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Art Pretty Photo ModulePlugin

Art Pretty Photo displays images, image galleries, videos (youtube), flash and external pages in pretty highly customizable popup window.

* Can display single images, image galleries, videos (youtube), external pages, Flickr feed, Flickr photo sets, Picasa albums, Bambuser video
* Several configurable options: animation speed, allow resize, show title, etc.
* 5 themes: light rounded and light square, dark rounded and dark square, facebook-style
* Can read thumbnails from custom folder
* Easy to use plugin code for galleries: {artprettyphoto path="path_to_images_folder"/}
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Easy to use plugin code for single images: {artprettyphoto padding="40" opacity="0.35" animationSpeed="normal" showTitle="1" allowresize="1" counter_separator_label="/" theme="dark_rounded" noConflict="1" /}
* Can display Flickr gallery
* Flickr API support: ability to display Flickr photo sets
* Can display Photobucket album photos
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Thumbnails can be generated from full size images by resizing, cropping, etc. with aspect ratio saving
* This is open-source software
* Can display title for single image and titles for image gallery created from images folder
* supports single image thumbnail which shows full gallery when clicked
* Comes with module

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Reviews: 2
Great extension and even greater support from the company. You can't even imagine how helpful and effective they are... You can trust their extensions and you can trust them as well to assist you on any troubles you might face during implementation.
Reviews: 1
It is now the best gallery for Joomla I´ve found, since it now also have the slideshow capability. A function I just asked for, and they fixed it in a short time. They also helped me when I made som stupid mistakes in implementing the code on the page. So, a great extension with an excellent support.
Reviews: 1
This extension is definately the best of its kind and could not be rated under 5 stars.
Their support section is very fast and effective.
Although i followed the right instructions, i didnt get the result i expected, so with my permission they managed to solve the problem.
Reviews: 1
I often peruse reviews and wonder if they are genuine and how much faith should I place in them? Well, the positive reviews of Art Pretty Photo were spot on. The extension works great and when I encountered an issue (due to my inexperience) support staff at Artetics were on the ball immediately and solved my problem. The combination of a great product AND great customer service is unbeatable.
Reviews: 1
The only thing that outranks the quality of this product is the quality of the customer support. I asked for a solution to a "bug" and it was provided and I received an email revision with 24 hours... I had a product request and they're now looking into implementing it in the next version.

This crew is a CLASS ACT and I will now go to them first for ANY and ALL future extensions... If they don't have it, I guess I will have to settle for somebody else.
Reviews: 3
This plugin has every features you can dream of, a lot of useful and simple parameters, the vizualisation is really appealing for your visitors and it's very simple to use.

There was no autostart with youtube video, I made a request and less than 24 hours, it was done. The support is really first class!

Ok, it's not free but the price is so reasonable.
I tried RokBox but it didn't work for me. Absolutely no problem with this Art Pretty Photo.

Congratulations to the developper!
Reviews: 1
Using this plugin is adopting it : the documentation is light but really sufficient and you have a very reactive and helpfull contact with the developer.
A great little extension !
Reviews: 1
One thing you need to know is that when embedding their code to make plugin work it will show up as text until you publish it..then the gallery will show up. I was working with their support and they emailed me directly as well as responding to my support post. It works great and I highly recommend this application. Can't wait to create more photo galleries and apply it to other pics already on website. Their support is AMAZING!!!
Reviews: 36
good plugin (does what it says), and really wonderful support; if I don't understund something, they answer me in their forum or by e-mail in less time, with the correct solution; 15 well spent dollars. Hope Artetics will develop this plugin with other powerful features.
Reviews: 3
Perfect plugin. I use it and I like it.
Setup was a little difficult but with
excellent good and nice support it was fast working.
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