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Rapid1Pixelout Plugin

Simple, elegant and highly customizable MP3 player plugin. Supports HTML5 fallback to native audio player on smartphones/tablets. Play both local and remote audio tracks, embed multiple tracks as a playlist. Download functionality and social bookmarks buttons.

- Automatic integration with Kunena forum component
- Works with phpBB forum (if it's wrapped and integrated with bridge inside joomla!)
- Translation for different languages (en/it/fr/de/es/nl/no/pl/pt/ru/se/jp)
- Supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
- Optional Download functionality
- Fully customizable download link and/or dropdown menu
- XHTML standard compliant
- Fully customizable colors with easy colour picker in plugin backend.
- Play multiple audio tracks with next/prev buttons
- Resizable player width
- It works on iPad/iPhone/iPod and modern Android smartphones with HTML5 fallback to native audio player
- Automatic fallback to plain audio tracks anchors on older mobile devices
- Integrated social bookmarks buttons to share audio tracks links/pages over the most popular social networks
- Tested compatibility with: FLEXIContent, Virtuemart, jSeblod CCK
- Possibility to show remaining time (instead of elapsed time)
- Custom Artist and/or Title information displayed for every song overriding mp3 metadata (ID3)
- Can play mp3 file from an external url
- Can play mpeg-based streaming sources
- Can use wildcard to match and play all mp3 files within a folder
- It works with any Joomla version >= 1.6

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Reviews: 4
This is exactly what I was looking for, I tried a few solutions and none of them came with as many styling options and looked so clean.
Reviews: 3
Enabling this plugin causes

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object ... in line 36

To fix this problem, you will have to modify your php.ini to disable the warning notice.

Also noticed the auto start option is no longer at the config as it did for Joomla 1.0.x version, instead you define in the content: {audio autostart}. Very nice...
Reviews: 3
Too bad the developer stopped, and moved on to drupal. The download page has a update how to fix the volume, with some side effects.
Reviews: 2
I needed something that was quick and easy to install, simple to use and … with me being Scottish … it had to be free!
I tried 4 or 5 others but found this was simply the best!
This little beauty has turned my website into a great showcase for my work. Thanks for sharing.
Reviews: 2
I recall the volume adjustment (and mute/unmute) worked on the prior version, but now it doesn't seem to, I contacted the creator, hopefully will get it worked out.
Owner's reply

Volume control is now included in version 2:

Sorry for the long delay but having to work more than finding free time to work on this plugin.

Reviews: 1

volume is not working...... can't lower or increase, doesn't even appear to lower/higher it
Reviews: 2
This plugin is easy to install and load into content, but the last update was a while ago and there seems to be inconsistencies with the documentation for the plugin.
Reviews: 5
This plugin works great! It can be used in conjunction with the Podcast Suite, which just saved me a LOT of headaches and time. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
This is a great plugin and works like a charm in a module position. Was wondering though if there is a way to keep the player expanded instead of having to click the arrow to expand. Still great if we're not able to do that.
Reviews: 1
Really great player!
Any way I don't know how can I change title of MP3. Every MP3 is titled Track #1...
Reviews: 3
This was working great until Adobe 10 came out. Now for some reason, users with Adobe 10 are hearing really bad/garbled audio on this one site I am running on

Tried contacting the developer three times.. no response. Looking for another solution.

Rating it "average" as far as Joomla extensions go.. great on price, flaky in consistency, bad on support.
Reviews: 4
Regarding Rostislav Palivoda's post about enabling this plugin within a module...the code is perfect as I tried it and I got the plugin to work within a module. However, the code should be placed in index.php and NOT index.html, as he mistakenly stated. :)
Thanks for the tip, Rostislav. This plugin works great!!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this little beuty.... Excellent without doubt. I didn't want something complicated on one of my sites, and this just fitted into what is required...
AND - it's W3C Valid both CSS level 2.1 & XHTML 1.0...
Now that's what I call cool.....
Once again thank you!!
Reviews: 1
place this code in to the Joomla 1.5 index.html at line 53:

$tmp_row->text = JResponse::getBody();
$tmp_params = new JParameter(null);
$mainframe->triggerEvent('onMap', array( &$tmp_row, &$tmp_params ), true );
$mainframe->triggerEvent('onPrepareContent', array( &$tmp_row, &$tmp_params ), true );

exactly after the:

// trigger the onAfterRender events
JDEBUG ? $_PROFILER->mark('afterRender') : null;
Owner's reply

This does not work in Joomla latest version, please do not hack Joomla core and use a module instead, like:


Reviews: 1
I'm quite new to Joomla. On the site I'm building I want to to play some audio snippets and looked around for a neat little mp3 player. With 1 PixelOut it was up & running in no time and with no hazzle at all. I love the fade-in and fade-out at the start/stop of a play-back. Hopefully you'll get that volume control back in again soon ;)

This product complies demonstratively well with Mr Einstein's advice: "Do it as simple as possible, but not simpler".
Reviews: 2
I use wordpress and was delighted to see this on joomla. It has everything you want and you want to customise in a simple manner. It has everything except volume control.
Reviews: 1
I had been trying to make an earlier version of a 1 Pixelout player to work on my site and had given up. I came accross this new version and was so excited. I downloaded it and had my music playing in minutes.
Please continue to do this great work on Mods and Plug-ins. We all appreciate it tremendously.
Brimstone Radio
Reviews: 2
This extension is exactly what I needed, but a few problems I've noticed:
1) The span class used to surround the player in 1pixeloutplayer.php is "1pixelout." However, a css class cannot start with a number. For those of us who want to style that span (for instance display: block; border: #XXXXXX; etc;), the class must start with a letter, not a number.
2) There is no way to style the volume control color.
3) There is no way to change the color of the slider.
Reviews: 2
This worked exactly as I wanted! I was even able to connect it with a virtuemart installation so each product will play a sample clip using this player!
Reviews: 1
...lacks some things

please update

- does not support module extensions
- needs an easy configurable link to direct download
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