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YJ Piecemaker Module

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YJ Piecemaker is flash, images and video slider ported to Joomla from popular Piecemaker2 by Modulearweb. Youjoomla Team inserted all available slider options in slick and easy to manage Joomla extension. Loaded with plenty of settings and very easy to manage, Yj Piecemaker is perfect addon for your Joomla website.

3-30-2011 Special chars fix added for slides description

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Reviews: 8
Amazing extension ! Simple to install and configure.
Reviews: 2
It is what I was looking for but Flash or Video doesn't work nor displays media text description. Waste of time to figure it out!
Reviews: 2
thank you for this, but it doesn't work in IE! Or at least it doesn't until you update flash. I have confirmed this on 3 different computers. It would be nice if it would show a notice to update Flashplayer for IE.
Reviews: 5
Just what i was looking for!! :)
Reviews: 2
I have the same problem. I can add everything except swf files. When I add an swf file the module will no longer move past the one I added. It will stay stuck on the swf file that I added. By I love the module.
Reviews: 3
i love this extension. i have no problem in adding effects to images. But i cant able to add flash files(swf) files. can anyone over here tell me how to add flash file in this module
Reviews: 3
Easy to install and configure ...just what I wanted! Many thanks to the developer...keep up the good works!
Reviews: 1
Absolute perfect instrument. Works without any trouble in Joomla 1.6. Highly recommendable!

Thnx for this guys!
Reviews: 70
I tried all of the Piecemaker extensions that are listed in the JED for Joomla 1.6 and finally settled on this one. The others all gave me one problem or another... This is the only one that I could get to work perfectly. It also loaded considerably faster on my site than the other Piecemaker extensions. Support seems excellent - I almost skipped this extension after reading an unfavourable review, but a quick look at the You Joomla forum revealed a fix for the problem a few people had reported.
Reviews: 3
I think piecemaker 2 is great but the module will disapear after a few days. Then it will work if you use but will not work with there are a few others with the same problem and there isn't much, if any support. It could be a cross domain flash problem. I just thought others should know before downloading.
Reviews: 7
A great module for showing the News content even if you want videos to be played in your news. I should thank the author for the great job. the program is totally dynamic which is a great feature and also a must in the modern programming.
I should also ask the author for a tiny enhancement. if the shadow under the box is made with respect to the image it is showing (which may be transparent in some parts) it will give the whole thing a great depth.
Reviews: 1
Used it for a few weeks, but kept having a problem with IE, used the YJ support forum and did have a reply, but managed to solve the issue on my own.

It was caused by one of the other modules I had running on the same page, moved that one and YJ Piecemaker is working a treat
Reviews: 1
great idea to join images , videos, and Flash animation in slider

Just a thing, flash animation doesn't display if we use old Flash AS2 files (Actionscript 2) with flash software like Swish Max.
Any way to make it work ?
Reviews: 5
Well done!

Kinda of hard at beginning, then i remeber (RTFM), and it was all there. It would be greta to parameter the image source.

It's great, and really fast :D
Reviews: 1
This module is very nice and interesting, but I have problems with Joomla! 1.6.1 .
Apart from the fact of failure of the popup selection module position, which can be overcome by directly entering the location, but I found it very difficult to add slides.
I tried in every way, still trying to understand something in the documentation, but it was impossible to add anything, except replace the two images png.
Sorry for my English.
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