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QR code generator color for joomla ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Module QR Joomla! : QR code generator

Extension module QR code genrator, Generate your own QR code in color and create a QR code to a URL, phone number, an SMS text number, a link twitter, coordinates and Google Maps links to various social networks like facebook, blogger, flickr, youtube, myspace, etc...

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This could have a been a 5 star review - it works, however their are some drawbacks.

All of the QR codes are generated at and NOT on your own hosting account. Whilst this may not be a problem for some people it is for me.

Should anything happen to domain or hosting the module on your site will stop functioning.

Additionally this will also cause google page rank leakage too.

I asked the developer for the sample.php file and they politely declined to send it.


"Mais cela n'arrivera pas :)
C'est ma spécialité.

Whilst i only paid $10 i would not have bought it had i known before hand that i would not have got all the code.

The module will do for now until i find an alternative or the developer changes their mind about including all of the required files to run it on your hosting account.
Owner's reply

First it is free, then it was downloaded hundreds of times in different countries and you're the only one to complain, nobody forces you to take it, you are disrespectful, if you do not like, change it with the API google free and limited in the amount of scan.