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Joooid is an Android client for Joomla: it has been created to manage and publish content and categories, manage front page, upload and download media files on your Joomla installation, manage users and menu items, manage user groups and access levels. It contains also a Desktop Widget to help you monitor your Joomla installation in real time.
Note: Joomla 1.5 is not longer supported since Joooid 2.6.0. If you are already using Joooid with Joomla 1.5 and you can't use your website anymore, please downgrade Joooid to version 2.4.0.
You can test Joooid without a Joomla installation with the demo account already configured.
Create or edit Joomla articles with the article editor, edit title, alias, category, status, access level, front page, language, and and now you can also schedule publishing. You can change creation, start publishing and end publishing date, and also, the owner of the article and his alias. You can also change creation, start publishing and end publishing date, and also, the owner of the article and his alias.
Write articles content with the handy WYSIWYG with html markup and links, add images and galleries using pictures from your Camera or SDCard. Add youtube videos simply copying the video url in the youtube layout or share images and videos with Joooid directly from Image Gallery or Youtube App.
Geotag your articles, embed maps with your current position using GPS/Network or set the map coordinates with the handy map picker. You can also share a location to Joooid directly from Google Maps application.
The article manager allows you to browse, preview, edit, edit local copies, publish or trash articles.
Now you can search through articles and users, using the new powerful Search Feature.
From now on, you will not need long scrolling, you can reach directly articles and users you are looking for with few steps. You can specify a filter criteria to search your articles by fields like:
Title, Status, Access Level, Category and Language or any combination of them, you can also order results for a specific field in ascendent or descendent order.
Before using Joooid, remember to configure your Joomla installation as described in these tutorials : for Joomla 3.0/2.5 setup
If you have Joooid component already installed, you can also update with Joomla update system. You should follow this tutorial to update with Joomla Update System.
If you have issue during login BEFORE RATE 1 STAR please give us a chance to check what's wrong in your installation : (contact form)
or through our automatic error report system (see troubleshooting: ).
Thank you in advance.

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Reviews: 1
Very easy to set up. Published an article right away on my Motorola Blur. Thanks!!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install & works perfectly.
Reviews: 2
I really like this extension, easy to work with. However, when I post a google map in the intro text it works fine but if I post it in the full text it doesn't show at all.
Reviews: 2
I can believe that there aren't more reviews of this extension!
It is really awesome, and simple to setup.
Love it!
Reviews: 1
So far, so good.

Installed the Android app on my G1. Then installed the modules in Joomla! and went back and configured the Android app. (Don't ask why I did things in that order, because I'm not sure either.)

Took me a few minutes to realize I had to actually make the modules active after I installed them. Once I did that, I was able to get the Android app to log in and make an article. The interface, while a bit cramped, is fairly robust with regards to text customization options like bold, italics and such. I wish the text entry field would still have the auto-capitalization feature on the Android. One gets spoiled by such things sometimes.

Thanks for the great app!
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