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Art Colorbox ModulePlugin

Art Colorbox - Joomla! lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, Flickr Picasa and Photobucket photos, external pages in highly customizable popup window.


* Can display photos, photo groups, external pages, Flickr photos, Picasa albums, inline content with fancy lightbox effect
* 5 themes
* Various transition types
* Slideshow support
* Can display Flickr photos
* Can display Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API)
* Can display Photobucket albums
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Can display external pages and articles in a lightbox
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Several customizable properties
* Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder/can use use path to thumbnails
* Supports sorting of images in ascending/descending order
* Thumbnails can be taken from specific folder or generated by changing image dimensions with saving aspect ratio. Thumbnails can be resized, rotated, cropped, cropped & resized to fit your needs
* Can show single thumbnail which when clicked will show full gallery
* Can show specified number of images from local folder
* Can display inline content: wrap content with plugin code and use singleImage or singleText attributes to show the link or thumbnails
* Automatically adds descriptions for Flickr images. Descriptions for images from local folder can be added by placing artcolorbox.txt file to image folder
* Slideshow support
* w3c compliant
* alt tags are automatically generated
* This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests

* Demo with slideshow using theme 1:

* Demo without slideshow using theme 2:

* Single image demo using theme 3:

* External webpages demo using theme 4:

* Flickr images demo using theme 5:

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Reviews: 1
I have played with several different extensions for simple and attractive lightbox image display - none of them come close to having the functionality that this little plugin has AND ALSO is as easy to use. I did have a few questions and one small issue (user error), so I sent a support email, and in well under an hour, a support person responded and had my questions/issue resolved in no time. I'm a fairly novice user, also, and with just a little bit of googling, I was able to figure almost everything on my own. Very impressive. Nice job Artetics team!
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin! It's ultra simple to use and configure and it's very light. Give a try to any of modules that Artetics offer for free (like Art Sexy Lightbox Lite edition or Art Universal Lightbox), you will love them immediately and you will find out soon that you can be much more efficient with the plugin version (so you do not have to create individual module instances for every single gallery). Just to inspire Artetics team, maybe it would be fine to have some "basic" default settings for the plugin available (especially when you are going to use one style or behavior for most of images and galleries on the particular website) that you can either omit in the gallery definition code or possibly override by putting the appropriate attribute you would like to alter. For instance transition, slideshow, previewWidth and Height, autoGenerateThumbs and convertImage.
Great job! Thinking over some more paid plugins you offer. And, last but not least, great, pro-active and fast support (you can "google" it everywhere, by the way).
Reviews: 8
After testing a few Artetics extensions, I have to say that these guys are doing a pretty good job. Art Colorbox (Commercial) is a great extension. Very flexible, lightweight, and highly customizable. It works well in my Samsung mobile phone and tablet too.
Reviews: 3
This gallery extension is perfect for my need. It was easy to install and use. The few troubles I had was easily answered in their forums
Reviews: 2
This is a good extension, and if you have a question - like I did, their support is quick and complete.
Reviews: 3
Artcolorbox is a fantastic plugin. It is very easy to install. You can choose from several themes that shows the pictures in a nice way. Last but not least: the support is very clear and quick.
Reviews: 2
These guys have a huge selection of really sexy effects. That's the thing that my customers care about so I'm a fan.

But, I gotta say, support is really important to me, and I'm happy to let everyone know that when I had an issue, the response time and help was just great.

This one's really worth adding to your portfolio.

Reviews: 3
I purchased this module several months ago. It works great and was easy to setup. I ran into a few issues when I first attempted to configure the module. I emailed their support team thinking I may not get a response for a couple of days but to my surprise I received assistance right away. They were extremely helpful and got me up and running right away. I even emailed several months later and received the same excellent service. Very pleased with this vendor and will be looking into other modules or plugins developed by this company.
Reviews: 2
I purchased Art Colorbox since the reviews were positive. The module is perfect - works exactly as promised.

But its the Art Colorbox support team for the module is what really stands out. They were quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

I'm really impressed with the tools and support.
Reviews: 1
Good plugin.
Support is excellent, very quick and constructive
However, I feel that some support issues could be avoided if teh website and plugin descriptions were more extensive.

e.g.: I had a technical problem in this plugin (it didn't work properly) due to an older version of the plugin (so I was told after artetic support). But I bought the plugin yesterday and got access to it by a link provided by Artetics.

I think they should have provided teh latest version in the first place.

but hey, it works like a charm so who's complaining? :)
Reviews: 6
Easy to install, very compact and simple. The best thing though is the support. They're open to suggestions and implement them quickly. I don't mind at all paying a small amount for extensions where you get this type of support. seems much more than fair. I wanted to see support for flickr tags added and they told me it'll be in there in the next 2 weeks or so! Thanks guys.

The ability to show any sort of set of photos, be they in picasa, flickr or even a directory on your hard drive is the most handy thing for my implementation where i don't know how article writers will submit their photos.
Reviews: 5
The speed of response and helpfulness of the Artetics team is truly surprising. They replied within 5 mins and immediately set up examples to show me how to use this cool plug in that comes with various lightbox effects.
Great value.
Amazing service level!

Steve Or
Reviews: 5
I looked at hundreds of extensions that would pull data from Flickr in an artitstic and colorful way. Artetics managed to pull this off in a sleek, and elegant way. Be sure to check the syntax for the plugin, make sure it's published, and voila!

Thanks Artetics!
Reviews: 1
easy to install and configure,
had a problem and the great support team
solved it immediately. thanks
Reviews: 1
Only few words:

- very good look
- really easy configuration
- amazing support

I suggest it for all

Lubor Rehak
Reviews: 2
The extension is simple and looks good. I could add a few things thanks to the quick and efficient support. Great job.
Reviews: 1
Simple, beautiful gallery that does exactly what I need. Support added a requested feature lightning fast! Customization options are easy to fit into any theme. After tearing my hair out on other extensions, Art Colorbox got me up and running instantly and able to work on other modifications.
Reviews: 36
this extension allows various gallery layouts that I've not found with other photo gallery extensions; furthermore, if you need help the support is ready and fast