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MobileTemplate Plugin

if you already have a template for you website ,but it is not to suitable for ipad or any mobile device,and you do not want to give up this template for pc users,this plugin is just for you ,this pkg include a plugin and a mobile template

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Reviews: 18
Very easy to use. Just install, publish plugin, set filters in template if you don't want to change for ipad (we didn't), set mobile nav menu and walla! Nice clean mobile site. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
This is nice. But I wonder how can I implement this on selected device width only? For example I want to use this in iphone and smartphones but i want to display the default on Ipad or devices with larger screens. Is that possible? Thank you!
Reviews: 7
One of the best plugin I have ever used for Joomla!
It would be better if you could do some improve and add some Positions.
You are the best
Thank you so much
Owner's reply

Thanks,I will update it ASAP!

Reviews: 10
Perfect Mobile solution -- configure the plugin. Assign the template and you are ready to go in a couple minutes. Publish your menu to the mobiletemplate position. Add a slide show to the top. Add a language switcher and some contact info to the bottom and you are mobile!! The site is in the developers language but there are a couple paragraphs in English. Apparently that is enough.
Reviews: 1
Simple & easy to use. Everyone should have this on their site.
Reviews: 1
Great template! Very easy to use and configure. Thanks to developer!
Reviews: 2
Easy, Fast and Reliable

This plugin provides one of the easiest ways to display an optimized mobile version website. Just installed and tested with my mobile making no configurations and it works like a charm.

Thanks for this extension, I know that RWD is a must but we don't have time, money or experience to apply it always.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use and configure. Nice visual effect of menu on mobile. Best wishes to developers! Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Added this plugin, created my own mobile template and away it goes. Works really well. As good as any commercial offering as long as you are ok creating or purchasing your own template.
Reviews: 1
Installed it in 5 seconds, activated the plugin in 10 seconds and verified on my smart phone that it was working in 15 seconds. Mobile template (that came with this package too) is now ready to for me to get altered. Can't wait to start on it.

Reviews: 2
This is great works just as they say it should, directs all mobile devises to the mobile template which looks good, my only wish would be that you could control how wide the menu is when displayed as its a little to big for Iphone. Other than that no fuss to sort out.
Reviews: 1
The instruction is on the developer's website. Easy to install and use. Nice support too! Answered all my questions very quickly! If you want to go mobile, try it!