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VAI Media Center Module

The VAI Media Center is the complete Video, Audio, and Image module for Joomla 1.0 / 1.5x The module consists of three players in one module - FLV Player, MP3 Player, and an ImageViewer. Select from 5 modes of display: Module Position, Pop Up Player, Vertical and Horizontal players and no playlist mode. Add your own media files or link to external files with the JoomlaXTC XPS (XTC Playlist System), no more hard to configue set ups, external xml files, or playlist order blues. The XTC Playlist System allows for direct links to be added to your Images, Thumbnails, Mp3, etc right in the module in a simple playlist format. Outside streaming FLV video and MP3 Podcasts can be added via the direct linking method. The mp3 player and image viewer also have an added link feature allowing you to add a direct weblink to the display window - Perfect for linking to products, photo galleries, artist pages and much more!

V1.5 upgrades

New Bloat Free coding
Joomla Lightbox and new Auto Pop Up Mode
New Resizing for Player and Playlist
Buffer time improvements
and much more

Version 1.6.2

* Fixed missing color picker files

Version 1.6.1

* Added Color picker control
* Relocate crossdomain.xml to avoid Joomla conflicts
* Fixed refresh issue on Internet Explorer

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Reviews: 6
It took three weeks for them to email me the install file after I paid. I asked for it several times, and it was only when I opened a dispute with paypal that they finally sent it. Then when I finally got the file and installed the module, it never really worked as described and it looked crappy. Not easy to customize the look, admin interface is rather lacking, and support on their website is really hard to find. I've since abandoned the module and found a really great free one to use instead. Wish I'd come across something else sooner!
Owner's reply

Problems that arise when paypals IPN fails caused the delay. With 1,000s of happy customers for the Media Center - and the V2.0 Component / Module version on the way - We hope to make everyone happy!

Reviews: 1
I purchased this product and was very pleased with it. It is fairly easy to install and set up and looks great.

Unfortunately it stopped working for no apparent reason. After contacting the developer I was informed that Youtube had changed their API and that they were working on a fix.

I don't have a problem with that but I do have a problem when you pay for an extension and receive no notification that there is a problem or that you receive no support updates as to the progress. Also there is no information on the developers website about this problem.

So I am now stuck with an extension that I cannot use and have no idea if or when it will become usable.
Owner's reply

The YOUTUBE player API is almost complete hold tight V1.7 of mediacenter will be updated with a new youtube script, sef friendly and much more.

We are almost complete - You will be able to download the V1.7 update as soon as its done. V2.0 is also underway to turn the media center into a COM/Module version for more control!