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Rapid1Pixelout Plugin

Simple, elegant and highly customizable MP3 player plugin. Supports HTML5 fallback to native audio player on smartphones/tablets. Play both local and remote audio tracks, embed multiple tracks as a playlist. Download functionality and social bookmarks buttons.

- Automatic integration with Kunena forum component
- Works with phpBB forum (if it's wrapped and integrated with bridge inside joomla!)
- Translation for different languages (en/it/fr/de/es/nl/no/pl/pt/ru/se/jp)
- Supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
- Optional Download functionality
- Fully customizable download link and/or dropdown menu
- XHTML standard compliant
- Fully customizable colors with easy colour picker in plugin backend.
- Play multiple audio tracks with next/prev buttons
- Resizable player width
- It works on iPad/iPhone/iPod and modern Android smartphones with HTML5 fallback to native audio player
- Automatic fallback to plain audio tracks anchors on older mobile devices
- Integrated social bookmarks buttons to share audio tracks links/pages over the most popular social networks
- Tested compatibility with: FLEXIContent, Virtuemart, jSeblod CCK
- Possibility to show remaining time (instead of elapsed time)
- Custom Artist and/or Title information displayed for every song overriding mp3 metadata (ID3)
- Can play mp3 file from an external url
- Can play mpeg-based streaming sources
- Can use wildcard to match and play all mp3 files within a folder
- It works with any Joomla version >= 1.6

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Reviews: 7
The plugin is very easy to configure. Everything is very well explained in the plugins description and also on the developers website. Avery easy to understan extension and very powerful! Thanks to the developer team, great work!
Reviews: 2
Our company provides websites for all types of business and we run the website for one of the largest English Language radio stations in Spain and our main requirement was to have a plugin that worked well on PC/Mac but also with HTML5 fallback for Android/iPhone and iPad. We reviewed several components and found this plugin to be the best, both in terms of functionality and support. Before purchase, I e-mailed the developers of the various plugins on offer to see if I received a timely response. These guys got back to me right away in any case were the only ones to reply at all.

The plugin delivers exactly what it claims and is extremely easy to use. We had a couple of questions and each time they were dealt with quickly and politely. If you run a professional website and need an audio plugin that just works and looks elegant, then look no further. It's very competitively priced and includes full support and upgrades for a year. The plugin continues to work even once this support period has expired.

A good example of people who know what they are doing. Thank you very much for your help.
Reviews: 16
Finally, a player with a very low cost for iPhone. Support fast and very friendly, it is perfect!
Reviews: 5
When you create sites for musicians, having music which will only play on certain platforms is a disaster. Of the numerous players I have tried, this was the only one able to deliver across all platforms I tested with only one file-set. Simple and elegant.
Reviews: 3
I had an issue with a javascript conflict and they promptly assisted me in fixing the issue and applied a fix for the future releases of the plugin. Was very satisfied with how easy it installs and works as it is described. The outgoing support is what I appreciate the most though, as I know it is practically impossible to create an extension that flawlessly works with all templates and extensions.
Reviews: 1
When I realized there were a lot of compatibility issues with different browsers, device types and plugins, I decided to use this plugin. It is Flash-based but falls back to HTML5 if there is no Flash support (phones), and back even further if there is no HTML5. I decided to try 6 sound track samples in my article, and was completely surprised when the players not only all worked but if you click on a player, any other that is already playing will gracefully stop. By adjusting the width down a bit, I was able to insert text beside the player, to indicate what the selection was. Bonus.
Reviews: 33
I've always like this player and was disappointed when support ceased on the original. However, this updated version has added many improvements without losing the original versatile simplicity that makes this plugin special. It works in almost any configuration of Joomla (including tables) but one of the very best features is where multiple instances occur in a page. Clicking the play button on any one will fade down the one currently playing before starting the next. This is invaluable and is what sets this player apart from many other. The best simply got better and works for any version of Joomla.
Reviews: 2
I tried many different and this was the best!
I recommend this to all players. Thank you for this miracle!
Regards, Dmitry
Reviews: 2
I love this plugin - it is easy to use and works flawlessly...the funny thing is that I have paid for this plugin at least 4 times!! It started out free; then it was $5; now it is a yearly subscription!! lol, I gladly paid the doe each time!!
Owner's reply

Rapid1Pixelout has changed a lot during years, at first it got compatibility with new Joomla platform, then improved compatibility with other extensions and then Downloads, Social Bookmarks, and now HTML5 fallback too.
The subscription price includes any updates all along an year and support too which is not bad moreover we have had a special promotion until the end of July and for sure we'll have others in the future.
Thank you for being loyal to this extension.

Reviews: 1
One of the best and most intuitive audio players I've ever used.
Reviews: 2
This extension is as easy as rich of features and support is great. Excellent work!
Reviews: 1
Great player and super support. Easy to use and configure. Thanks again! D
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best audio player plugins but since I was thinking to use it for accessibility website (donated for the plugin already), I can't use it since it does not support screen reader (JAWS), what a shame!

I think all developer should think of accessibility when developing a plugin, module or component. Wouldn't you like everyone to listen to your music including people with disability?

This plugin could be improved by adding tooltips or title tag when mouse hover the "play" or "stop", something as simple as that can help the accessibility community. Accessibility is the part which we tend to ignore or not aware but we should, hence I give this plugin an average rating.

I also think this is BIG missing gap in the audio player market in Joomla.
Reviews: 5
many thanks for your great work!
Reviews: 1
I don't like paying for things, but I tried numerous free extns, and the ones that worked ok, looked poor.
However, this extn , at just $5, is exactly what I am looking for. Does the job simply, neat , tidy, looks good.
If something prompts me to pay for it, then it's got to be good!
Reviews: 2
Great extension, I got it to work with Virtuemart product descriptions by enabling content plugins in Virtuemart options. Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 5
Good looking audio player and the developer was responding my email the next day after I had a Problem. (that was caused by another component)
Reviews: 1
Excellent support from the developer. Quick reply to questions. The player itself works like a charm. A+++
Reviews: 3
The programmer is great with support... he help me to fix some problems with my site and make the plugin work smoothly... is very good person and always helpfully person... i suggest to everyone that plugin is very good!

i Suggest it !
5starts from me!

thank you
Reviews: 1
For updating my website from joomla 1.0 to 1.5 I also had to update the 1pixelout-audioplayer. I encountered a problem and although they do not offer official support I was being helped pretty quick. Thanks a lot again!
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