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SJ HTML5 Audio Player Module

HTML5 based audio player that support, mp3 and ogg file formats. In the playlist can be added up to 60items with song name, cover, artist name, album and duration options for each of them. Various color options are also available in order to fit any design. Now you can use the player for background playlist to play when some acces the page
-Audio player color
-Autoplay options
-Title font wheight
-Title color
-Track playing color
-Artist color
-Color of your tracklist
-Controls color bar color

-twenty songs support
-adjustable width
-enable/disable jQuery
-some bugs repaired

-adjust playlist songs to be shown
-font size title in playlist
-minor bugs repaired


60 songs option
Buy link song
Price for each song
Songs currency's
Enable disable buy link
Background photo
Autoplay options
Show/hide tracklist
Title font wheight
Title color
Enable/disable title
Enable/disable mute button
Enable/disable volume bar
Enable/disable timmer
Enable/disable timmer
Enable/disable artist
Width of the top of the player
Controls bar width
Progress songs width
Margin left for control bar
Margin top for control bar
Margin top for playlist
Enable/disable jQuery
Disable price
Font-size buy text
Option to change the buy ex: Download


Code improvments

Show Less funtion added
Code improvments

Added responsive template support

Some eroors repaired in javascript
New back-end interface
Title playlist color
Option to only show a little small bar.

This version will allow users to use links to the songs instead from selecting theme from an static folder

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for an easy to use, flexible, attractive audio player that didn't rely on Flash. SJ-HTML Audio Player fits the bill!

Plus, support was Herculean! I had an issue with my server's configuration and they went in and altered their code to work around it. Outstanding!

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I am VERY please with this extension. I had a couple of bumps in the road due to my lack of experience and some template constraints. I wrote the developers and they responded immediately. They told me how to fix one problem and then fixed the other for me. I was up and running VERY quickly. I highly recommend this extension. I chose to put this module within an article and it works beautifully.
Reviews: 6
HTML5 Audio Player that is well thought out and works great. I made a suggestion for improvement and it was implemented quickly so I'm very impressed. I had a look through loads of Audio Players and this was the best one I found plus the support is great. You should get it for your site too ;) :)
Reviews: 1
I searched high and low for a non-flash based music player for my website. I finally found SJ HTML5 Audio Player and it met all of my requirements...except one. I contacted the developers and literally within minutes they provided me with a version that included that one crucial feature. I now have the perfect music solution for my site. I highly recommend SuperJoom's products and the team behind them!
Reviews: 1
After buying this player, I have been more than satisfied, fulfilled all my needs, fast charging, without flash and, most importantly, 100% configurable, has impressed me the amount of options you have for adapt, and even is more, I had some problems and I contacted the technical assistance ... I can not say more than stunning, they answered many times faster and they adjusted the code for the player to accommodate all my whims (and without charge.)
Honestly, I recommend it for any use, in addition to a great price, has the best quality and the best support.

without a doubt, the best player.
Reviews: 12
I got this module to move all the audio players on my musicians' sites to html5 to ensure greater cross platform compatibility. And it works great!

As to tech support, when I encountered a js conflict with a tabs module, they immediately resolved the issue.

SuperJoom is a quality developer and I look forward to moving my video players to their html5 video player.

I hope they have plans to expand these great little modules into full components
Reviews: 1
We had an urgent need to replace a Flash-based player and the first extension we bought didn't work right off the bat. We didn't have time to troubleshoot the problems with that extension, but luckily we found the SJ HTML5 Audio Player and it was a lifesaver! It installed and worked right away (for the record, it cost $15 less than the one that didn't work!). We had a few questions so we contacted SuperJoom support on three separate occasions. They were responsive and polite and they even made some tweaks to the player after we gave them Joomla admin access. A great experience all-around! Highly recommended!!
Reviews: 1
There are flash players that are easier or more flexible to use. But the use of flash is limited, and with this module, your music or sound is available to anyone, anywhere. From time to time, I have clients that use an iPad or similar device without flash-capabilities from time to time.

The support of the Superjoom Team is outstanding. Any question I had was answered and they offered great help with the redesign of the module to suit my needs.

Reviews: 3
I've built around 10 Joomla sites and have worked with HTML and CSS (not js or php in any depth though) for about 10 years, and I've just been asked to build a couple of music/audio sites in Joomla.

It's remarkable to me how few decent html5 audio extensions there are available. I've tried a few audio players, but with Flash appearing to be in its twilight years (as far as mobiles etc are concerned) none of them really did the job I wanted on all devices.

Enter the SJ HTML5 Audio Player. See, not only is this a great player, beautifully styled as default (and style-able), it's also simple to implement and use. However, if you're an awkward beggar like me, the superjoom team will help. Did I say 'help'? Waaaay above and beyond the call of duty. The team worked for the better part of a day trying to accommodate a request I made, respectfully and with no complaint throughout.

From what I gather, whatever limitations the player might have right now will be addressed in future upgrades, so they're clearly not a static bunch of developers either. The instructions are fairly non-existent, but then again, you don't need much instruction to use it from scratch.

I'm very wary of putting even a small amount of money down for paid extensions. The SJ HTML5 Audio Player was worth many times more than I paid for it and I only wish I could give it and them 10 stars.

Superb after-sales service for a product that's pretty near perfect to begin with.
Reviews: 2
Wowww, this is great!!!

I had been looking for an Audio Player to use in:

- Safari/ Firefox
-iPhone/iPad and Android systems

Finally I found what I was looking for: SuperJoom SJ Html5 Audio Player!!!

The Configuration is very easy!!! In 10min I was trying out the Audio Player in my site and ... it was working GREAT!!!

I had a couple doubts with the .ogg and increasing the number of songs in the Playlist... And SuperJoom replied me sooooo quickly and solving all my questions and what is most AMAZING, they told me they will send me a File with my requests!!

If U want to enjoy great attention with a grat product, is the place for U, u wont regret it!!

Thanks a lot!!!

Reviews: 1
I have a built a very basic site for a local music group, and they wanted people to be able to play their music on site. Simple enough. But the flash players that dominate this section are, to a tee, clunky and unreliable, constantly failing whenever browsers upgrade. This one not only works on regular computers and mobile devices, but was incredibly easy for a non-power user like myself to set up and get working. Well worth the very reasonable price.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this product and the support given by Superjoom. Love the colours and is easy to use. It literally does what says on the box and it's a very good bargain, worth the money!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a neat little player, and with more demand for MP3 players that work without flash this works a treat. I had some problems with the set up (the installation guide isn't great) but within a few minutes of my email Superjoom were making changes for me in the backend and now it works like a treat.
***This is not a free download*** so it's essential to know that someone is there to answer any problems and not just take your money. Yeah, good stuff guys!