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MP3 Browser Plugin

This plugin will create a table containing all of the MP3's that are present in any directory you specify.

Works in Joomla versions: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5

Use the tags {music}path/to/directory{/music} in any content Item and the Plugin will replace it with a table containing all of the MP3's in that directory.

The Plugin displays the ID3 tag information for title, album name, track length and size. It produces a link to download the mp3 and an embedded mp3 player to play each mp3.

Great for displaying albums/podcasts the tags can be used multiple times on a page without a problem.

The table is configurable in the Plugin's parameters, allowing the download buttons and table row colors to be changed. The width of the table can be set or left blank for 100%.

Special thanks to the creators of the Dewplayer, for such an excellent mp3 player.

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Reviews: 10
I love it when an extension just works and this one does without any issues. Could not get it to work with YooTheme Zoo items and notified the dev. Hopefully they can get this working but otherwise it is one of my new super tools for Joomla!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for several years on my church site. The sermon is recorded and FTP transferred to Joomla and BOOM!!! It's posted in the proper order and without any hassle at all. I highly recommend it for it's ease of use.
Reviews: 4
I'm using this plugin to provide sample recordings on the Homepage of the String Trio that I manage. It simply works, is easy to handle, and the GUI is just right.

I cannot reproduce the problems some other reviewers experiences.
Reviews: 5
Works as mention. Didn't have to modify anything to get it working. Would love to see a plug-in for joomla 3.0.!!! Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 4
This plugin could be so great but as the other commented when you click download another window is open and you have to right click and "save as..", in IE and Firefox doesnt show the play button, in safari and chrome doesnt play at all...
Reviews: 18
If this plugin works 100% of the time I would give it 5 stars. Unfortunately out of 5 sites that I used it, on 2 sites it simply crashed. One site. displays TAGS but no links to audio files. Suppoer for this plugin is poor. I have sent 2 messages to the developers but gaven't got a response at all. The problem is that I cannot even remove the plugin as it doesn't show up on the list. I suspect I can remove some php files and make some manual changes in the database, then reinstall it, but can't get contact from developers to find out exactly what the manual procedure should do.
Reviews: 4
This is a lovely extension that suffers, as others have noted, from difficulties with downloading the mp3 files (clicking opens another window, whereupon the user has to right-click to download the file). Another reviewer has suggested a fix (adding code to the vhost directory). Linux hosting users can get the same benefit by inserting the following code by creating a file named .htaccess
ForceType application/octet-stream
Header set Content-Disposition attachment

Then upload the .htaccess file into your directory that contains the audio files. This will force files in that directory to download when the MP3Browser download icon is clicked.
Reviews: 1
easy to install n configure

but maybe you should consider adding support for asian character like chinese/japanese etc...
Reviews: 1
I am using the Joomla 1.6 version.

Easy to install, easy to set up on your page.

However, Joomla 1.6 version needs improvement. Google Chrome users will see the full mp3 browser layout but pressing the "Play" button will not start the music. Pressing the "Download" button will open a new page where the music starts to play. In order to download it, you have to right mouse click and select "Save As".
On Internet Explorer 9 (64 bit), the "Play" section/buttons do not appear. "Download" button will start the media on Windows Media Player or your default media player.
Reviews: 2
Took me a few minutes to install. Worked instantly. Just great to display a bunch of mp3 in content !
thanks for your work !
Reviews: 4
This plugin is excellent and perfectly suits my needs. I just want to know how can i paginate the mp3 songs that are inside a folder. Suppose there are 50 songs in my mp3 folder and i need to show 10 in a page. How can i configure it or achieve it ?
Reviews: 15
This does exactly what I want it to do. It's easy to install - just a simple plug-in. You create your article, put in the directory using the coding and you're done. I've used in several articles on several pages of my site. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to put tracks on their site without using 3rd party codes. *Must have access to your server in order to upload the tracks.
Reviews: 3
I'm a volunteer with no web publishing experience other than the last 3 months. This was perfect for me, I'm working on a music site for our school and the teacher needed to be able to post mp3's for the students to listen to either as examples or to review their own performance. No problems installing or implementing. With a simplefileloader module he can post the mp3's. Now I just have to figure out how to fix my filesize limitations. Thank you for this module.
Reviews: 4
Many thanks to the developer of this very useful plugin, I have a site dedicated to the history of my country (EL Salvador) and this plug in allowed me to put online some audio files available for the public, this was very simple and I tried several other options available out there but although they worked fine it took me too much time to put a bunch of audio files together but this plug in does in just a few clicks.

I found a bug in the 1.6 version and the developer replied to my email very quickly with a solution.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is very easy to install and use: you just put a code line in your article and you get a nice table with your mp3's, including use of ID3 tags for display.

I missed two things though: no volume control, which I solved by using the flash player used in the WordPress Audio Player package, with an update to the mp3browser.php file.

And the download button should present a dialog to the user (which is mentioned a few times here). That was solved by writing a download php script, that will allow download only from a directory with a .download_ok file in it, preventing offering your entire site for download :-)

Review policy don't allow me to post links or code, but if you drop me a mail at jan.stap at, I send you the update.
Reviews: 13
The MP3 browser is excellent in overall :-)

The download link opens the files in a new window, which is not good. There is no option to choose the download files to open in this or a new window, so I hacked the MP3 browser a bit so it did not open in a new window.

If you insert this into your vhost file then you can force the downloading of the mp3 files in all browser types. This makes MP3 browser even better :-)

# forces mp3 files to download

ForceType application/octet-stream
Header set Content-Disposition attachment
Reviews: 3
Awesome, Easy, browser for MP3s. I love it!

If you need to show more mp3s in a directory than the default setting, just set it at some outrageous number. I set mine to 200 and it showed the entire list of my mp3s.

Reviews: 1
It is very poor when u have a big number of audios file
Reviews: 2
- Simple to install
- Simple to configure
- Simple to extend
Simply awesome!
Reviews: 6
Thanks for creating this awesome extension! I'm using it to showcase regional artists. It works perfectly and the design looks great. I had an issue displaying MP3 files that have inaccurate titles, but that is easily solved with free program mp3tag universal tag editor.
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