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Art Sexy Lightbox 2.0 is Joomla! popup for photos, galleries, articles, Picasa albums, Flickr photos, Photobucket albums, Virtue Mart, Amazon S3, external pages, Youtube, Vimeo, inline content.

* Can display: photos, photo groups; pages, articles, modules; Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket images, Youtube, Vimeo video; Amazon S3 images; inline content with a fancy lightbox effect
* 6 themes : black, white, new_black, new_white, spanish_black, spanish_white
* Comes as user-friendly module (just select the values you need and your gallery is done) + highly-customizable plugin
* Can display photos from local folder, thumbnails can be shown from another folder
* Can display Flickr photos and Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API)
* Can display Photobucket albums
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Can display external pages, K2 items and articles in a lightbox
* Can list articles from specified category or K2 category
* Can be used in Virtue Mart flypage
* Can show gallery from remote images (requires additional file to placed on that server)
* Supports multiple galleries on the page
* Slideshow support
* Carousel/Image slider option
* Cloud Carousel - autorotation of images, image reflection
* Can display news and articles in a fancy way
* Several customizable properties
* Can be modal or not
* Lightbox can be shown on page load - show alerts
* Ability to display single thumbnail and show full gallery in popup after clicking this thumbnail
* Internationalization support
* Thumbnails can be resized, cropped, rotated to any angle, greyscaled
* Can auto-generate thumbnails saving aspect radio and caching generated images
* Comes with editor button for easy use
* This is evolving extension, we frequently add new functionality per customer requests
* Fast and reliable support
* Strong community. Don't limit your fantasy, join thousands of happy customers
* Documentation in PDF format:

Demo with white theme:
New white theme:
Spanish black theme:
Flickr demo:
Picasa gallery demo:
Carousel/Image slider demo:
Usage examples:
Cloud carousel demo:
Virtue Mart: http://bit.l

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Reviews: 1
Excellent lightbox and excellent support. I have been using Joomla for about 8 years and used tons of mods and comps, both free and payed, and this is my first review. I had issues with my template, not their plug-in, but they worked everything out for me.
Reviews: 1
SexyLightBox was intially purchased for one aspect only. Once installed I found there are many options that I will use throughout my site.

Can't fault their support...I had one question only, an upgraded module was provided in no time.

thanks Artetics
Reviews: 114
I rarely give negative comments but this is one worth doing. I have read the other comments which is why I paid the money for this and from the demo it looks superb. Not what it does on the tin!

I made a positive review on another one of their products which was fantastic, but not this one.

Module Loaded fine, but no plugin was in the zip or loaded into the website at all.

I have spent two hours trying to get it to work as a thumbnail and lightbox and have now completely given up.
Owner's reply

You need to install both plugin and module. Simply install them and you should be all set.

PDF documentation is available here:

Please contact us by email in case you cannot find plugin and module - we will be happy to set this up and running for you:

Reviews: 1
After trying the free version of this extention I was more than happy to go ahead and purchase this fully-featured version.

I was not dissapointed, with a whole stack of additional features and at a very reasonable price I already felt that I had got my moneys worth.

I eventually came across something that I would like to do that the plugin did not already support. So I posted on the forum and within minutes I had recieved a reply asking me if I would like them to add the functionality.

Less than 24 hours later I recieved a new version of the plugin with the custom modification I had enquired about.

Communications are fast and reliable as is the extention itself!

I just can't rate these guys highly enough!

Thank you so much for helping me out :)
Reviews: 1
This plugin is exellent.
Useful for any people with a "distribuited" joomla, with php on the server and photos/images on external storage (remote server or Amazon S3).
Simple to use, and the developer team take care of users!
Reviews: 2
Extension works perfect and fits almost for any design with its universal look
Reviews: 2
Stunning product, quick friendly service from the team (both via email and the forum) Very easy to use,well worth buying, even for a Newb like me!
Reviews: 1
Very "sexy" component to dispay albums, works perfectly on Jommla 1.5 & 1.6 with public Picasa Album, what my needs are.

On top of that, support team is very efficient and reactive, less than two hours to get an answer to my questions.

Thanks for this nice component.
Reviews: 1
It's a great extension

Simple to use.

And if you have any doubt the team of artetics will help you really fast
Reviews: 3
Firstly, this works great for displaying Flickr photo sets with articles for our website. The "photo viewer" part of it is sleek and sophisticated.

Secondly, the people at Artetics are so quick to respond and very helpful.

Reviews: 1
Extension works perfect and fits almost for any design with its universal look. Small fixes regarding specific styling of lightbox appearance was executed almost immediately thanks to support team. I am so impressed! that I immediately started look at their other products. Thank you Artetics.
Reviews: 1
Not only is the product amazing, when I was having trouble installing within Joomla becuase basically I am a technophobe with no idea, the Artetics support team came back to my query instantly a number of times and eventually even did the installation for me. They are truly amazing. Alot of industries, providers could learn from their fantastically helpful customer service skills. Thanks guys, you really rock!!!
Reviews: 1
I really love this extension. It gives me exactly what I need to built my website. When support was needed they responded very quickly and helped me all the way to the solution. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I love this extension... I use it everywhere on my website, you can use it for everything... I had a question and the support helped me within 30 minutes, several times now!
Reviews: 1
I used Art Sexy Lightbox to create an image gallery with various categories. The ease of use of this extension is amazing, and there is no shortage of features. The possibilities are almost endless. For me, adding new pictures is as simple as uploading the image to a folder.

The real standout when buying this extension or other extensions by Artetics is the support you receive. I had only a minor request for a feature and it was completed within a day, no questions asked. From viewing their forum it seems this is standard practice, and you can guarantee that you won't be left stranded like with other extensions I have used.

I highly recommend Art Sexy Lightbox to all looking for a lightbox implementation for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
This product is an excellent tool for displaying photos. It creates thumbnails and you can pull from your own folders or Flickr and a host of others with ease. Along with a great product you also get excellent customer support - a winning combination.
Reviews: 1
I have being using Joomla for about 2 years now but still class myself very much as an amateur, so I was very impressed and grateful for the brilliant support I received from these guys. Immediate replies and they were very patient with me ! Am delighted with it, especially as it also comes with a Spanish option (my site is in Spanish). It works exactly as I need it to. Highly recommended product and support. Many thanks ! Jayne B.
Reviews: 1
I was having some issues in trying to get this working with percentages and these guys recoded their work within two days of me asking and sent me the code. These guys are just awesome. I definitely recommend this extension and any extensions from these guys!
Reviews: 14
Very nice plugin, and received excellent support within minutes after submitting some questions on their forum.
Reviews: 1
I had problems installing the plugin and I can say that the attention and speed of technical support is excellent. Fixed and running.

Very good plugin. Fecilitaciones team
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