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HWDMediaShare is an open source (GNU GPL) media sharing gallery for videos, photos, audio and documents - all within a single package. However, it can also be run just as a video gallery, or a photo gallery if this is all your require.
The extension helps you and your community publish media on your Joomla website, share media with other networks, integrate with other apps and keep things organised. The new and much improved HWD is the prime example of less is more. It has been completely rewritten to work seamlessly with Joomla. It's like your own personal publishing platform.

The gallery features have been designed to incorporate functionality like that of other popular video sharing and photo sharing websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram. It features multiple uploading tools for bulk and large media uploads and can support High Definition videos from the mpg, mpeg, avi, divx, mp4, flv, wmv, rm, mov, moov, asf, swf and vob video formats. However, you can add any media extension you need from the administration panel. Videos and photos from third party sources such as Youtube and Flickr are also supported. These third party videos slot seamlessly into the component with the rest of the uploaded media. If your website isn't supported, you can simply add the embed code directly into the gallery.

The gallery administrator also features an RTMP stream import tool, and a bulk server directory scan tool which allows you to import all media from a server directory.

The software uses the Joomla plugin manager to support a variety of additional frameworks. For example, you can use a CDN such as AmazonS3 to store and deliver your media files, or use a hosting platform such as Vzaar or Kaltura. We provide support for the ultra popular JW Player and Flow Player. We also provide a commenting framework and have plugins for DISQUS, Facebook, Komento, JComments.

Additional modules and plugins are available which extend the functionality of the component. Currently, our video gallery integrates with Jom Social, Community Builder, Jom Comment, JComment.

The HWDMediaShare extension is the replacement of the popular hwdVideoShare and hwdPhotoShare components for Joomla 1.5. hwdVideoShare and hwdPhotoShare provided individual gallery support for videos and photos, but have now been consolidated into a single component. hwdVideoShare and hwdPhotoShare were both retired in March 2012 and hwdVideoShare and hwdPhotoShare were both removed from the JED in March 2013 along with all other Joomla 1.5 components. The new HWDMediaShare extensions provides all the great features of the hwdVideoShare and hwdPhotoShare galleries, with a cleaner and more efficient framework that follows the Joomla standards. The hwdRevenueManager tool that provided monetization support for hwdVidoeShare and hwdPhotoShare has been incoporated into the new component.

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Reviews: 6
This is a great extension for showing all your images. Besides the quality of the extensions, the support is great. Fast reply, even customizing questions an suggestions are not charged but dealt with in Forum.
Reviews: 5
Stop looking for other multi-media display solutions! This is what you need to go with. The support is phenomenal, the component does exactly what it says, and the forum provides ideas and solutions for anything imaginable.

Simply put- I rarely write reviews. A component has to really be fantastic for me to write a review- and this one is! I can't say enough good things about HWDMediaShare!
Reviews: 4
The component is surely effective and timesaver and with many cool features.

However one missing thing is observed, is no advertising/monetizing options. It should have a functions to display adsense or custom ads on the videos something similar to youtube.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Please note, you can add text, image and video adverts into the HWDMediaShare gallery very easily. You can read our documentation on the topic here:

Note, if you have any questions about functionality/features, or have any problems with the software, you can use our support services - or contact us directly any time. We'll be happy to help.

Reviews: 1
This is an amazing extension with great features. Lots of customization and easy to manage 1000s media. Developers are very responsive and when requested some new features, they developed them with in no time. If you are looking to build a media site, this is the only extension you need. Kudos to HWDMediaShare team. You guys rock.
Reviews: 2
I set up a new video-tube and tried many components (free and paid).
I need some special features for my site and with each component I reached early the limits, although some of them cost several hundred dollar.

Just before I completely desperate, I found by chance the HWDMediashare component for joomla, which had every single feature I needed.
And if there is a necessity of a new feature, you can be sure that it will be developed in the future.
There are no more problems with viewing videos on smartphones (even iPhone, which does not support flash media), you can translate everything (even the categories) you need in multilingual sites, sharing with other socialmedia it´s a child´s play, etc.
And the whole package is completed with the best support I ever had.
Whichever problem occurs, you have the guaranty, that somebody will assist you.
I am really amazed, that this team do every effort to satisfy their clients - this is very rare.

Therefore I can highly recommend this open source component.
Reviews: 8
I tried several free components, and purchased another component and none met my needs. Then I purchased HWDMediaShare. There was a learning curve, but this component met and exceeded my needs and expectations, and I can't keep my hands off it! I love it. Building a site for customer, but now I want one too. Really great, and support is unbelievable.
Reviews: 5
This component is amazing, it can do so many things and the support in the is top-notch!! The support is quick, thoughtful and very helpful.

I continue to be impressed with the sheer amount of things you can do with it and features it has. I guarantee if the developer were to make a bulleted list on the JED extension page like some others do he would be selling many many more of these. The features listed on this page are the tip of the iceberg. Please make a full list of all features so more people know just how many features it has! More people should be using this.
Reviews: 2
I am developing a site to display videos to users with different Joomla access levels. This product allows me to do that and keeps those videos separate from those uploaded by members in the community areas of the site. I am new to Joomla and have received help directly from Dave Horsfall, the developer. I would thoroughly recommend the product.
Reviews: 1
Completely recommend this component. We utilise it to manage a large array of media and have found it to be totally supportive and powerful, it meets our needs completely and in a very professional way.
Our questions and suggestions are always answered and considered. The team are very receptive, the forum is a great resource to easily ask questions that will be responded to and see many solutions offered. It is clear the team are very dedicated to providing the highest quality product and service. Thank you very much HWD for a great component and all your support.
Reviews: 3
We have been using Hwd products for over a year and are just now migrating to the new HwdMediaShare.
The development keeps improving making the component more and more complete.
Dave, the lead developer is a skillful developer and great person to work with. The level of support offered via the forum is outstanding and great help is offered in all sort of issues / questions.
Can only recommend this component.