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Simple Mobile Detection Plugin

The Simple Mobile Detection plugin does a simple check if the client is on a mobile device. If so, it stores this in the User State and you can check anyware in your code if your dealing with a mobile client.

In the update 2.0.5 we've solved the Joomla caching problem, and added a new feature (beta) where you can select which detection system you can use! There are great mobile detection systems out there, which are much more advanced then the default plugin behavior. We've added two for now, the Mobile_Detect class by And MobileESP by In the plugin there is new tab called Detection System where you can select which detection system you would like to use. That's it, nothing else to configure!
For the more advanced users, the detecting class itself is available in the user state $app->getUserState('cmobile.detection.system); More will be placed here
Note, that Simple Mobile Detection plugin is not part of these projects. The usage and terms&conditions will remain the same. Please refer to the project sites to read more about it.

New in version 2.0: Mobile content in articles!
We have finally added the content switch for articles to the plugin. It is still BETA but you can use it for simple setups. In the settings of the plugin you have a tab called Content Switch. Here you can set if you want the feature to be enabled. When enabled the plugin will search through content articles looking for {IfMobile}...{EndIfMobile} tags. Any content between these tags will be displayed only on mobile devices!
Go to the extension page for a more detailed view of how to use mobile content switch in articles.

The Mobile Detection plugin uses the default Joomla Browser class and extends it with detection for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. The Joomla iPad detection and iPhone or iPod detection will store on what device the client currently is viewing the website. The Joomla Android detection is a little more advanced and also tries to collect more information about the device, like the model and the Android build.
Here you can find example code:

Also it contains features to redirect mobile users to a different URL and set a different template for mobile devices.

Set viewport meta-tag (new feature)
You can select to set a viewport meta-tag for mobile devices. It has the recommended content 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1' set by default, but it's also possible to change the value.

Development mode
You can set the plugin in development mode to test if the mobile settings work. You can either the plugin in development mode for specific ip addressen, or set it to always for all browsers.

Per device options
With the per device options you're able to set specific options for a device separately. Currently the plug

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Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin! This is what I was looking for my new project. It works like charm and is flawless. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 10
SUPERB! this is a great plugin. It saved me loads of time and coding. A note it DOES work in modules just ensure you have Prepare content set to YES in the module parameters.
Reviews: 7
Guys, a million thanks!!! It solved a problem that I've been battling with for so many nights! Seriously awesome plugin :)
Reviews: 19
Great plugin! it works out of the box and is a huge lifesaver :) now I can have a site that works great for both PC and mobile devices.

Reviews: 1
This extension saved me a night of development and creating a mobile version for a non-responsive template. The option to select the template by mobile device works great!!! The default template - Beez for Joomla is responsive and I am so happy that all I had to do was select the template, activate/deactivate a couple modules and shuffle around some menu items. Mobile ready in 15 minutes.

Reviews: 53
This saved me from having to code mobile detection to perform redirects for smartphones so, thanks for this excellent plugin!
Reviews: 1
I'm so glad this ext. popped up on my search because it is simply (no pun intended) what I required to make very specific sections of my article content display differently on mobile vs. desktop. It works perfectly when using the latest version of JCE as your editor (even in editor mode) and triggers perfectly on iOS and Android. The best part about it, is that it's so dang easy to setup and use. Thank you so much for this!
Reviews: 1
i am using this plugin is very nice but i am getting one problem that i want to select two template of same site for all mo. device.suppose i want to select mobile2 template for inner pages of my site?/ so how can i do that.becoz here is only one option to select a template for each mo. device....plz help me out
Reviews: 7
My review title says already everthing about it ;)

That's right what I was looking for, as it is my decission what comes up on a mobile device - something created from Joomla-System or an other source like a self written HTML or PHP script, what I wanted to do ... now I can!

I just started using it; I will post more feedback within in supportforum - keep running and improving it!

Best, boschma
Reviews: 3
i just installed it & recode my template for hide Roksprocket on default template protostar.


here is sample

enjoy open source
Reviews: 1
Just installed and it worked from the onset.

Its nice coming across plugins/modules that work "out the box"

Now I can spend time designing a template for it although the stock one works perfectly!

Great Work!!!!!!
Reviews: 2
I try to add specific order in my index.php file and I have over milion fails.

But when I saw this extension my life was changed... for better!
It's simple to use, but technically is very complex.

I recommend this so much!
Reviews: 1
This plugin does exactly what it is meant too. Thanks.
Reviews: 6
This plugin is ideal for mobile template switching and the simple method for allowing the viewer to switch between desktop and mobile mode is superb. The only option needed was to set to development mode during construction of a mobile device template. I added that function which is a simple field to add an IP address which then allows only the developer to see the template. The method is posted at the developer's website forum.
Reviews: 11
Absolutely fantastic. Individual options to customize not only phone / ipads, but even to assign templates. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
This plugin is awesome. I have some problem with a accordion menu module, which is not responsive while my template is.
I just made a new mobile template without the header where the module is positioned in, and use this mobile plugin to load the mobile template. So no header is displayed, and give me the space to optimize a mobile template.
Reviews: 6
A superb tool.. Searched high and low for all the codes.. nothing worked.. Finally after 2 hours this tool!! Wonder how it didn't show up in the google searches

Thanks to Pleco for requesting them to add the redirect url!!
I am gonna donate.. soon hopefully..
Wouldn't know what I'd do without simple tools like these and their creators!!.. :D
Reviews: 1
Fast install , no issues with my joomla 2.5 , I would recommend to add more option like to choose between tablets or phones (small devices)
very recommended to use

Reviews: 1
This plugin has easily encouraged me to write my first Joomla review.
Reviews: 4
Downloaded, installed, configured & worked all in 60 seconds.

I have used or tried many extensions on many sites & this is how you always hope they work but sadly many do not.

Great extension that does exactly what it is meant too, Thanks.
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