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The JTouch Mobile extension provides a solution for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x website owners to easily add a touch optimized and responsive web design (RWD) template for mobile devices. The extension consists of a configuration plugin and a mobile template that utilize the jQuery Mobile framework. It is lightweight and is seriously cross-platform support with HTML5 to support a wide range of mobile devices and screen sizes. You can find more information on "Graded Browser Support" at the following link.

Ok, ok... What does that all mean? Well, we took the complex part out and made the jQuery Mobile practical to use for all Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x website owners. You don't have to deal with backend coding to take advantage of the great features of jQuery Mobile. Simply apply your Joomla! "know-how," set the simple configuration parameters of the plugin, and configure the included Joomla! mobile template to your preference. Of course, for the CSS gurus, you guys can always apply your skills to enhance the mobile site even further. We really do hope everyone, from beginners to experts. Enjoy this extension and please feel free to drop us a post at our website forum.

How to Install JTouch for Joomla! Extension in 5 Minutes:
VirtueMart Mobile Template:
Kunena Mobile Template:

[Key Features]
1. JTouch Mobile template work with a wide range of mobile devices.
2. JTouch Mobile plugin and mobile templates are based on the rock solid jQuery Mobile framework. This framework is lightweight and fast.
3. JTouch Mobile advanced features and mobile templates for Kunena, VirtueMart and jComment are available to members.
4. JTouch Mobile plugin and mobile templates are free and open source products under the GPL2 license.

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Reviews: 10
All you need to create a mobile site.
User Friendly and intuitive.
brilliant plugin,
Reviews: 3
This is one of that extensions which will make your life very easy. Most of joomla users has no time or money to create mobile version of websites. Jtouch does it for you and you'll love it. It goes with many options, has good documentation... and is for free! You can't ask for more
Reviews: 3
Easy, fast, clean!
Nice support from forum & developers, extensive docs helps a lot!
Reviews: 4
I have setup this extension for a small local newspaper site and works great! it saves a lot of data usage displaying only what needed in a clean and mobile template. Touch menu works great too, just be shure to publish modules with information in mobile positions.
Reviews: 10
Easy to set up and install with clear instructions
Reviews: 1
This is simply a wonderful extension for free.
Really appreciate the team behind
Reviews: 5
Great extension, easy to setup, enough settings to meet needs of most pages. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
I tried a couple of other mobile templates for our site before discovering JTouch, but I was pleasantly surprised how much easier this one was to use.

The documentation is thorough and the the support forum is very helpful. I had a few questions specific to my site that I posted on the forum, and the team helped me resolve each of them quickly and easily.

I loved that it had a built-in AdSense aspect to it, so I could just plug in my info and it was ready to go. Being able to create a custom-colored template with Themeroller and upload it to the JTouch template was definitely the biggest perk for us. Again, super easy to do, and we have a gorgeous, custom mobile site.'s FREE!! Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I Really Love this extension! Easy and Quicklly. Ah and free!! Many, many thanks!!!
Reviews: 10
I set this up in about 5 minutes. An easy install. Well documented install and use instructions. A very good looking mobile template and menu. What a relief after spending hours trying to get my paid template to go mobile. No luck there. Jtouch is light and free!
Reviews: 15
Its really easy to install and pretty easy to set-up it said in documentation, "recommended to disable cachingЭю In my situation disabling caching is not option, and in pair with JotCache this extension works poorly. Mobile detection simply not working, and dirty hack like binding template to menu items gives even more erratic behavior.
I see this extension pretty great, but it its not like it can be used in any situation
Reviews: 5
Just a little time for setup just works! I followed the clear and simple instructions sheet and all was perfect. Many Thanks to the Jtouch developers, great work!
Reviews: 1
I love the way author supports. Jtouch is simple and so good ... I can't say enough about these amazing products. great job guys

Reviews: 1
I don't want to pour any dirt on these guys, as it's really a great idea and I really like it. But it was a big downer when we donated to be able to download the files for VM, and it turned out to be far from what the video shows. They provided great support and refunded the money, and I don't complain at all. Just want to warn everyone that the demo video is not up to date and you should use the demo link to see what the latest code is like, not to be upset once you get it.
Again, nothing wrong with it, as long as you are OK with the preview link. But video is what really makes you want to get it, but it is not the same with what you actually get after donation.
Reviews: 5
This extension/mobile template works great. Very well documented. And the communication with the author is excellent. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a practical way to mobilize a site.
Reviews: 5
Had tried the other main mobile extension but to get any decent functionality they squeeze money out of you left right and centre. Found this extension, followed the very well and clearly written instructions and within 30 minutes got a somehow very cool looking mobile site. The extension is obviously done by real professionals, is easy to set up and just looks awesome. Very impressed!
Reviews: 18
This extension is exactly what so many people wanting mobile sites were waiting for. Installation takes just few minutes, the interface is very simple and Docs are very god. There is even an option to disable a developer logo in a free version. I'm testing it only for 1 day, but I think I will be strong supporter of this extension and developers. They did superb job and I just want to say one BIG hank You !
This extension is a must for everybody thinking about mobile site version.
Reviews: 2
for install und running the mobile version from my website. Wow. Nothing to say more. Thanks
Reviews: 1
easy to install, good instruction, best mobile application...great great great job
Reviews: 4
This has to be one of the easiest to install and best looking mobile extensions ever! I've tried several including Mobile Joomla and this trumps it in looks and ease of use IMO. Extremely good, you won't be disappointed and it supports everything including the kitchen sink...
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