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Mobile Joomla!® is the best way to mobilize your Joomla! site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all other phones.

Mobile Joomla! is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla! is trusted by more than 150,000 Joomla! users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.

Mobile Joomla! Benefits:

* Easy - Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
* Fast - Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
* Performance - Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
* Optimized - Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use

Feature Highlights:

* Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
* True optimization for your mobile site, accorting to each device's capabilities
* Multi template and layout support for different device segments
* Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
* 3rd party mobile template support
* Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
* Advanced image optimization
* Sub-domain redirection per device category
* Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins

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Reviews: 3
A pretty good component but some issues.

It has different themes for iphone, tablet, smartphone, wap, imode (don't know what that is even), but while good, it means if you want to edit a theme you have to do all 5 separately. I just started on the iphone one, but the basic css file didn't cover everything and remnants of iphones theme were across a number of different css/files. I gave up trying to figure out where all the instances of the ugly blue pinstripe was.

The detection isn't always that great. On Galaxy S5 there was none and the desktop site loaded. On Nokia Lumia and Blackberry the menus were broken, so I just set all phones to show the iphone template.

Would be better if there were a setting to just load the phone template if the screen width detected is less than say 350 pixels, that way it's guaranteed to load. But no such option existed from what I could see so your left with detection that may not work.

I decided to try another extension instead, but there was no way of even disabling this component. Even with the component unpublished it still operated, so I had to completely uninstall to test something else.

Also while it's free, the nice looking templates are considerably higher priced. Apparently you have to pay to get rid of the adverts, though I'd just hardcode those out personally.

I could have continued with it, but in the end I went with Responsivizer and found it was quite a bit superior in every way, but does come with a pricetag.
Owner's reply

Great feedback with details, thanks a lot! We are in fact just working on an improved version which will make it simpler to get your design working on all devices with simple settings and improve usability across the board.

As for the device detection, the device database is being updated from time to time - seems the older version you had installed didn't cover Galaxy S5, which the latest one does. (Our Pro version on the other hand has automatic always-up-to-date database with no manual updates needed)

Reviews: 1
I've installed the plugin, created a template to match the theme of my site and everything works - for the most part. However, I ran into an issue with the ?device=desktop and ?device=xhtml code to be able to link between the mobile and desktop versions. I went to the support forums hoping to have help resolving this issue - after all, I did pay for this extension. I have yet to receive a reply.

Be vary weary if you purchase this product. If you can get it to work great, but your in the dark without a flashlight if something goes wrong...
Reviews: 4
If this was any easier, the client wouldn't need me!!
Great job with good support.
I did do one very unusual thing for me, I read the instructions. Then a couple of tweaks to my templates and a great mobile application shows up.
Thank you.
Reviews: 6
This extension will NOT make your website mobile. It will take the raw text and images and force them into an ugly pinstripe design that looks nothing like your site. This is not a mobile website...a mobile website means YOUR website (with the look and branding) becomes mobile.

It is way overpriced for not doing what it says. There is virtually no documentation other than extremely basic settings and an installation guide. Absolutely nothing on how to make the site even resemble our desktop version. No serious business would ever allow a mobile site to have none of its branding and color cheme.

There is a button for support for it's a barely used forum. A forum is NOT SUPPORT!

You are much better off purchasing a responsive template than working with...whatever this thing is.
Owner's reply

Hi there, we are sorry to hear that our product did not fit your expectations.

Unlike responsive templates (client side approach), we follow a server side approach, which is a known method for higher performance. We also allow our users to customise their templates in a much more powerful way compared to responsive templates, using custom modules, settings, CSS etc.

We have over 50 articles in our documentations, by which we hope to cover everything we can. For more advanced users, we offer Mobile Joomla! Insiders' Guide ebook. For those, who can not find answers they are looking for, we have our forum, which today has more than 15000 posts. We try to answer as much questions as we can on public forum.

If you are looking into a responsive website, you indeed could go for a responsive template. Please note that in such case you could still use Mobile Joomla! with the responsive template to optimize the template's mobile performance by up to four times.

Hope helps.

Reviews: 3
Thanx alot for the extention

liked it alot ... gives a reliefs to huge extent

Reviews: 3
OK with the free version showing ads - if clients don't like it, they can pay for Ad Remover or even full Pro version. But the free version displays the Joomla GNU footer as well (hard-coded!), which is ugly and just not necessary. Since Jan.13 you have to pay PER SITE to remove this. Poor decision... broke what was until then a great product.
So - works well but...
Reviews: 12
This is an excellent product and is easy to use and 'just works'. As it creates new templates it is possible to edit them to get the look you want.

Now for the BUT. Support is non-existent. There is a forum but I wouldn't expect too much in the way of a response from the developers on that. I can see little identifiable activity from the developers on there. Even if you pay to have the ads removed it doesn't appear to earn you any support.
Reviews: 2
Mobile Joomla! working just great on my blog. It made my blog visitable from any mobile which is why i love this extension more then the rest of the extensions! :D

Good Luck Mobile Joomla!
Reviews: 19
tested. doesn't suit me , uninstall it and site become very slow. check with experts main cause become that there is 40+ tables left by this extensions. very unprofessional imo.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thank you very much for taking your time to review Mobile Joomla! We are sorry to hear your initial experience was less than ideal.

The database tables you mentioned belong to a 3rd party product Scientia Mobile, which is an optional, advanced addon device database that is not a a part of core Mobile Joomla! package and optionally installed by user. Our own device detection database, which comes by default with Mobile Joomla! installation package is very fast and uses 2 database tables only. It also removes all traces when Mobile Joomla! is uninstalled, since it's a core part of the product.

Please try installing Mobile Joomla! with default settings, which should help to resolve the problem.

Hope helps.

Reviews: 5
This extension is really a great plugin. But, it took so long for me to setup it in website. Though, it is a great extension
Reviews: 9
i have used this extension on more then 5 website and found it the best and very easy to work with.
Helps me a lot creating mobile versions of websites which was a nightmare for me before this extension. Thank you for the extension.
Reviews: 1
It's a good application. Just I need a button that let the user change between mobile site and normal site if he/she want.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for your review. The feature you are looking for already exists in Mobile Joomla! as "Select Markup module"

Reviews: 14
While Mobile Joomla does have some nice features, we noticed a considerable slow down for every site we installed it on. Not just the mobile site but even the load time of the desktop site is hit. Also, our database size went from 1.2mb to 38MB! That's a LOT of data added to our sites. When we uninstalled Mobile Joomla, the sites speed pick back up to normal again.

We understand that the PRO version does remote data loading (to reduce the local database size) but that means our sites would then rely on a 3rd party remote site to load template settings?? And it that any faster? I don't believe it would be. Plus the PRO version is very expensive. Nice component but not worth the slow down for us.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for reviewing Mobile Joomla! We are sorry to hear, you experienced some issues.

Large database tables you mentioned belong to a 3rd party product Scientia Mobile, which is an optional, advanced add-on device database that is not a a part of core Mobile Joomla! package and optionally installed by user. Our main device detection mechanism is very fast and requires only 5Mb of database space. If you try installing Mobile Joomla! with default settings, you'd be able to see the performance difference.

Mobile Joomla! Pro on the other hand, caches remote data locally and fallbacks to local device database in the case of connection problems. In this way, we make sure your site works with 100% uptime, without depending a remote connection.

Hope helps.

Reviews: 4
Mobile Joomla gives you easy and flexible layouts for all devices like Iphone. The most great thing is the content plugin where you can give special content for mobile and desktop with a tag at article. Also the possibility to switch plugins and modules on or of for example desktop or iphone.

The support is great.
Thanks for this good component!
Reviews: 1
Good work for completeness but i find this a solution for mobile that requires a lot of complicated settings and it's not so easy to take real advantages.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for taking your time to review. We are happy to hear that you consider Mobile Joomla! as a great complete solution. One of the top feedbacks we get from our users is that Mobile Joomla! is very easy to setup and use. Please reach out us at our forums, so that we can try to figure out what you consider complicated and we can help you to make it easier.

Reviews: 6
Mobile Joomla is a really great plug in. At first I was considering to use responsive instead, which is a part of my templates. But after some research, I found that switching to a full mobile design was best. Because this way I am able to ensure that my many sites are truly optimized for mobile devices. I am able to excluding certain module and plugings, or design other modules differently; I am able to make unique articles for the same menu item. Because of this my sites are now well optimized for speed, page size, design elements, and functionality perfectly for mobile devices. I can even do things differently for different mobile devices as well. It can all be customized, and very easily.

This is perfect for me.

That being said … Mobile Joomla simply turns your site into mobile website right out of the box with only a few minutes of install and setup. My above examples are just to illustrate that you can tweak things to a great degree and have a perfect mobile site, if you choose. Or just install and go, and still have as good a site as you would with a responsive template, actually even better.

I cannot recommend Mobile Joomla enough, and of course I suggest it above responsive design strategies. I understand that responsive is all the rage these days... But in my experience responsive sites are not optimized at all, just reshaped. And quite often there are things in responsive designs that don't work or fit like they are supposed to.

Mobile Joomla is free for most of the features. For those who need a little extra there is a pro version. I have needed tech support assistance a couple times, and they are always quick and helpful, we are in different time’s zones so I usually had to wait a bit, but never loner than 24 hours. I needed support once for a very unique requirement of mine. Another time was when I needed something fixed in the core that was broken, once identified they adjusted the source code and patched it, all within a couple hours.

Another thing that is important is to pay close attention to Google analytics to ensure that your pages are being indexed correctly.
Reviews: 7
So fast to set up and my clients LOVE it! Have tested it with iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Blackberry, iPad - works beautifully! I love the ease of administration, too. You install it and it works. For my purposes I didn't have to change a thing! Definitely planning to upgrade to the PRO version. Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 51
It helps a lot when users visits our site from cellphones, smartphones and tablets. There's also a very expensive commercial version available.
I wonder what will happen with with the component when J3, responsive design and bootstrap kicks in...
Reviews: 1
Installed it and spent the time to configure, after that works great! Thanks, this extension was very much needed.
Reviews: 6
I installed this component and voilla! If somebody reads my comments you know how critical I am. This is my daily business for my customers and it is hard to satisfy me. But this component is a gain of effectiveness -> installation, adaption of the predelivered mobile layout of the component in details (30 min) - GO!
hell i love it. And it's not that easy to get me enthusiastic. ;)

THX Guys! Great work!

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