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Responsivizer is most cheapest, complete and easy solution to render your site responsive without rebuild it!

Make your Joomla site displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all mobile devices in a snap, updated to latest Samsung S5!

-Virtuemart compatible

Responsivizer is trusted by thousands Joomla! users that love it as it provides a far superior control to the standard Joomla mobile features. You can BUILD A MOBILE VERSION OF YOUR SITE WITHOUT ADDITIONAL DOMAINS OR RESOURCES! ALL IS MANAGED INSIDE YOUR JOOMLA! INSTALLATION. KEEP YOUR SITE AND CHANGE ONLY PRESENTATION LAYER WHEN NEEDED!

Responsivizer is:
-Responsive mobile view:
Responsivizer view theme is the future concept of the web: a single design for all devices, this lets your site automatically adjust with devices screen resolution using a highly optimized layout

-Fully customizable:
Responsivizer templating is fully customizable thanks to fine settings and predefined themes.

-Advanced and easy layout management:
Just few clicks to choose what Joomla! modules let visible for mobile, where they should be exacly positioned and just one click to exclude elements from mobile. Module positions mapping means that Responsivizer integrates with any existing Joomla! template.

-Integrated device emulator:
Now you can see exactly how your responsive site is displayed on mobile devices like phones or tables, thanks to integrated emulator. You can pick from a list of common devices or set specific settings.

-Offline cache pages:
Now for the very first time you can make a Joomla! site also accessible when devices are not connected to network. Thanks to HTML5, Responsivizer let you choose pages of your site which must be cached and stored to be accessible also when network connection is lost.

-Responsive Video ready:
Embed your video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc, using flash or native HTML5 and Responsivizer will do the rest. It automatically detects video on your page and fits fluid dimensions exactly to device screen size.

-Device detection: install Responsivizer and let it do the work for you. It will detect mobile devices and it will choose the right template when needed.

-Touch enabled: Responsivizer offers to mobile users touch capabilities like swipe, accordion, and many more.

This extension is available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x family.

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Reviews: 3
I wrote a review because the developer was so helpful with support. One thing was related to a conflicting plugin (so not even their fault) and the other was a css tweak. The developer was very prompt and quick to reply.

The extension itself is very good. Easy to setup, a few colour choices for template, various module positions, and also a slideshow and accordion dropdown menu, two things which are very common in mobile only designs. It also has a great feature of disabling any of your modules on the mobile site.

Mobile detection also appears to be pretty good.

Only main suggestion for improvements are more template designs.
Reviews: 1
So many of us have struggled recently with trying to update older, non-responsive templates or even worse, having to build new sites from the ground up using newer, mobile friendly templates. Well my friends, thanks to Responsivizer, we no longer have to worry about using only newer templates and limiting ourselves. I was in a desperate situation, so after reading the great reviews, I purchased this great extension and I am sure glad I did. It was simple to use, had great documentation and best of all, when I needed support, it was prompt and outstanding. The finished product looks and works better than I expected! I strongly recommend this must-have extension for any developer! Thanks for all the hard work!
Reviews: 1
I felt compelled to write my first review for this great extension and fantastic support. I have extremely limited experience when it comes to websites (a lot of patience required). All of my requests have been met with a timely and courteous response. I would definitely recommend!
Reviews: 1
This is seriously one of the best plugins I have used. It works miraculously on my client's website and I now have a very happy client. The response of the developer is so awesome! I appreciated his help from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for a happy happy client :)
Reviews: 1
Responsivizer has saved me much time to invest in a new design of templates adaptable and responsive for mobile devices. This extension gives a nice look of my site on mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, etc., even though my (desktop) template was not designed to be responsive to this kind of devices. Most importantly, I had a valuable support and help from John, who is the developer of this indispensible extension. He was very helpful in answering all my questions concerning the use of Responsivizer and any problem was easily resolved by his great support.
Reviews: 2
I recently bought and downloaded this sweeet component, it works like a bomb out of the box. Allows for many layouts and is easy to navigate. Excellent value for money. The support team was also excellent, replied to my request in under 10 minutes... This is how developers should behave... Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded Responsiver yesterday. I installed and it and loved it right away. But being a bit new to joomla I had 3 issues. All 3 issues were fixed (my fault on all 3) within minutes by the incredible service and response time. Can't recommend this enough or complement the support enough.
Reviews: 1
Great mobile template and great support. I have used it on a number of sites now and it works first time every time. On one site I had an issue with the slideshow but this was due to my joomla installation and this was solved very quickly by the Responsivizer team.
Reviews: 1
Responsivizer provides users with the flexibility to build something fast using templates, or fully customize it. It's easy to use, and the support is amazing. I ran into a couple of roadblocks and got help very fast. Now my site is mobile optimized and it was a great experience!
Reviews: 3
Works like a charm. I tested a lot of joomla to mobile frameworks in the last 3 years. This one is the best.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to configure even for more complex websites like a Virtuemart based e-commerce one.

One user wrote before me it took 3 minutes to get an aswer from their support. Well, for me was 5, about 3 emails, and the "problem" (a wrong configuration from my part, not in the component) was solved.

Best experience ever with a paid component and the support I expect from. Keep rocking !
Reviews: 1
After 7 years working as a professional deveoloper with Joomla I've seen almost every extension around. And the fact that this is my first review says it all. Responsivizer does what it should and more. Without a glitch, easy to understand, and packed with features. Saves tons of time and so easily customizable by just editing the stylesheets. Something that's often a bit of a drag with otherwise great components.

Every five stars well deserved! It isn't free but start working with it and you'll see. It's a bargain!
Reviews: 1
In 20 years in this industry, 6 years installing and using Joomla, I have never had a developer get back to me 3 minutes after an email. This guy (Marco) not only answered all my questions, he offered to supply, and install, a trial copy of this for me to demo to our staff and clients.

The process took half an hour on our own Joomla site, was live and smartphone-friendly and within 5 hours we had an order from an impressed client. I contacted Marco again (8 hours after installation of the trial) and I organized to buy the license. With that completed in 5 minutes, Marco then offered to convert our trial version into a full version, meaning no need to uninstall and reinstall the package.

This guy is amazing! The component is easy to use, does everything claimed and more.

Kudos to you guys, and congratulations for your support and already one of our favourite Joomla packages!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this component last week expecting a working mobile solution. Everything looked good until I noticed the menu submenu items weren't functioning on an iPhone. At that point, I thought this was a no go solution. So, I contacted the developer and was impressed that he responded immediately to the challenge. We worked together over the last 3-4 days and I am pleased to say that the menu now works on all devices. I then noticed a module conflict caused by NoNumber Advanced Module Manager. Did he say contact that developer? No. He looked into it and provided a patch to override the issue. Now it's gone. This guy cares and is very dedicated to making this product work. Thank you John!
Reviews: 12
I have a start-up web design business. Nowadays, every client wants a mobile website. Rightly so. I have tried other free extensions. Some cannot handle large websites with a lot of other plug-ins and extensions. Some just don't have such a clean design. I am so happy with my purchase of responsivizer. Worth every penny. Support is super quick too not that you will be needing it as it is easy to use. A web designer needs this in their toolkit
Reviews: 1
I never had such a wonderful Joomla extension like this one. It shows how intelligently it was created. The support is super! They worked on it in no time...and I had my ancient Joomla 1.5 (yes, I said 1.5. I am sure there are many of you who feel desperate with the ancient Joomla 1.5 that is not responsive.) Here is your easy solution! They helped me all the way to make sure my nicely obsolete and desperate site responsive with only one reasonable component! You can save time and energy to create another website. It is totally effortless! I love it and I am sure you will, too. 
Reviews: 3
This is the BEST BEST Solution for a mobile Website. Hands down best in market and most reliable. I know you spend some dollar for it, however its the best way to have a mobile website. BEST AND FAST support. John is so awesome trhat he gets back to you as soon as you send him the request (except when he is sleeping, lol) This should be Number 1 solution for mobile website. Tried every thing else on JED, but this is so simple and automatic and for everything else John is there. He got back to me in less than 20 mins and answered all my question. I would buy more of his modules as I love his support and solution. Awesome and Best !!!
Reviews: 3
I like this plugin, it has a built-in template dark and light and can be set up and published in minutes. It even works together with Joomshopping and JoomGallery. What I miss, but what there will be soon as the support told me, is an accordion menu. It's perfect that there's already a button for switching to desktop version, but if you navigate there it brings you back to mobile view. Just important to know. I had some CSS Problems and contacted the support, and I couldn't believe the quick responses within minutes with solutions made by supporter John. Best service ever! Extension will be perfect if there would be some more simple style options like colors, backgrounds and f.e. the position of the switch button (it's at the bottom), but if you know a little bit about CSS you can change it easy because the codes are commented and simple to understand. Price is ok when you think you can use it unlimited and get such a good and fast support.
Reviews: 1
I use this mobile system for all my 20 sites. Its excellent. Support is also great!!!!

I am looking foward to version 2.
Reviews: 9
I'm planning on installing this extension on all my websites. Very easy to use and takes out all the frustrations of designing a mobile-friendly site. I had a small technical issue and John responded quickly and helped me along. Thanks so much!
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