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Media Slideshow FX ModulePlugin

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You can integrate it in any website for free without any Flash knowledge. It supports images (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF), videos and SWFs with customizable widths and heights for the whole application. The playlist position and orientation is customizable and has roll over/out effects. The text is HTML/CSS formatted and can be placed on playlist and over the images. It also has autoplay functionality and a lot of other customizable properties on the Live Demo.

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It looks pretty, yes, and it plays videos. But BOY is it buggy!

First of all, anyone looking to highlight rotating news articles based on any time period have no business using Flash. Browsers have to empty their cache to see any changes to a SWF document, which means that the majority of your users are not going to see an up-to-date representation of your news.

Secondly, editing this thing is a major pain. There's no straightforward way to switch out images, text, and links. It's not contained in the module parameters like just about every other third-party extension. Instead, you have to edit two XML files for the content, one for the look, and make sure your images are manually uploaded to the server via FTP.

Finally, forget having multiple slideshows. Just forget it. You'll either get a blank black image, a black menu, or both. This has nothing to do with having two modules on one page or two settings files getting confused. It just doesn't work!

Sorry to hand down the judgement guys, because you have great ideas and a professional look. But I just don't see how anyone could use these extensions.
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If you had some problems with our product, send an email to support[at] describing your issues and we will take care of them as soon as possible. I guarantee you that you'll change your opinion after this.