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Rapid1Pixelout Plugin

Simple, elegant and highly customizable MP3 player plugin. Supports HTML5 fallback to native audio player on smartphones/tablets. Play both local and remote audio tracks, embed multiple tracks as a playlist. Download functionality and social bookmarks buttons.

- Automatic integration with Kunena forum component
- Works with phpBB forum (if it's wrapped and integrated with bridge inside joomla!)
- Translation for different languages (en/it/fr/de/es/nl/no/pl/pt/ru/se/jp)
- Supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
- Optional Download functionality
- Fully customizable download link and/or dropdown menu
- XHTML standard compliant
- Fully customizable colors with easy colour picker in plugin backend.
- Play multiple audio tracks with next/prev buttons
- Resizable player width
- It works on iPad/iPhone/iPod and modern Android smartphones with HTML5 fallback to native audio player
- Automatic fallback to plain audio tracks anchors on older mobile devices
- Integrated social bookmarks buttons to share audio tracks links/pages over the most popular social networks
- Tested compatibility with: FLEXIContent, Virtuemart, jSeblod CCK
- Possibility to show remaining time (instead of elapsed time)
- Custom Artist and/or Title information displayed for every song overriding mp3 metadata (ID3)
- Can play mp3 file from an external url
- Can play mpeg-based streaming sources
- Can use wildcard to match and play all mp3 files within a folder
- It works with any Joomla version >= 1.6

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Reviews: 2
I've seen this on several sites. I love its simplicity. Now that I have one (well worth the donation) I am pleased with how easy it is to use.

Great job.
Reviews: 1
I have used this plugin since Joomla 1.0 and it has always been reliable and easy to use. Great job!
Reviews: 4
Awesome MP3 Player! Works Great and I highly recommend it.

Great Job Marco...
Reviews: 19
A small cost goes a long way. I gave up on free .mp3 plugins, finally chose this one. It is awesome. Plus he offers instructional videos for installing and customization.

Reviews: 2
Just the best player i have found for joomla 1.6!

Great Job!

Reviews: 2
Just what I was looking for! I'm new to Joomla and this couldn't be easier to install and get working on your site. Accidentally paid for it twice and support gave me a prompt refund for the duplicate purchase! Very happy with it.
Reviews: 1
simple & easy to use & install. Excellent for hosting free music downloads & music previews.
You don't have to scratch your head about installing any libraries or configuring any codes for compatibility with articles in joomla & products in virtuemart.
rated awesome!!
Reviews: 2
I needed to create numerous different space on my website, each for a different musician. I didn't want to be constrained with a module that forced me to put all the music inside a box of their design. So I needed a plugin that used tags to give me freedom. I am also relatively new to Joomla so I needed something really simple. Well, I could not have asked for more than this plugin. Quick. Could not be easier. Works perfectly. And very aesthetically pleasing. What a pleasure!
Reviews: 1
I think this is the bargain of the century. Not only does it work well but they get back to you if you have any issues. This is a great plugin and it is a testimonial to open source programming!
Reviews: 7
Long time ago I was looking for a simple mp3 player to use in my blog. 1pixelout encarnation of this well know design player is perfect. It's minimalist in its design, easy to costum, and for such an smal package (and very unexpensive: $3.00) with several features that only can be found in more known brands. I use 1pixelout in my blog to enrich with sound my articles, and it does that job very well. I am not a professional, my knowledge building a site is intuitive more than anything else. For that reason, quality, easyness and affordablity are quality well appreciated by me. I had a small problem to costum the player and e-mailed to its developer. I got a fast, easy to understand, and well presented response that helped me to solve my issue quickly. However, I went to see the tutorial videos at first and found that their quality is very poor. Please, improve that area of support to your costumers. Congratulations for your excelent product and support! I personally recommend this plug in!
Reviews: 1
I have help for everybody, that use "1pixelout player 1.5.2". If every title of MP3 is "Track #1"

1. Download "Advanced ID3 Tag Editor" - fill Artist and Title, then upload MP3 via FTP
2. Define path to MP3 without "www"


{audio}{/audio} - wrong
{audio}{/audio} - correct
Reviews: 1
I have used this plugin for a few years, it has always been great. I just donated because it was worth it.

A quick question though... You had a 1Pixel Out plugin for JCE for Joomla 1.0 version. Will you ever be updating it, or have I missed that somewhere?
Owner's reply

You'll need to contact JCE developer as they were the ones that developed the button (for TinyMCE).

I have contacted JCE months ago to let them know about 1pixelout player 2.0 but it's up to JCE to decided whether it'll be worth upgrading their JCE plugin to support our new plugin.


Reviews: 3
I decided to write some review comment after testing some of the audio plug-in...

This handy plug-in is what you need to play the mp3 file on your website with good looking, easy to configure behavior! US$3 is worth to pay for such wonderful plug-in~

Heard that the later version would allow the visitors to download the mp3 file, what are you waiting for if you need a plug-in to play mp3 files?
Owner's reply

Thank you for donating.

That is correct, due to popular requests we listened and Marco kindly decided take the lead and developed an option to allow site visitors to download mp3 files if desired. We are just testing this feature just now. Hopefully will the new version out next week.

Reviews: 10
The new version is a couple of bucks but it's worth it, I don't mind supporting the developer because this extension is priceless and essential. You can still download the older version for free, though and it works great. Just a wonderful plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind comments.

I would just like to add. You only need to donate once and the future updates are free for the same version. So be sure to check back from time to time for any new updates.

Reviews: 3
Simple to use and very efficient plugin. Exactly what we need and also with good support. Thanks so much.
Reviews: 11
I've purchased the plug for using it on kunena and joomla content and aslo for virtuemart descriptions.
Now with the excellent support of the developer that create a kunena 1.6 hack to auto-include the player is very powerful for audio communities using kunena as forum.
In virtuemart you can use the plug simply adding the tags and same thing in the content.
Sure, this is the definitive Joomla mp3 player!
Reviews: 9
I like volume slider control! Nothing seems the same like this extension! Documentation is also great and easy to follow.. This is my review, it's worth 5 stars! Thank's!
Reviews: 4
I tried other players and this is by far the easiest. Installation was fast and so as the usage. Thank you for this plugin, more power!
Reviews: 8
All Ok, easy!, Excelent work!
Reviews: 2
Another simple player, but it has something that I like a lot. You can change the player colors to match your webdesign.... it cab be also set in articles, which I think is great!!! Thank you fot this plugin, it also has a file you replace to use it with a volume control! :)
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