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QR Codes Local Plugin

By adding {qrcodeslocal} {/qrcodeslocal} qrcodeslocal /qrcodeslocal in curly braces {} around any text or url in article or virtuemart product description a QR image is created and displayed instead.
This plugin and the corresponding module do not call a script on an external site to create the QR codes or external scripts that then call another site to create the QR code. All codes are created locally on your server and cached for later use.

The Module QR Codes Local 2.5 must be installed for this plugin to work.

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Reviews: 51
I love it that the QR code is generated locally, and not calling some off-site script, very nice, the accompanying module works as it should, and the plugin creates the QR codes as well.
Reviews: 3
Only missing some support for troubleshooting (problems of rights on the files written in the cache and the folder qrcodes_local not created. this could be a joomla issue too).
For the rest, really the easiest to use.
Reviews: 3
This Site ist blocked to any user outside UK.
Owner's reply

This has definitely been fixed the site is accessible from outside the UK unless there is some sort of caching or DNS delay this was sorted out two days ago.
Sorry for the inconvenience.