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Art Sexy Lightbox 2.0 is Joomla! popup for photos, galleries, articles, Picasa albums, Flickr photos, Photobucket albums, Virtue Mart, Amazon S3, external pages, Youtube, Vimeo, inline content.

* Can display: photos, photo groups; pages, articles, modules; Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket images, Youtube, Vimeo video; Amazon S3 images; inline content with a fancy lightbox effect
* 6 themes : black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
* Comes as user-friendly module (just select the values you need and your gallery is done) + highly-customizable plugin
* Can display photos from local folder, thumbnails can be shown from another folder
* Can display Flickr photos and Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API)
* Can display Photobucket albums
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Can display external pages, K2 items and articles in a lightbox
* Can list articles from specified category or K2 category
* Can be used in Virtue Mart flypage
* Can show gallery from remote images (requires additional file to placed on that server)
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Slideshow support
* Carousel/Image slider option
* Cloud Carousel - autorotation of images, image reflection
* Can display news and articles in a fancy way
* Several customizable properties
* Can be modal or not
* Lightbox can be shown on page load - show alerts
* Ability to display single thumbnail and show full gallery in popup after clicking this thumbnail
* Internationalization support
* Thumbnails can be resized, cropped, rotated to any angle, greyscaled
* Can auto-generate thumbnails saving aspect radio and caching generated images
* Comes with editor button for easy use
* This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests
* Fast and reliable support
* Strong community. Don't limit your fantasy, join thousands of happy customers
* Documentation in PDF format:

Demo with white theme:
New white theme:
Spanish black theme:
Flickr demo:
Picasa gallery demo:
Carousel/Image slider demo:
Usage examples:
Cloud carousel demo:
Virtue Mart: http://bit.l

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Reviews: 3
I was looking for a gallery solution for our hotel homepage relaunch and was going through all those huge components (which really are working great). I wanted to bring together flickr photostreams and local images with having full control of my folder structure on my page, so in the end, I decided to pay 20$ to get this plugin which is really a great piece of work! It is slim, very nice looking at and tremendously flexible as long as you have time enough to dig into its capabilities. Therefore I very kindly pledge to have one site, where all (I mean ALL - on the demo page you can see MANY of them.) parameters and its values are brought together.
But as long as the support team is patient, quick and friendly in such an exemplary manner, I will not hesitate to contact them anytime.
Product: 5*
Support: 5*
Docu: surely 5* soon ;-)
Reviews: 1
is the first time I buy a commercial plugin, and I'm very surprised, the plugin works perfect and without error, however in the process of site design, there were some questions and a problem with the template i use, they were attentive to my questions and they managed to solve my problem, honestly $ 20 is too little for all that I have received, thank you
Reviews: 2
I had been trying to get a pop up link code to work for days, saw ASL and bought the software. I had a few problems implementing, so asked on the well supported forums and the tech staff solved the issue in no time (logged in to site and set up the plugin correctly.) The code works exactly as I needed and it looks great.
Time to start exploring more of this company's components, modules & plugins.
Worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
Art Sexy Lightbox is a great extension. There are tons of forums with answers to a lot of the questions I had. The documentation is limited, and at times hard to find. So, when I was frustrated and tired of looking for answers to my questions I emailed the support team. The support for this extension is what makes this plugin so great! They repeated worked with me in order to resolve issues or questions I had. I am a rookie at putting together a website, but they helped me more than I could have imagined. The $20 for this plugin saved me many hours of time and frustration I had when trying to get other/free plugins to work for me.

Thanks.....a truly satisfied customer
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin! It perfectly suits our web-site. There was a trouble firs, but support team managed to solve it very quickly after I e-mailed them. Now it works correctly! Good job! Thank you for this excellent product and professional support! It was a pleasure to work with you!
Reviews: 1
Excellent plug-in! Thanks founders. All is extremely simple - shower photos in a folder and put on it the reference - everything, the gallery is ready! But the most important thing - 10 inquiries to a database on page with gallery. That is, the gallery does not give loading on a database and, accordingly, on a hosting. Support works operatively and very informatively. Have answered all questions in the shortest term. Once again thanks founders of a plug-in!
Reviews: 1
Awesome... Great Customer Support
Reviews: 5
This is a great plugin and is an excellent addition to any website. I have tested and tried many plugins and this is definitely one of the best available.

The support is also terrific! Thanks to the people at Artetics :)
Reviews: 1
Great Gallery for pictures! The Helpforum of Artetics is really great with good help and quick answers. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Spent the $20 to get a download link. Should have read the forum first... many people never get the software they purchased until they post to the forums. Unfortunately now, I can't register on the forums, because it says I'm already registered. But when I log in, it says I don't have an account. Plugin is probably awesome, but be up front that it can take a long time (days?) to get the software after you pay.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The sales system is improved now. We try to send the download link as soon as we receive the order. However some email providers may consider email as spam so customers may want to check their junk email as well.

We are always ready to support and send the extension by email - feel free to contact us in case of any issues.

Reviews: 1
This plugin was exactly what we needed.

Normal easy installation as typical J!.
You can easily call the plugin within your articles.

The graphics and animations are excellent... very very professional looking.

I gave it 5 stars, and I would give it 2 more if I could because of the developers.
I posted on their forums for an additional feature request, and within days it was implemented!!
The new version was sent to me via eMail and it worked perfectly right out of the box.

Developers are always active and easy to contact.
Thanks Artetics! =)
Reviews: 2
Very professional nice looking plugin for your Joomla website. I use the Sexy Lightbox for my Virtuemart webshop to add additional images in the product description. They have also added a new feature when hovering the image. There appears a magnify effect, very nice!
Reviews: 18
I have tested a lot of these type of plugins, and this exceeds them all! Great looking, very easy to use and i must also mention very fast and helpful support. The support part means a lot to me, so excellent work guys!!
Reviews: 1
I'm using artsexylightbox as a Module on a website and it works beautifully, I wanted to add a little something unsure if it was possible. I asked on the forum and got an answer within minutes!
And it does wok!!

Love it when things go that smoothly!
Reviews: 10
Good plugin. Works fine also in many browsers! Easy configuration.

Only negative thing: I'm showing multiple galleries on 1 page. Showing 1 single image per gallery and when clicking on the pic the slideshow starts. I really hope they can change the way it loads. Because wright now, all pictures are loaded when opening the page. This way it takes pretty long before page is ready to be seen.

For the rest, good one. But to be honest, when paying 20 dollars it must be working!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. This is fixed in the latest version of extension.

Reviews: 1
Tried several lightbox extensions over the last two weeks, Art Sexy Lightbox is the first that actually has the flexibility and configurability I needed.
First class support too, did expect to get support within minutes and such detailed responses.
Excellent work guys, great extension and support.
Reviews: 1
I loved the look & feel of this product from the start. It just behaves so nicely that you continue clicking the thumbnails.
It's easy to use, you can tune behaviour exactly the way you like.
BUT, what really surprised me...
We requested an additional feature, the team had it available within 48 hours after requesting it...!!!

There is no question that price/quality ratio is amazingly good! with this lightbox you get a lot of bang for your buck!!!
Reviews: 1
This product really looks sharp and is relatively easy to install and configure - even for a newbie like me.
I did find it a little difficult to try to get thumbnails exactly how I wanted them, but after leaving a note on the forum, tech support emailed me directly and helped me solve my problems. Now I have a gallery that looks great and works just how I need it.

Reviews: 1
I appreciate extensions that perform exactly as advertised. There are few extensions that are easier to use than this one.

Great product.
Reviews: 1
Sensational script and fine attendance (service activity). I advice cordially. Greetings!
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