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RokBox Plugin

RokBox is a fully responsive modal plug-in for Joomla. The extension can display many different media formats such as images, videos, music, embedded widgets, Ajax content and Joomla modules and takes advantage of the new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

★ Features

- HTML5 and CSS3
- Fully Responsive
- Auto thumbnails generator
- Captions supporting HTML syntax
- Ajax Content listener
- Multiple media types supported:
- Images: base64 encoded, jpg, gif, png, bmp, webp
- HTML5 Video and Audio
- TwitPic
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- Telly (ex TwitVid)
- Metacafe
- Dailymotion
- Spotify
- Google Maps
- Fit/Unfit Screen: If an image is too big it gets shrunk to fit the view-port but you can always click the Fit Screen icon to expand it and scroll.
- Albums to group related images
- Key Bindings for easy navigation: ⇠ (Previous), ⇢ (Next), f Fitscreen/Unfitscreen, esc Close

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Reviews: 3
Great, and DOES work with external youtube videos. It just does not work in a module. It has to be in a content articles. Search there forum for a work around.
Reviews: 1
There is no way to make it work with extenal video, like youtube. It works fine with images, but not with external video. Im not the only one with this problem.
Owner's reply

Have you checked our Demo site? YouTube and the supported external video sharing sites have been always working on RokBox since it's very first version. If you have any trouble you can use the Support Forum.

Reviews: 1
This plugin is juste exactly what I've been looking for for maybe weeks. Thanks a lot!!
But I have a pbm wich I dont know how to fix:

When playing Youtube files, the player opens 2 times. I have two players at the same time. One wich is the light one from Rok Box itself and another unknown one!!! I know I am using another plugin in my site but not in that specific article.

How can I fix that? I couldn't go to the forum, it takes years to open and fails after a few minutes.

Thanks in advance.
Reviews: 1
The main reason why I did not give a excellent review, because this does not support FLV format. Otherwise it does exactly what I want it do.
Reviews: 3
I put it in short for performance treaking:
the plugin attempts to load js, css and images on other pages not using rokbox effect, including in the backend!
Even worst, in the backend, the plugin includes paths of js, css and images which are '404 not found', which makes my site triggers looping all the time!
Reviews: 2
I tried many other plugins to display a html page or a video in a popup and everytime I had some conflicts with other plugins... not with this one ! A lot of options, really easy to install and use... just great !
Reviews: 1
I think could be the best plugin for multimedia display, if it had just a little more support. I sincerely appreciate your great work, but you have to agree witht me that it needs some update.
I would really like to use it on my future sites, if there wasn't this "disturbing" bug with positioning of the pop-up frame in Opera 9.6.x
Hope this will be fixed!
Owner's reply

The opera 9 issues should be resolved in the recently released 1.3 version.

Reviews: 4
after searching around for an extension that would allow me to play videos on my site without much effort and after unsuccessfully trying out some of the other ones, RokBox is the one I chose. works great and configuration is a breeze. plus good support on the forums, which is always a plus!
Reviews: 4
First of all, thanks for great plugin! It is unique with all of tiny details which we all need.

For all of you looking for media showing plugins:
This is the most complete and efficient solution for Joomla!.

Support for this plugins are working great. I had some minor problems which are resolved in 15 minutes!
Reviews: 2
Although I really don't like plugins, this is the best media solution you can get for Joomla.
Up in few minutes, works great in my site, nicely explained.
Another great work from Rocketwerx
Reviews: 1
This extension does exactly what I wanted, which was to play the music I have available for download via a simple text link in my record store. Installed and working in less than 5 minutes!
Reviews: 2
Took me only 5 minutes to install it etc, good documentation, active forums, nice effect and simple code, also, automatic thumbnail creation or manual one, perfect for me. Love it, use it, vote for it.
Reviews: 2
It installed very easy, no hassle at all. Then I used it and it worked perfect. Thumbnails are created automatically and there are a lot of settings.

It also works great in FF3 en IE7, so here below you did something wrong.

Thanks rocketwerx!
Reviews: 2
This has the capability to be a great module, but I can't get it to work in IE7. I would happily come back to it if this problem could be fixed. I just can't wait for it at the moment.
Owner's reply

Please try the recently released 1.3 version. Cheers.

Reviews: 1
Shows a given number of thumnails. Clicking opens a lightbox with navigation.

Was verry easy to install. There is a extra content-plugin that lets you easely configure a folder that shows all the images in the folder. Kind of like the outdated smoothgallery. It look a little like {rokbox}images/*{/rokbox}

I had some problems with not showing the next en back button. That was because you cannot have any other files then jpg,png,gif files in your folder. Also the extentions has to be lower case. I had a .rar file in my directory. Deleting that made it work perfect!

Maybe a idea to make it more fail-proof in the future? Or only reading out legit extentions.
Reviews: 2
So much potential - an excellent, slick looking extension. Just doesn't seem suitable if you, your clients or potential clients use a mac.
Owner's reply

This was developed and thoroughly tested on a mac. We're an all mac operation ourselves.

Reviews: 5
The developers of this plugin should address the # Unable to decompress data issue that I and no doubt many others have experienced simply trying to install the 1.5 version of this plug-in. A thread was started by another user several weeks ago but has not been addressed. This has the potential to be a nice plug-in but this major issue keeps that from happening!
Owner's reply

These files were updated over a week ago. Please try again. Thanks.

Reviews: 2
This is the most amazing gallery/image/video/pdf/wtfever utility that makes your files look good and shown with those cool java based zooms like slimbox rokzoom. It reads directories now too so you can scratch the others. I've tryed simple gallery, but this is better.

And in closing, why isn't this hot at the top?
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