
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension! Does exactly what I needed. Not recognizing Blackberry torch at the moment (at lest on my site) but I haven't looked into that yet and I don't know if the torch is supposed to be supported at this time or not. Don't even care about that really, as my target audience is iPhone and Android.

Thanks MobileJoomla!
Reviews: 2
I installed this component and spent about 15 minutes looking though the configuration. It worked perfectly for me right out of the box, at least for iphone and blackberry. Those are only phones I tested it on.

One warning: this component adds about 70 megs to your sql database size. No kidding. According to developer, this is necessary to accurately detete the hundreds of mobile devices. Unfortunately, this large size could prevent you from restoring your database. On my host, phpmyadmin has a 50 meg limit, so when my site when down, I couldn't restore the database. I finally removed all the mobilejoomla tables and the sql file went from 74 megs to 3.2 megs.

Since I only care about iphone, blackberry, and android devices, it would be nice if developer could create a config that would eliminate all the other tables and reduce the database size.
Reviews: 7
It was never so easy to create a fulli functional Website for iPhones and other mobile devices!
Just install the Plugin, SetUp your desired Modules and done! You have a working and nice-looking iPhone-Website!
And the best thing: It's for free. I'd like also to donate something to this genious project. Whrere can I do this?
Reviews: 12
Have been searching for a mobile converter for awhile and tried several, this is the first one I was able to make work and work it does, perfectly, nice conversion out of the box and many configuration options to dial it in. Three Cheers to the Captain!!! But where do I donate $ for the effort?
Reviews: 1
After about 10-15 minutes of install/configure, I had my first mobile version of my site for iPhone and Droid. Awesome tool here!
Reviews: 1
This is the perfect extension if you're looking for a fast and easy way to have your site go mobile! It looks great and worked immediately. No problems whatsoever.
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