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Pro Magic Audio Player ModulePlugin

This player is magic. Magic in so many ways that you won't find a better mp3 player for Joomla.

HTML5 version now available!

With Pro Magic Audio Player you can have UNLIMITED playlists with UNLIMITED number of tracks. Upload, manage and even delete straight from the front end!
This player is so magic that it can be used ANYWHERE in your template. Is your space too narrow? This player can fit in there!

HTML5 / Amazon S3 and Dropbox SUPPORT!

It's incredibly easy to set up and use.
Supports auto start, shuffle, repeat, compact mode, playlist mode and more.

With the added support for IDTags you don't have to worry about file names anymore. Folder recursion is also a new feature to help you manage your play lists better.

You need to sort your files? Great! This player got 9 sorting options to meet your sorting needs. From A to Z and Last Added to Older first, it can sort the way you need.

You can use the Pro Magic Audio plugin to open the player as a popup or to place it anywhere in your site.
No need to worry about people having problems listening to your tunes while browsing your nice site.

You can perfectly match all the colors and style in your template and more. The perfect choice for any Joomla site!

Need your files updated, removed or new audio tracks added? Upload, manage and even delete tracks in a second, STRAIGHT from the FRONT END!
No need to connect to your administrator page or open the FTP client. Use the included UPLOADER which is very easy to use.

*** create an instant play list (you can now use a single file too)
*** publish unlimited instances / page or across the site
*** supports mp3 & ogg and remote services like Amazon S3 and Dropbox
*** front end uploader with file browser
*** you can scheduled play lists by date
*** 7 pre-built skins + custom theme support
*** theme customization with 75 options!
*** color picker for sharp theme matching colors
*** multiple sorting options
*** pop-up option for a continuous play
*** jingle / audio ad / sticky file support
*** easy to embed in articles
*** 100% compatible with any template or extension
*** the pop-up player can now re-use the window or open a new player in its own window

HTML5 Features :

*** compatible with mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc.)
*** works with the major browsers too
*** flexible and scrollable play list
*** multiple instances on a single page or across the website
*** display of total time for all tracks and elapsed time for the play
*** enable download for tracks in the play list (guests or registered users)

Built to work with ALL available Joomla! versions

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Reviews: 3
I use this application to more than five years. Works great for me. I never had problems. Excellent programming.
I use it as an online radio and my guests love it. I recommend!
Reviews: 1
I needed a Mp3 player not for music but recorded business lessons.

Projoom player is realy excellent for this purpose!

It is possible to insert it in a text or table toghether with Pdf-files and other educational material.

I created a list/table with weekly lessons with multiple pop-up(icon) players, one for every lesson, in a table in front-end mode!

It is even possible to change icons and use my own!!

If I could ask for future changes it would be to be able to use this plugin with Ipone (without flash)
Reviews: 2
1. If you intend to use it in a Pop-Up mode: be advised that, if you intend to use more then one Pop-Up player on your site (same page, or different pages = no matter) player will STOP playing when you click second (third…) button for the player in Pop-Up mode. It will try to open the same pop-up window (already opened), which is normal, but it will send the Pop-Up window to a back + music will Stop until you click this damm pop-up window again. As a minimum you will have to locate this pop-up window in your Browser Tabs, but it could be difficult. Player will not play until you find this pop-up window and bring it on top.
It is pretty Obvious situation, and I do not understand, why developer just left this untouched…

2. Almost no support from the developer.

PS: I purchased this extension, but now I have to study Java programming in order to fix this stupid issue….
Owner's reply

We're sorry to see that you are having a problem with our product. Please allow me to explain :

1. Currently, we do not have any customers that uses or wants to use the pop-up version of the player to open more than once instance. It makes no sense having 2 or more players playing at the same time. Of course, by request this can be done, but we have not received a feature request from you. Your complaint is about something that's not part of the advertised features.

2. That's not true. You've asked us to help you create an "auto pop-up" function that will launch the player after entering the page with the published player automatically. I've sent you the javascript code and instructions on how to use it and have also warned you about the problems this might imply, 48 hours ago.

I'm sorry to see that your feedback is based on buyers remorse for something that is not supported.
Each and every support question is answered and we try our best to provide fast and accurate answers.

Reviews: 1
All in all this is a very good music player. The customization options are pretty much limitless and there's so many different versions to choose from. Guaranteed to fit in any site design. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating is that it does not re-size properly with the rest of the page using ctrl+mouse wheel which i personally think is important.
Reviews: 1
Very nice extension, really worth the $21,--!
Easy to upload, easy to use.

Just one question: How do I embed the player in an article? I can not find it in the knowledge base...
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback!

Please use the SUPPORT menu link on our website and we'll be more than happy to guide you through the steps of using the product.

Reviews: 1
I bought this player 3 weeks ago (version 1.33)and I am very satisfied with it.
It plays the music like it should do and all features are working.
While creating a website I realized a problem:
If you put 2 modules of the player at one site (one beneath the other)there was a problem at the frontend uploader: if each module has got different and separate upload folders (you can set them at the advanced parameters in the backend) this was not working. At the frontend both modules showed you only one (the same folder) to upload.
After contacting the service of projoom they reacted very fast, professional and kindly.
Today they updated a new version of the player (1.3.4) and the problem is solved.
Many thanks to the service and I wish you good luck with future development.
Best regards
Reviews: 2
Can't say that i was use dozens of players, but this one really fit to my needs. I like simplicity and at the same time flexibility of this player. I'm using it for my mp3 lessons for my site members. So if you need player this is best solution, highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I've searched a long time for an mp3 player that does what i want and the pro magic audio player is the only one that proved to be more than satisfying.
The installation was very simple and uploading new files is also a piece of cake.
I like very much the streaming part, when people click they can immediately enjoy the sermon. The mp3 files are around 26mb each but are loading very fast.
You can also customize the player in almost infinite ways.
Reviews: 14
Plain and simply, it works! The front-end uploader with a progress bar is a major plus over other players. The fact that the player is customizable is a major plus too. Many other players are not nearly as visually appealing as Pro Magic and you cannot change the look of the other players as the design is hard-coded.

The developer responded to a support request within minutes to clarify a couple things. Also, developer began work on a requested feature and will release it in an update later today.

That's a great product backed by great service.

5+ stars!
Reviews: 3
I tried lots of music players, and none really did it until I found this one.. and the way it is so customisable is incredible. Really great job! I highly recommend.
Reviews: 1
This one is excellent. We have tried a couple of different modules before but haven´t been satisfied. This module meets the need for putting out files on the website for our radio station.
Good Work
Reviews: 2
Works exactly as advertised - a compact and fairly flexible plugin and module. I had a small question regarding plugin customization and got my answer from support in munutes - on a Saturday afternoon!
Reviews: 2
The best Audio Player yet. So easy to install and use. Cant be any simpler or better..
Reviews: 11
ProJoom completely fulfills my need for a multi-user mp3 player.

1. Super easy to install.

2. With some custom code, multiple user types can upload songs from the front end.

3. Has some good styles built-in with many options for custom styling.

4. Loads songs from multiple directories, easy to have different media source directories.

5. Good documentation.

6. Excellent Customer Support. I got all my questions answered within several minutes of hitting "send" :)

7. I would pay $60 for this if developed as a Jomsocial extension.
Reviews: 6
I use the player since two years and I'm really happy, that I found this extension. It is very easy to use, and for me very important, it is possible to customize the design very detailed.
Next to that, if you have a problem, the support is very helpful. Exellent!
Reviews: 1
we are using this module for our professional music site since a year, and it as one of the best choices ever. we tried many players before we found this one - easy to use and easy to customize !
Reviews: 2
i like the preassigned playlists for all week long.
which is quite useful if you want your users to list different musics in different day.
Reviews: 1
I am not that experienced programming my site, but ProJoom made it very simple, SO EASY for me to add music to my site! Would definately recommend this to anyone's site! A lot of people always write good reviews, and this is one extension that deserves it! Way to go, and thanks big time!!
Reviews: 9
The people at ProJoom have once again created an awesome module that does what it says it's going to do and most of's easy to install, configure and use! Oh also looks great.

Always check ProJoom to see if they make what you need because you will not regret it!
Reviews: 2
Very good media player, the installation and configuration easy. The final work an excellent product, worth every dollar invested in it.
Thank you very much!
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