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JosDewplayer Plugin

Based on mosdewplayer, this simple to use 1.5, 1.6. 1.7, 2.5 native mp3 player plugin lets add a mp3 player in contents. Parameters can be set globally or locally.

New in version 1.6 (May 17th, 2008): josdewplayer may now play a mp3 file wherever it is on the Net.

New in version 1.7 (May 18th, 2009):
josdewplayer may now play multiple mp3

New in version 1.8 (November 26th, 2009):
josdewplayer may now be displayed on a transparent background therefore not using the deprecated bgcolor expression.

Install uses method upgrade, therefore no need to uninstall previous versions.
Languages: English, French, German.
-> Now available an optimised version for Joomla 1.7 and 2.5! (July 19th 2011)
Languages: English, French
1.5 tags are correctly handled when migrating.

Including a new feature : playlists.

September 21, 2011:
Added ru-RU (Russian), corrected a parsing error in en-GB, put the example list in its folder

Following this post

The solution is to include the full url and not a relative path when SEF is on in the < location > of the xml tracks.
Version 1.7 is compatible with 2.5 and 3.x

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Reviews: 3
Easy upload, works and looks great. Up and running in 60 seconds.
Reviews: 1
... but at my place not working on IE7, i just download and install player from your site (so it is a new version, i supose) but still nothing.
Reviews: 1
its the little things in life that are key, and this little code is an answer to a prayer! Many thanks
Reviews: 1
josdewplayer works superb with Firefox but does not work with Internet Explorer. I could not find a solution for it.
Owner's reply

It does. For a few hours an updated version contained a bug repeating the url for the mp3 piece. This has been corrected for a while. please redownload and reinstall.

Reviews: 1
This has to be by far the easiest player I have ever encountered. Simple installation, no complex settings just straight forward. Only three words to discribe it: BRILLIANT, SIMPLY BRILLIANT
Reviews: 2
Really neat bit of code, very easy to install --- but one draw back it is not W3C valid.

Any thoughts from the author to update to make sure it is W3C Valid?

All in all, veru nice work....
Owner's reply

I have uploaded an updated version where the & are now hmlentities and pass validation.
Remains the bgcolor parameter which, alas, is defined in the swf and can't be changed.

Reviews: 1
Takes up minimal space, very easy to install and configure. I needed to ad a song to a personal site on one article, and it could not have looked cleaner, or been more strait forward. Thank you for your work on this.
Reviews: 1
I don't write reviews, but this player deserves it!!!
Simple, clean, PERFECT!
Awesome job, guys! Congratulations! =)
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a simple player for a band website that I am building. I was really confused for a while but once I realised to follow the following steps

install the player
create an article
include the code in the article {play}URL of Mp3{/play} Song Name

(URL of Mp3 is the location of the Mp3 file, it doesn't need to be on the host server)

Then you can change colours to fit in with your site colours.

Job Done
Reviews: 5
I only needed to place a couple of songs for streaming on our site, and this extension fulfilled all of my hopes. Easy to install, and it worked PERFECTLY for what I needed. And, as another reviewer said--it's much prettier than the gray bars. Thank you for this super extension!
Reviews: 1
I just found out about the Dewplayer and I was really happy to find a Joomla extension for it.

The Dewplayer has a great look: very clean, simple, and much prettier than those grey-box players.

As for the extension, well, it just makes using Dewplayer a breeze. Install the extension, activate it, configure a few settings on how the player will look, and use the plugin code in your articles. That's it. I found this much simpler and quick to setup than other audio players!

Reviews: 9
The title says it all. Just intall it and have a go!
Reviews: 1
Great little plugin. I like that you can upload mp3 to your Media Manager rather than having to ftp to server files. Just remember to add mp3 as a legal extension for uploads in Joomla global config
Reviews: 6
We may recommend this plugin, it works easy and stable! Easy to setup. Great work! Thanks to the makers!!!
Reviews: 1
Everything works perfectly here.

Since the installation to technical support, extremely fast and efficient.

Thank you MJ for developing this wonderful plugin.
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