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Art Pretty Photo ModulePlugin

Art Pretty Photo displays images, image galleries, videos (youtube), flash and external pages in pretty highly customizable popup window.

* Can display single images, image galleries, videos (youtube), external pages, Flickr feed, Flickr photo sets, Picasa albums, Bambuser video
* Several configurable options: animation speed, allow resize, show title, etc.
* 5 themes: light rounded and light square, dark rounded and dark square, facebook-style
* Can read thumbnails from custom folder
* Easy to use plugin code for galleries: {artprettyphoto path="path_to_images_folder"/}
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Easy to use plugin code for single images: {artprettyphoto padding="40" opacity="0.35" animationSpeed="normal" showTitle="1" allowresize="1" counter_separator_label="/" theme="dark_rounded" noConflict="1" /}
* Can display Flickr gallery
* Flickr API support: ability to display Flickr photo sets
* Can display Photobucket album photos
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Thumbnails can be generated from full size images by resizing, cropping, etc. with aspect ratio saving
* This is open-source software
* Can display title for single image and titles for image gallery created from images folder
* supports single image thumbnail which shows full gallery when clicked
* Comes with module

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Reviews: 1
Excellent! Easy to install, many options and good system popup. Works great !

Once you've done the set up you will be able to upload images (for example Picasa/Flickr) on the website without actually going through the website.

Fast and very personalized assistance.
I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This is a superb extension and does exactly what I need for a very modest price.
I had some minor problems configuring it but the support guys were quick to respond to my emails and even offered to log in and set it up.
Suggestion: more detailed documentation would be helpful...;-)
Reviews: 1
I am/was a Joomla newbie. At the beginning, the plugin and it's functioning looked very difficult to me. Luckily I asked the developers to install the extension for me on the website. They explained me how it worked and I could always ask for support. That was everything I needed.

Thanks to good support, I should now be able to help myself with the basics.

I used the extension to display pictures for a students organisation. Since we have a limited web space, I needed an extension that was able to link external images.
Reviews: 7
This extension for me is not 'plug & play' because you have to use a lot of code and know exactly what and where to place it. But the issue I had was resolved very quickly when posted on their Forum. Thanks again for that!
Reviews: 1
Although hesitant to purchase this plug-in as I was not 100% sure it would do what I was after, I could not be more pleased with the (little) money I have spent. It is far more powerful than I anticipated and worked to my needs easily. I was looking to list one picture of a rainwater tank and have all colour options shown when clicked. Easily done with a cart site but not a standard site. I had a few questions for the designer and all were answered very, very promptly with clear and accurate responses that were ridiculously easy to implement. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Excellent LightBox! Easy to install and configure besides being free. I recommend
Reviews: 4
Works great... easy setup and versatile. Good communication from the developer too. Had some pre-purchase questions and they were very helpful.. I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I used this in Joomla 1.5. Had little knowledge of flickr but the tech support guys at the artetics forum were just brilliant.

As soon as I knew flickr the plugin worked 1st time. Then when I wanted the plugin to do something a little different the artetics team e-mailed me instant updates that allowed my site to appear just as I required.

I'll certainly use this company for my future plugins.

Thanks Guys.
Reviews: 3
Very nice extension and it looks very pretty too! It is just the one that I was looking for. Also great support by the way.
Reviews: 5
Plugin works and is very usefull. And the support is fantastic, fastly and eficient!
Reviews: 6
this plugin was super easy to install and understand and manipulate.

i used it on on all the gallery child menu items.

i added a height parameter to the strand in order to get all the thumbnails the same size (for vertical and horizontal images).

then the client wanted the thumbnails centered and the support forum was fantastic. very quick support response and the suggested code to achieve the results worked PERFECTLY.

i absolutely will be going back to artetics to use more of their products.

art pretty photo is absolutely worth the $15 bucks for the ease, grace and functionality it provides.

thank you, artetics!!

:) jenn
Reviews: 1
I'm a fairly experienced web designer and IA, and thought that using the Art Pretty Photo plugin and module would be ideal for linking Picasa and You Tube Galleries...niether of which actually work...tried to ask a question on the support forum but was actually not able to register to ask support question...the Picasa Demo on their site does not work either.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

We have contacted you from 2 different emails asking for page to see the issue and there is not answer from you.

We have sent you new login details for our website.

We have checked all demo pages in all major browsers - each page works fine for us.

Not sure what is the issue. PDF document is here:

Please just contact us with the URL to see the issue or send us the plugin code that is not working for you or just post a question on our forum using credentials we sent you.

Our email is - just send us the letter and we will be happy to assist. We cannot solve the issue without knowing anything about the problem.

Reviews: 1
Art Pretty Photo was easy to install, worked well several of the uses for which I tried it, but failed miserably to display a YouTube video in the lightbox they promised. They're very quick to answer support emails, but this extension doesn't seem able to do one important thing it promises to do.
Owner's reply

It's easy to show youtube video in a popup with simple plugin code:

{artprettyphoto youtube="YOUTUBE_ID" text="link text" /}

We will be happy to help you in setting this up and running if you can contact us with the URL to see the issue or let us know what plugin code you use.

Reviews: 19
Not only is this plugin the best there is for displaying multimedia files, image files, etc., but I've bought from Artetics before and the support is outstanding! There wasn't a single time I asked for support that I did not get it within a very short period of time. Not only that, but it's always and I mean always resolved!

With such great products & support, I don't even look on this extensions directory for new products, I look at Artetics as the first place to go.

I'm a lifetime customer.
Reviews: 8
Brought it, installed it and tried to make it do what I wanted. As usual for me it didn't work, but that don't matter because like all the other extensions I have had from Artetics, it took one quick email to support and they log in and sort it.

Only90 minutes from buying to them sorting! Superb service, very much appreciated.
Reviews: 1
excellent product and would recommend to everyone.
I couldn't get videos to run because i was missing out a bit of code and the team at Artetics very very helpful and send me the correct code straight away!

great product with great support! A*
Reviews: 3
I paid to get this extension yesterday. I installed it but it didn't work...
I did some research, I've tried so stuff but nothing was able to solve this.

I wrote a message in the Forum and get an answer some hours later. We discussed my issue by email and finally the support team took access on my Joomla backend as SuperAdmin to fix this... Finally they went to the conclusion that their plugin was in conflict with a J. script of my template !

They fixed the plugin according to this, re-installed it on my website and resend to me the new version by email.

I've never seen such a great support on an Joomla extension... really ! I'm glad I've paid for this : thanks !
Reviews: 1
I think the Pretty Photo plugin is realy great!
And the support even better.
Didn't know some codes and to set alignment.
In just a bit it was solved with help from forum (Administrator).

Realy great!
Reviews: 1
Ofcourse it takes two to tangle. Combined with a very pro-active support/development team this software will exactly do what you expected from it. I had some special wishes for it and within 24 hours the additional changes had been added by the support team. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
It took me a long time to find a gallery to display photos from picasa albums. This is the best gallery I could find. I had a few problems and their support guys helped me with every issue I had and fast!
Definitely worth the money I paid!!!
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