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Shadowbox Media Viewer Plugin

Shadowbox is an online media viewer application that supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats. Shadowbox is written entirely in JavaScript and CSS and is highly customisable. Using Shadowbox, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.

Although Shadowbox can be used in standalone mode, it's just as easy to use Shadowbox with your JavaScript library of choice for a given project. Shadowbox comes bundled with adapters for the following JavaScript frameworks:

* Prototype
* jQuery
* MooTools (requires 1.2 Core)
* Dojo Toolkit
* Yahoo! User Interface Library (requires yahoo-dom-event.js)
* Ext (requires ext-core.js)

Shadowbox supports many different media formats via the Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player browser plugins. Windows media files are supported on the Mac via the Flip4Mac QuickTime plugin.

Shadowbox includes many front-end languages such as Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German (Swiss), German, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

The simplest way to tell Shadowbox which links you want it to open is to add a rel="shadowbox" (or rel="lightbox") attribute to each link. See the documentation for full usage instructions.

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Reviews: 3
It's so nice to find a tool this simple and effective. I just needed a way to present my video portfolio but was getting frustrated with the default solutions for a K2 site. Popped in Shadowbox Media Viewer and bingo! You need to add a little HTML but it's easy.
Reviews: 3
The plugin is the basic thing that needs to do... BUT, it shouldn't hurt if someone puts some design in it. Rounded corners, some shadows on it. Fancy close button, etc...

Other than that, great! :D
Reviews: 6
i would really like to have this plugin work on my site ...
The only way it work for me it is with option "Base Adapter" ... with any other options it do not works...
Only with option "Prototype" it do not conflicts with my Joomgallery Slimbox popups of images ... with any other option the Joomgallery opens the images twice ...
Wery strange behavior ... i had try everything to avoid the conflict, but could not figure it out ...
Reviews: 1
Awesome plugin that saved saved my time on a really busy day. Just two steps to put what ever the content inside a lightbox (the shadowbox). Thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 1
It´s a very good ext.

Reviews: 1
Just feel the need to say - excellent quality plugin.

Installed, read couple lines of tutorial and done. My gallery looks cool, minimalistic and stylish.

Its so easy to open any content, external images, any media in a simple and professional looking popup now.

My search has ended, i am in peace.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to install, configure and use. Will highly recommend and also want to acknowledge their great customer service!
Reviews: 1
The plugin shows good for handling all files except the flv files. Its showing error in flv handling...And Now where to add the jwplayer in the plugin. Because no folder for libraries. Please help me.
Owner's reply

Try turning off Customise & Compress as that will use the original Shadowbox files ( which do defiantly support FLV.

Reviews: 8
Works perfectly. Easy to setup. Quick download and install. A lot of settings. The default settings work great. One of the features i like is that it can resize large images to fit the user screen. You can put large images and be resized for users with small screens, so no worries. Thats why i prefer ShadowBox.

I can hardcode shadowbox but this plugin is so easy and flexible that i used this instead.

If you have issues, change the settings. Try to disable the JS Compression in plugin settings. Check for Other plugins and JS conflicts. Mine worked perfectly without having to touch anything.

And if you want to speed up the loading. Enable the built in "Customise & Compress" and Select "MooTools" as Adapter.

gosh... it took me more time to review this plugin than setting it up. But it worth it. Thanks again for that great plugin!
Reviews: 6
I congratulate the developers, is a great job, very thorough in my opinion because I have used several extensions and even today is the one that best fits and is free. It is easy to place thumbnails manually or automatically as well as other functions such as changing the language of filing of the box and I find powerful and complete. No matter what code you have to work, is the basics of HTML, any novice can do it: an image link. Thanks and congratulations.
Reviews: 1
This plugin worked beautifully and has replaced YOOEffects on my website.

Only a few pages of my site use shadowbox/lightbox, so for performance reasons it would be great if the plugin could be set to only run on those pages (either detect the rel tag or have an inclusion/exclusion filter for menuitem, category or section. Please consider this functionality for a future release.
Reviews: 9
I'm sure this plugin is great for some, but I found it fairly useless.

First of all, it's entirely markup dependent. There is no control panel. It works behind the scenes, and you have to call it up with code.

If you want an interface that your users can access and use, forget this.

Personally, I can already embed just about anything I want to using code, and don't need this to do so.

The upside is, it appears that this can be installed on any web site, not just Joomla, which is cool, but most extensions listed on are designed for ease of use, minimal code writing, and the ability to allow front end users to easily figure them out and use themselves.

This does not fall into that category.

As a joomla "extension" it fails in my book.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you didn't find this plugin useful. It was designed to be an easy way to include the wonderful Shadowbox JavaScript library into any Joomla site without needing to modify any code. It's not pretending to be a gallery extension that any of your users can use so sorry if you got that impression.

Just to clarify for other potential users, you will have to manually add rel="shadowbox" to any link you want to open in a Shadowbox, it will not do this for you.

More info on it's usage can be found here:

Reviews: 3
I had problems to make it work, but when i change jqery to base adapter it works and it looks great! Thanks guys!
I have a question. Is it possible, on two language site, shadowbox to apear on two language. On english pages-english language, on serbian page-serbian language? (prew, next, pause...). It would be great if we could add for example language="en" and language="sr" in html.
Thanks again and best with your work!
Reviews: 1
I just create an account to say thsnks to developers. I was having troubles with another lightbox plug that i was used to work with.
The shadowbox works perfectly right after installation, and has a lot of nice parameters configurations.
One more time: thanks!
Reviews: 13
After wasting hours in trying various plugin, I landed up on Joe's Plugin page.
It looked good and I thought of trying for the last time and guess what, IT JUST WORKED OUT OF THE BOX!

Great job Joe.. Thanks a lot. You just saved me!
Reviews: 6
Great Plugin. Works just from the start.

But one Question: where can I change the background-color from the shadowbox (black at the moment to white)??? Tried many things but nothing worked!!
Owner's reply

You can change the background colour (and opacity) in the plugin parameters. It requires a hex code so make sure you include the # before (eg. #FFFFFF for white).

Reviews: 3
It just works and that's all I need! Thanks for putting out an excellent plugin.
Reviews: 1
Excellent work, perfect plugin with huge amount of settings.
Great work. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
But it seems not to work 100%. Somehow it only loads "shadowbox.css" and not "shadowbox.js".
Owner's reply

This is correct, the JavaScript file is compressed and cached with minify based on the chosen parameters and will be loaded with something like this:


Reviews: 5
I just installed and started to implement some of the various features of the "shadowbox" and "lightbox" and found it to very easy and self explanatory after reading just the text that appears after the "Plugin install successful message". Being fairly new to Joomla! I found this to be a breath of fresh air, without having to read pages and pages of Docs or going to um-teen websites. Thanks again Guys! Job Well Done!
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