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Random MP3 Player Module

A module extension that plays a random list of mp3s using the Flash media player.

Usage. Install the module using the Joomla installer. Enable it using the module manager. Upload your mp3s to the folder 'media/mp3s'. That's it. You can change the folder used for the mp3s by changing the module parameters in the module manager, also you can choose the number of mp3s selected - the default is 5.

You can use the Joomla images folder to store the mp3s, and use the media manager to upload them - you will need to change the Joomla configuration to allow mp3 files to be uploaded.

It includes an option to allow the admin user to decide whether or not to use javascript Flash detection. The module used javascript detection before but this can occasionally be a problem so now it can be turned off.

Also you can change the player size.

The module includes a popup option as well - that is, the player can be opened in a separate window.

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Reviews: 2
I highly recommend this sweet little mod. Easy as pie to install and does exactly what it should do. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Reviews: 3
Almost exactly what I needed. Would benefit from IP tag support, or at a minimum replace the streaming text with the name of the file minus the .mp3 extension.
Owner's reply

This has been added in the pro version of the module

Reviews: 1
this one work my life.. thanx to fiona.. but i wonder if the "streaming" text will change to the name of mp3..

btw thanx so much!
Reviews: 5
Installed and set up without any problems. Just what I needed. One thing that would be nice is if the width could be adjusted as well as the height or if there could be a few different player templates that could be selected.
Owner's reply

Yes, I agree entirely, I am planning an update which will include these features.

Reviews: 3
A perfect module to randomly play audio on your site. Popup is one great feature really missing and which is needed for me.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for developing a simple module that works and looks good. However I have three recommendations:
1. The module misses a option to set the MODULE CLASS.

2. There would be appreciated a way to stop autoreplay.

3. If set to 60 pixels then the module height should fill all of the pixels already in his closed status - flash anyway opens on top of other contents, so it could still use smaller space with more effect.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments, I will certainly keep them in mind.

I am not sure there is any great need to set the module class. The div element containing the player is automatically assigned the class 'musicPlayer' plus the module class suffix. That should give you all the styling freedom that you need.

I agree with your second point.

I think that it is easiest to do point 3 simply by giving the musicplayer div element an absolute position, and setting aside less than 60 pixels height for it to appear. I don't think that you can vary the size of the Flash movie dynamically, at least not with my version of Flash.

Reviews: 1
This module is exactly what I was after. I needed a simple module that would allow me to place a selection of MP3 files on my server that would play randomly while an end user is navigating through the web site. This module does it just beautifully and simply. Takes 2 minutes straight to install and setup and works like a charm. It even allows the user with a wonderfully small mouse over popup to control the volume and to skip through the play list. If you have a non music related web site and just want to add your music twist to it than you will love this module! Thanks Fiona for your excellent work!