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The JTouch Mobile extension provides a solution for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x website owners to easily add a touch optimized and responsive web design (RWD) template for mobile devices. The extension consists of a configuration plugin and a mobile template that utilize the jQuery Mobile framework. It is lightweight and is seriously cross-platform support with HTML5 to support a wide range of mobile devices and screen sizes. You can find more information on "Graded Browser Support" at the following link.

Ok, ok... What does that all mean? Well, we took the complex part out and made the jQuery Mobile practical to use for all Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x website owners. You don't have to deal with backend coding to take advantage of the great features of jQuery Mobile. Simply apply your Joomla! "know-how," set the simple configuration parameters of the plugin, and configure the included Joomla! mobile template to your preference. Of course, for the CSS gurus, you guys can always apply your skills to enhance the mobile site even further. We really do hope everyone, from beginners to experts. Enjoy this extension and please feel free to drop us a post at our website forum.

How to Install JTouch for Joomla! Extension in 5 Minutes:
VirtueMart Mobile Template:
Kunena Mobile Template:

[Key Features]
1. JTouch Mobile template work with a wide range of mobile devices.
2. JTouch Mobile plugin and mobile templates are based on the rock solid jQuery Mobile framework. This framework is lightweight and fast.
3. JTouch Mobile advanced features and mobile templates for Kunena, VirtueMart and jComment are available to members.
4. JTouch Mobile plugin and mobile templates are free and open source products under the GPL2 license.

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Reviews: 3
Excellent template, excellent support, easy to install and customize.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
I have tried most of the extensions that perform this function and this is perfect. You can set it up perfectly in few minutes.

Even forum support is great, clear and very usefull.

Thank you guys
Reviews: 2
Wonderful extensions that does as it says with great ease!!! Thanks a million
Reviews: 4
I'm just a few weeks into figuring out mobile sites and found this extension for my Joomla 2.5.6 site. I liked the use of widely accepted JQuery and JQuery Mobile. I downloaded and set up Jtouch on my dev site, then got it running on the production site. I ran into a problem, which is promptly resolved after a posting to the support forum. Jtouch is still a work in progress; I'm hoping for out-of-the-box support of more major extensions, especially Mosets Tree and JEvents. I strongly recommend Jtouch.
Reviews: 1
I have never been impressed enough with an extension before to bother reviewing, but this one deserved the effort. I've been using Joomla for client web-sites for several years, but I'm completely new to 'mobile' site creation. Having used another popular mobile "system" (several modules and plugins combined...) previously, I was never happy with the results - and the latest version was full of quirks and problems. I wondered how J-Touch, a template and 1 plugin, could possibly serve my needs for a news magazine site that receives almost a half-million page views a month. WOW - installed, tweaked the HTML code and added a custom graphic for a header, and had a beautiful mobile site in less than 30 minutes. I did have problems with the menu, but I suspect that is an issue with the script-heavy main site template I am using (I had the same problems with the 'other' mobile extension as well), and since I didn't want the menu anyway, I didn't seek any support - and found it very easy to remove that part of the J-Touch template. The combination mobile-app / mobile site I created has made for a VERY happy client AND a VERY happy developer! For quickly converting your site to a mobile-friendly version, I would highly recommend J-Touch as a fast and simple solution.
Reviews: 1
No kidding...
I have been developing Joomla websites full-time now for ~3 years. I have tried other mobile solutions, but this is just so far superior... not to mention it's free!

Even with it being free, the support is so good it's almost sickening (in a good way). Nguyen (developer) is a leader among Joomla extension developers. Two thumbs up.
Reviews: 5
JTouch is a combination of template and plugin. The plugin automatically detects mobile devices and switches to the mobile template, allowing you to use another theme for your site with standard browsers. The plugin works correctly, and is easy to set up. Documentation is very good for both the plugin and template. The mobile template has adequate module positions and uses themes built with jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller, making it easy to customize the look of your mobile template. Support on the forum is great also.
Reviews: 2
I like Jtouch it's very easy to install, very customize options and powerful.
Very good support with constantly updates adding new features.

Reviews: 8
Easily, quickly, clearly, effectively and with the idea. I recommend.
Reviews: 3
Thanks for Awesome Extention.

I want to display Joomla Site on mobile devices.

I tried to another extension, but only my times and moneys has gone...

This great extension is free ,and so all that I wanted features !
Reviews: 4
I had never setup a mobile site before and wanted a mobile presence for my traditional Joomla site. Based on the reviews and comments and tried this extension and it worked great.

In about 8 hours my mobile site was up and running. Had a few issues figuring out what to do but figured it out on my own. Took me a little bit to change CSS to get the "look" I wanted but this extension did the trick for me.

Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
Reviews: 2
I've tried a lot of these, and just for the pure simplicity of it along with the unbelievalbe support this thing is the best one I've implemented by far.

I'll be using it on more sites.
Reviews: 2
Couldn't be any better! Free, Easy, Simple + Loads of support! I can recommend this to any Joomla! user!
Reviews: 4
While my client asks for Mobile site for his project, I was unhappy because it's not much easy thing to create the fallback template easy. But, this extension made things happen. My client is very happy!!!

Special Cheers guys !!!
Reviews: 9
This extension is really awesome! Works flawlessly and is also free. Anybody that is using Kunena Forum has to install this. Having a mobile Kunena Forum is a a great advantage to any website!
Reviews: 1
This developer has done something that I've been searching for, mobilized Kenuna. Along with the great Jtouch template, this is a true mobilization and the developer should be rewarded. There is another extension out there that does something similar, but they charge you money. This developer is letting his work go out to the community, AND supporting it actively. He is extremely helpful and responsive. You honestly can't go wrong with Jtouch.
Reviews: 1
This took minutes to install and when I had a question the developer responded quickly and personally.

I tried another mobile plugin and it was nowhere near as good as this and if it was, I couldn't figure it out. This was EASY!

I suggest everyone submit donations to help them out for their hard work. As soon as I get paid for my services, I'm definitely going to.
Reviews: 4
This extension is great! Everything worked as advertised and the support has been fantastic for the few times I needed help. Great job!
Reviews: 1
Today it's almost mandatory to have a mobile friendly website. This extension does it and the developer's support is excellent. I went from the neolithic ages to 2012 in just a few clicks and am very happy with the result.
Reviews: 10
A must have template if you want to make your website go mobile,with great support even this a free as a beer template..thank u so much nguyen :)
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