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onisMusic ComponentModulePlugin

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onisMusic is a Joomla! component that allows your site users to:

upload songs
create albums
create artists
create playlists
add song to specific genre
add lyrics
like/dislike songs, playlists, albums and artists
favorite songs, playlists, albums and artists
comment songs, playlists, albums and artists
share songs, playlists, albums and artists
set the privacy of the song, playlist, album or artist
subscribe to each other if you use onisMusic or onisProfiles for user profile, also it is integrated with JomSocial
view statistics for song, playlist, album or artist
download songs

There are also a lot of options in the backend, you can enable/disable:
Also, you can set how many songs, playlists, albums or artists to view per page and the order of these.

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Reviews: 1
I am surprised that onisMusic is not yet known here. The extension has a very excellent design, an amazingly clean and functional code and works without error.

Installation is simple, the construction of ONIS is absolutely logical. The layout has been beautifully landscaped and the price is very fair.

I would even go so far as to say that the best music extension for Joomla is ONIS. Support was unnecessary, since I did not have the slightest problem.

I can recommend Onis to anyone. Take a look at the demo and you will be amazed. ONIS is fresh, stylish and extremely functional.

Thank you for this successful software!
Reviews: 3
As per anything I have downloaded when it comes to Joomla components, I have been waiting for a component like this one. This component was compatible with Community builder which is something most developers forget to cater to.

I was able to install easily, and I didn't have any issues getting it to work with my site. I'm not sure how support is because I haven't had to use it yet. But I like that there is a website where I can throw my question on. Well developed component!