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ARI Sexy Lightbox ModulePlugin

ARI Sexy Lightbox is Joomla! lightbox module which provides possibility to show image galleries, Flickr galleries, Picasa albums, Joomla! articles and modules, external pages, HTML content, YouTube and Vimeo video, Flash files (SWF and FLV) in sexy popup.

Main features:

* Contains module with user friendly interface and plugins which provides ability to use the lightbox in any Joomla! content;
* Can display external pages, YouTube videos, QuickTime movies, Video videos, Flash objects (SWF and FLV), Joomla! articles and inline content;
* Provides ability to create image galleries based on images from specific folder(s). Can generate thumbnails and cache data for decreasing server loading. Supports gallery mode (shows all image and necessary number of images on a page) and single image mode (shows the first thumbnail and provides ability for navigations between gallery images);
* Supports integration with JoomGallery;
* Can disable right click of mouse button;
* Supports slideshow mode. Can start slideshow automatically;
* Provides ability to create smart thumbnails of images from Joomla! content and display original images in sexy lightbox. Just insert and resize necessary images in a WYSIWYG editor;
* Can display Flickr photos and Picasa albums;
* Can be used with image maps;
* Supports 10 themes: white, black, Spanish white and Spanish black, French white and black, Fancy white and black, Old white and black;
* Supports keyboard and swype navigation;
* Supports possibility to show additional image parameters which you can define in CSV file;
* Can display lightbox automatically when page is loaded or when a user leaving a page. It also provides ability to display lightbox on page load (leaving) only once;
* You can change gallery layout;
* Can create sexy links by CSS selectors;
* Can display module in any Joomla! content with help 'System - ARI Sexy Lightbox Anywhere' plugin;
* Contains Joomla! system plugin for using popup on any page;
* Supports different layout themes;
* Works with RTL Joomla! templates;
* Provides the following methods for generating thumbnails: resize, crop, crop and resize;
* Can rotate thumbnails and apply grayscale filter;
* Supports ability to create thumbnails and lightbox for inline images in Joomla! content. Only wrap necessary content with {arisexylightbox} tag;
* Provides detailed help;
* Includes premium support;
* If you have any idea how to improve the extension, share it and we'll adjust the extension in a future release;
* If you want to display products images from VirtueMart, menu items or other content, contact us and we'll help you;
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v. 1.11.4

+ "ARI Sexy Thumbnails" plugin supports "Ignore

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Reviews: 2
Every question i had before and after the purchase was answered within 30 minutes MAX.
The product itself works flawlessly and is well coded! A++
Reviews: 2
I tested a few lightboxes, but this one does a very well job. You can scale Pictures in WYSIWYG-Editor and automaticly thumbs will be created. You can lightbox html (like a div), or pictures oder pages.. even swf.
It works with foldergallerys and flickr.
Great support, any questions will be answered fast. TOP Team, TOP Extension!
Reviews: 1
These guys are great, we had a small issue and these guys went way above and beyond to make sure we had things right. Bravo! Will definitely purchase from these guys again.
Reviews: 2
After installation of ARI Sexy Lightbox I experienced some problems with missing style-code in the thumbnails. After contacting the support of ARI Soft, it took only a single day, with exchanging a few e-mails and they optimized the module completely according to my requirements. I'm really amazed about these guys. Everything works perfectly alright. Whenever I'll need any stuff for my HP, I'll first have a look at their site!
Congratulations. Keep up the excellent work and support!

Reviews: 1
Great response on support forum.
Nice plugin and module.
Reviews: 46
Wow this guys are AmaZing !!!
The extension looks fantastic.
I had a small setup issue and they were super helpful it was my fault not the extension. They quickly logged into the back end and sorted it all out for me.
Best support I have ever experienced anywhere.
They reply to questions faster than light speed and go out of their way to help you.
Cant wait to use more of their wonderful extensions on other projects
Well done 100% Excellent
Reviews: 1
I have never experienced the high level of support as with these people. I recommend it! Thank You!

Reviews: 3
the support is phenomenal and coupled with the very low low price I jumped on this and don't have a single regret!

They even custom made some work for me to get Joomla menu's to work with this!
Reviews: 1
After trying many different lightboxes, I gave this one a go and was very happy with the result. It is well worth the small fee. The lightbox works very well, looks great and is easy to use.
Just as importantly, the support is also excellent; I had a minor issue which turned out to be my fault not paying attention to the configuration instructions but I got a reply straight away from Ari Soft and they set it up properly for me.
A satisfied customer
Reviews: 2
First of all i had to decide between this lightbox and this here:

I've took these one here because it was 5$ cheaper. At the beginning i had some problems and i asked in the forum and i was supprised how good that support is. The Team helped me with all my problems and wrote very fast back.

I recommend these lightbox because it's the nicest lightbox for joomla and ari soft has the best support.
Reviews: 30
I am too often turned off by glitzy but pointless galleries.

This one is perfect. Very easy to use. All kinds of useful configurations.

I was especially impressed with the extension's built-in, easy to follow documentation. No need to have to find the website to get the essential documentation.

In my case I got it working in about 4 minutes.

Looks great!

Reviews: 5

Splendid component, work wvery well !

Multiple configuration option, beautiful customisable layout, and the support is very fast and good by the developper.

I recommend it !

Reviews: 3
To tell the truth i have never experienced the high level of support as with these people.
Great extension, help through forums, email and online with your backend.
The jquery is something new integreted to all joomla templates.
It is one of the best.
I have just started small business it is not running yet, but i have many plugins and componenet, the price is resonable.
I cant wait to buy the new updated Quiz.
Mycomment were objective, i have nothing to do with them in business, they are in UKRAINE and I am inAustralia.
How far!
Please help them to produce a better products for joomla.
Good luck.
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