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Joooid is an Android client for Joomla: it has been created to manage and publish content and categories, manage front page, upload and download media files on your Joomla installation, manage users and menu items directly from your Android smartphone/tablet. It contains also a Desktop Widget to help you monitor your Joomla installation in real time.

Create or edit Joomla articles with the article editor, edit title, alias, category, status, access level, front page, language and now you can also schedule publishing. Create content with the WYSIWYG with html markup and links in full screen.
Add images and galleries using pictures from your Android. Add youtube videos simply copying the video url in the youtube layout or share images and videos with Joooid directly from Image Android Gallery or Youtube App.
Geotag your articles, embed maps with your current position using GPS/Network or set the map coordinates with the handy map picker. You can also share a location to Joooid directly from Android Google Maps application.
The article manager allows you to browse, preview, edit, edit local copies, publish or trash articles, there is also a file uploader that help you upload files from your Android directly into a chosen Joomla folder.

With premium features you can also manage categories, users, menu items in the same, simply way you do with your articles, browse and upload/download files from your website and manage your front page.
Every manager allows you to list, create and edit the respective Joomla asset, see all Joooid features at
With premium package you will also get unlimited site accounts, lifetime updates and ALL the new features we plan to introduce soon like Group Manager, Access Levels, Global Site Settings. You can buy the package directly inside the application for 4.99 dollars/3.99 euro using Play in-app purchases, thank you for supporting us.

Before using Joooid, remember to configure your Joomla installation following these tutorials : for Getting started page for Joomla 2.5/1.7 setup for Joomla 1.5 setup

If you have a Joooid version before 2.1.0, remember to UPDATE your OLD COMPONENT/PLUGIN to the new 2.3.0 release, you can find them at
If you already have version 2.1.0 Joomla update system will do it almost automatically. You should follow this tutorial to update with Joomla Update System :

If you have issue during login BEFORE RATE 1 STAR please give us a chance to check what's wrong in your installation : (contact form) (forum)

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Reviews: 2
It helps a lot. I'm using this extension now 3 weeks passed. It helps a lot to manage contents from tablet pc.
Reviews: 11
Most limitations stem from this being a mobile device application. I am using an Android 4.0 smartphone with a 5.3" screen. The input using the touch-screen is OK but is limited by my slow keyboard skills on mobile devices. Can't blame Joooid for that. I would expect improvement in typing using a touch screen tablet.

Using Google voice recognition input speed up entry quite a bit. Recognition is almost as good as a desktop app. It is more awkward to make corrections, however, that is the limitation of the device not Jooid.

I took a couple of test pictures: when submitting/uploading the articles I got a server error message. However, the articles did upload and the picture looked good... again that is device dependent.

This module/plugin works well for free.. If I find that I make use of it, I will be glad to pay for the pro version.
Reviews: 9
I tested joooid on a tablet running Cyanogenmod 10 / Android 4.1.2. My Joomla installation is 2.5.8.

The basic idea of Joooid is pretty brilliant. Write articles on your tablet - even offline. Manage your content while you are traveling. With the location- and photoupload functions, it could even help to make a personal homepage or blog a facebook replacement.


Managing articles mainly didn't work. Creation worked but not publish/unpublish, trash, etc.

Joooid only knows the pre-ACL access-groups. Those seem to be hardcoded. Individual group/access-level structures are not downloaded. What's even worse, everything that Joooid can't associate with some of the pre-ACL access-groups, is PUBLIC!
So, be VERY careful when you use Joooid to edit existing articles when you have your own ACL-system.

I sent an email to the developers via the integrated report-function but did not get any kind of reply.

Bottom line: Really great idea but missing functionality and a few nasty security issues.
Owner's reply

From the last release (2.1) we started to support Jooomla permission like edit, edit state, edit own in articles, you can read the full release post on joooid blog This is the first step to fully support the Joomla Access Control System, in the next release we'll going to add also the custom access levels as you pointed in your comment so please be patient, we're working on it.

About your issues with the app please download the last update from market and update the component to the last version, you can find on joooid website, then test it again, if you still have issues you can report them in the forum or by mail directly from the app, It takes some time to answer to all the mails we receive but we usually do it in relative short time (about a week).

Reviews: 3
Good addition for my blog and personal page. I can manage my posts from the tablet in no time.
Reviews: 11
I can see how everyone is raving about this app. It is a nice application but I see some issues here. I am having problems with adding multiple sites. I run at least 10 websites and adding even just two is causing a server error. Once the error is present it will not let me login to an existing account already created, even the demo account. I don't want to take away from the potential capabilities of this app it has some exceedingly strong areas but this may be an issue the developer will want to look in to.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the late response but I was fixing the app for the 2.0.1 release, and I wanted to fix also the problem you pointed to me before answer to the comment, please test and report if the error is still present, you can also write me in private at this e-mail : info[at], thank you.

Reviews: 1
my site is used joomla2.5,
Joooid 2.0 very good!no problem.
Joooid1.4 there are some problem.
thank you!
Reviews: 4
Like you know, I never post a review if I don't have something important to say. So, this plugin is very handly, easy to install, works smoothly on my Galaxy S2, do what is expected to do. A must have plugin, installed and used on more than 20 sites. Thank you for a good work, God bless you!
Reviews: 5
Just installed this extension and I am impressed. Installtion easy, Up and running in minutes. Looks great on my Galaxy Tablet and makes it easy to make changes on the fly to my many sites. Thanks very much.
Reviews: 2
I bought android device specially for edit my site in transport but in usual way it is not so easy on 7" screen. But now with Joooid no problem! Many thanks!
Reviews: 2
Just installed it and it worked with very little configuration. This will be a great way to post up to the minute articles.
Reviews: 13
Absolutely brilliant app, I can't believe that something like this even exists for free. Clearly the work of a genius!
Reviews: 1
This is a great app for android phone and joomla users.

There was a problem, but the developer quickly solved it.

Thank you
Reviews: 3
works straight away published an article within minutes of installing. Cant wait for 1.6 compatibility for my other site.
Reviews: 1
Works flawlessly, so far. Kudos to the author. Polished UI on the android app. Easy setup (make sure you enable all three plug-ins in Joomla). Nice work all around!
Reviews: 1

Congrats for super Extension, If you make apps for symbian (v5,etc) It will be better, because we have symbian user more than other platforms.

Reviews: 2
I tried this out and it works well. It was easy to install and get working.

The only problem I have is deciding if I need to quit using K2 so I can use this awesome app.

This app is my hope that I won't end up switching over to WP.

I really love that people can put content up on the go, and even during an event to their own site. This app allows for that.
Reviews: 6
I'm sorry to say this, but this is an awesome piece of software. The kind I wouldn't mind paying for. Good work!
Reviews: 5
If you combine this excellent application that is easy to set up and works solidly... with a few plugins on your site you can easily do blogging, and even vlogging in an incredibly fast way.

Creating on the spot, content has never been faster for Joomla. I love this extension and app!
Reviews: 3
I love this extension; It's a must have if you an Android phone and a Joomla site(s). I also gave the author 5 stars on Android Market.
My only complaint is this great app isn't available for i Phone & Windows Mobile users.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension in that it does everything it says it does.
Took me all of maybe 4 1/2 minutes to setup.
I'm on an Evo w/ Froyo (2.2) and I love it.

If I have any criticism it's a slight one - when I turn my phone to landscape, the logo area takes up a bit much of the screen but it doesn't really affect usage so no biggie.

I soooo hope you continue developing this because it needs a few more features. Editing existing articles being the main one but for what it is it does it's job well and I really dig it.

Thanks for contribution and keep up the good work!
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