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JoomLine mp3 player Module

The functional player for the joomla. It allows you to play music in MP3 formats.

The features of the player: skin, support utf-8, reading ID3v2 and ID3v1 tags, native support for html5 (playing without flash).



[*] Porting to Joomla 2.5.
[*] Actualization of language variables.
[+] Russification of the administrative part.

Update to version 1.4.2

[*] Fixed incorrect reading of tags in some cases.

Update to version 1.4.1

[*] Some fixes for IE. Thanks to Roger.

Update to version 1.4

[+] Added random playback.
[+] Player settings are stored in cookies.
[*] Fixed layout for IE.

Update to version 1.3.5

[+] The new system of skins for the player.
[+] New skin
Bug fix in the module.

Update to version 1.3.2

Bug fix in the module.

Update to version 1.3.1

[*] Fixed encoding. Now the ID3 tags in Chinese (utf-8) are read correctly.
[+] Added ID3v1 tag support.
[-] By popular demand - if the artist (singer) was not found in the tags is not written in the title Unknown artist.

Update to version 1.2.9

Added possibility to change the style of the player from a website template by adding a module class suffix.

Update to version 1.2.8

Correction of errors found in the module.

Update to version 1.2.5

In the module added Russian and English language file.

Update to version 1.2

New Player Features: Easy mode

+ Two skins were added: red and green.

Please send us your skin for the player.

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Reviews: 1
Very Simple to use, and works like a charm. Thank man, you are a life saver.
Reviews: 1
i really liked this module.. it gave me a good solution to display my playlist on my website. I tried other free extensions over here but none worked like this. good work guys!
Reviews: 2
Nice performance for a mp3 player. Simple and works fine. Congratulations for developers.
Reviews: 5
Finally found a great player for Joomla that's free.
Reviews: 3
Well done! I got it working in a few minutes. I had to make one adjustment and hard code my subdirectory of choice into the standalone.php file. FINALLY a free NON-FLASH music player! Thank you!
Reviews: 9
I purchased the Joomline Version 2.2.3 for Joomla V1.5 - which worked perfectly. Once we upgraded our web site to Joomla V1.7, I sent a note to the developers asking if it would work for Joomla V1.7.

To their credit they emailed me a new version that they said would work with Joomla V1.7. This is partly correct - since it works if you use Popup = NO. If you use Popup = YES it just refuses to work.

I send an email and they asked for the URL which was duely provided. No word after that. 3 Emails later - still no word.

Real sad - since this was the only extension that I could find that streams multiple radio stations to a web site. Too bad for the non-responce. Look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

Hello, Jodi!
We did not refuse to help you. The last letter to you on January 30, we now find in your spam. Nor any 3 letter did not follow. Now you have the link for this player is not necessary and we can not see the problem.
We also find that you have accessed in November and we sent out to you the player. And then no public complaints were not.
Thank you for your attention.

Reviews: 9
The module does not run on windows! We tried it with all Browsers on Windows - no sound, no function. :(

Actually that module seems to run only on Apples OSX. It works fine on my iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook.

There is no support but a sleeping forum on facebook (last entry 3 months ago).
Reviews: 4
The player only shows as a popup window with no styling options. Needs to have more options for styling, display...
Reviews: 13
It looks good, but there is no option to download the mp3-files as fx MP3 Browser has. Can this be done in a future version?
Reviews: 13
This extension is very easy to use, simple to set up and easily customizable.

My only complaint is this: I have four albums in my band's discography and a player set up for each one on a different page, but when you click "NEW WINDOW" it always opens up album #4 regardless of which album page you are on.
Reviews: 1
I must say that I have spent the past 4 days and nites looking for the perfect module player...after installing and uninstalling about 5 different ones..I came across Joomline! I am not a Joomla guy as I am just learning...and I must applaud Vadim and his team for a wonderful module..but even more their A CLASS 5 STAR SUPPORT! These people spent the past 2 days helping me get it right! They even went waaaaaaaay out of their way to help me do somethings that was not even in the description of the module! THIS MODULE IS THE ABOSULTE BEST HANDS DOWN! easy to configure...(now I know what I'm doing) and has EVERY FEATURE you could ask for! I cant say enought about their support and help...I will definately support them with anything they come out with! Hats off to a great developer and module! with EXCELLENT SUPPORT! THIS PLAYER HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED & MORE!
Reviews: 114
I have five words I want to say to you! AWESOME, FANTASTIC & I LOVE IT! Works like a charm and have added it already to three of my websites. WOW!!

Thank You!!! :-)
Reviews: 1
Easy to setup and friendly to shape my site.

Just one thing, when adding a copy with differente mp3 folder, the older copy plays the files of the new one, I check and see the setup and it look as the beginning, may be something I am doing wrong.

But Great any way!!!
Owner's reply

Thank's for your report.
We will fix this bug in next release.

Reviews: 12
Works great, easy installing and easy css customization.

Great work and a must for a Joomla! Playlist!
Reviews: 36
no problem in setting, working in 1 minute; congratulations to developer!
note that you must create a public_html/music directory and put your songs into it
Reviews: 2
First of all, the staff is really professional. They reply very fast to every demands.
They helped me out to use their module and make it work even by using my japanese songs.
Moreover the module looks just great on my website.

Thank you very much !
спасибо ;D
Reviews: 1
I can't check this because I am running Linux but supposedly Safari doesn't work with the extension - as in, it can play the first song but then will not change to another.
Reviews: 7
This is an excellent mp3 player. I was most surprised to see that it does not use Flash at all. This is great of course since it will work on more devices and is so much easier to skin - just use CSS!
Reviews: 1
Really easy to use!
The most customizeable joomla module I have ever used.
This is the only music player I will ever use.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
We are constantly striving to add new features as well as correct any bugs

Reviews: 4
Love it, easy to use works fine but I have a few tracks in Chinese it just doesn't read the Chinese chatraters hopefully it can be fix on the next version... (^_^)
Owner's reply

Now it's work :) see demo site :)

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