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Pro Magic Audio Player ModulePlugin

This player is magic. Magic in so many ways that you won't find a better mp3 player for Joomla.

HTML5 version now available!

With Pro Magic Audio Player you can have UNLIMITED playlists with UNLIMITED number of tracks. Upload, manage and even delete straight from the front end!
This player is so magic that it can be used ANYWHERE in your template. Is your space too narrow? This player can fit in there!

HTML5 / Amazon S3 and Dropbox SUPPORT!

It's incredibly easy to set up and use.
Supports auto start, shuffle, repeat, compact mode, playlist mode and more.

With the added support for IDTags you don't have to worry about file names anymore. Folder recursion is also a new feature to help you manage your play lists better.

You need to sort your files? Great! This player got 9 sorting options to meet your sorting needs. From A to Z and Last Added to Older first, it can sort the way you need.

You can use the Pro Magic Audio plugin to open the player as a popup or to place it anywhere in your site.
No need to worry about people having problems listening to your tunes while browsing your nice site.

You can perfectly match all the colors and style in your template and more. The perfect choice for any Joomla site!

Need your files updated, removed or new audio tracks added? Upload, manage and even delete tracks in a second, STRAIGHT from the FRONT END!
No need to connect to your administrator page or open the FTP client. Use the included UPLOADER which is very easy to use.

*** create an instant play list (you can now use a single file too)
*** publish unlimited instances / page or across the site
*** supports mp3 & ogg and remote services like Amazon S3 and Dropbox
*** front end uploader with file browser
*** you can scheduled play lists by date
*** 7 pre-built skins + custom theme support
*** theme customization with 75 options!
*** color picker for sharp theme matching colors
*** multiple sorting options
*** pop-up option for a continuous play
*** jingle / audio ad / sticky file support
*** easy to embed in articles
*** 100% compatible with any template or extension
*** the pop-up player can now re-use the window or open a new player in its own window

HTML5 Features :

*** compatible with mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc.)
*** works with the major browsers too
*** flexible and scrollable play list
*** multiple instances on a single page or across the website
*** display of total time for all tracks and elapsed time for the play
*** enable download for tracks in the play list (guests or registered users)

Built to work with ALL available Joomla! versions

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Reviews: 8
I like this player because it dose what it says. We bought the Pro Mega Pack that includes many other great extensions. This is well worth the money. I highly recommended the Pro Magic Player for any one looking for a mp3 player! In my humble opinion, Pro Mega Pack is the way to go.
Reviews: 1
I been using Joomla for about five years now, I've used alot of mp3 players, but by far the Pro Magic Audio Player is the best one I've used. easy to configure,auto start, shuffle, repeat, compact mode, play list, you can use the Pro Magic Player as a plugin or module to open the player, pop-up & MORE! It really can fit any where on your site. I like this player because it dose what it says. Well worth the money. I highly recommended the Pro Magic Player for any one looking for a mp3 player!
Reviews: 1
I tried several different players before finding this one and was very happy with it!

You can customize your icon and the player opens up in another window which has all necessary controls to playback and scroll through the list of items. Uploading items is a snap, and takes MP3's just like it says.

If you would like to see a custom icon and how it looks, plays and feels, check out my DiGvotionals on my site,

Thanks for making such a great product!
Reviews: 1
Super easy to configure with nice graphic design. I ordered the MegaPack and I'm glad I did. The only thing I don't really care for is that you have to copy and paste the code in order to get the modules/components to work. Its just time consuming to look-up the code for each module or component every time you want to install it. Other than that, I love the product!
Reviews: 12
You can't beat the ease of use and variety of options. Meets my needs perfectly. Visitors to my site love the popup player so they can listen and browse at the same time.
Reviews: 1
I'm currently using these plugin and modules across 3 sites. There are a few steps in the installation process. But they are easy. I havent had any problems.
Reviews: 1
this module is very easy to use. You only upload the songs to a folder and the player do the rest for itself, so forget the playlists with this module and plugin. I use the plugin because I can put the player in any place in any article/s! It is really a great player! I recommend this to the comunity.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a good mp3 player for my new site - preferably free. But nothing free came close to this one. Really a highly flexible plugin/module.

Also the dev gave very quick support and he seems open to feature suggestions. Recommended.
Reviews: 15
I would have given it 5 stars but there seems room for improvement on this extension. Even though it is great to implement into your website and that you have many ways of putting multiple players into your website - I wish there was a way for the end user to pick the MP3's that you are showing them and they could make their own playlist. If there is a way to do this I would appreciate the help but as far as look, feel, support I would have to say excellent. Just wish for more functionality for the end user who visits your site.
Reviews: 1
All I can say is that the player is the best of all, you can not ask for more. I love the simple way to upload songs ... for me is excellent and I think that is one of the best creations out there.
Reviews: 2
ProJoom is a most amazing developer from a multitude of angles--their customer service is top notch, lightening fast and helpful. One of the developers even went far and above the call of duty to fix a module position for me! I will definitely be purchasing additional extensions from them--products work exactly as stated and without error or bugs. They were incredibly helpful to a Joomla newbie as myself, and this is the type of customer service that is non-existent these days--they are wonderful and have exceeded every expectation!
Reviews: 4
Excellent player, love the interface and the ease of use. Pro Joom! and the rest of their applications are awesome, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Reviews: 1
For my collection of 20GB+ of Chinese music, I have already spent countless hours properly encoding every single MP3 for the correct title, contributing author, album name and lyrics (in traditional Chinese), and at this point, I am ready to start creating a Joomla-based online jukebox, but am simply burned out from all the work done so far. Thousands of files + reading Chinese = daunting undertaking + headache.

Evaluating dozens of other Joomla-based MP3 players has brought nothing but disappointment and despair. I was almost on the verge of throwing my hands up in the air and giving up altogether on this jukebox project as I was not willing to sacrifice hundreds of additional hours creating customized playlists and formatting tables for the one single MP3 player that did play MP3s with tags encoded with UTF-8 characters. I decided that I would create playlists based on folders, or do nothing at all.

Enter Pro Magic Audio Player, which at first seemed to do exactly what I wanted, but to my initial shock, the player was unable to display the correct UTF-8 encoding of tags, and was thus unable to play the songs as well. I was ready to request a refund out of frustration when I decided to send a quick email to support and describe the situation. Not even 12 hours later, I received an extremely detailed email reply with the fix: remove IDv1 tags (leaving only IDv2 tags), and change a parameter in a PHP ini file (a change which I was advised will be incorporated in the next version update). Lo and behold, I now have a perfect jukebox for playing Chinese and Korean and Japanese music!

Forget about the crazily detailed customization capabilities for the appearance alone. The ease of use of this plugin, its flexibility and, most importantly, the speed at which I can get this jukebox up and running in its entirety, are monumental. This ProJoom's plugin has empowered me to fulfill a decade-long vision of mine, and has already saved me ridiculous amounts of time by its ability to dynamically generate playlists and read from MP3 tags.

Quality aside, ProJoom's quick response, professional manner, and detailed and clear explanation (and documentation) have won my trust as a loyal customer, and has convinced me that much pride has been invested in the development of this plugin.

Is Pro Magic Audio Player worth the money, and is it worth the nine-month lifespan of a support contract that must be renewed thereafter? You bet it is. You get what you pay for, and this was money well spent.

Now that my rave is done, I would like to be greedy and ask if it would be possible to add lyric functionality as a configuration option to this plugin? I was thinking along the lines of, as a song is playing, the user is able to click a side arrow that makes a lyrics window slide out from the left of the main player panel, with the lyrics pane dimensions defaulting to the preset theme dimensions, but resizable via configuration. Vertical scrolling would be there as well. How does this sound? Seems easy enough to implement considering the plugin already pulls from ID3v2 tags.

Many thanks!
Reviews: 33
Downloaded it, installed it, spent an age trying out all the settings and features and it works with the worst web browser in the universe (we all know which one I mean). A superb player, versatile and practical, well worth the modest outlay for a professional extension. Recommended!
Reviews: 1
This is great value for money, since it can be used as both a popup or embedded player, in a range of sizes and styles.
Front-end operation is straightforward for the site vistor, and backend configuration is simple (even for a non-expert like me), allowing plenty of aesthetic tweaks to suit the theme of your site.
I did have a problem with the player after upgrading to Joomla! 1.5.15, but support from ProJoom was amazingly fast and helpful, and the issue was resolved.
In short I'm happy to recommend this extension and the excellent support that ProJoom provide.
Reviews: 5
I give this top rating and price is right. I would make two recommendations for improvement and if you do, you just put yourself WAY ahead of everyone else. I use the player for both audio recordings (lessons) and also background music. I also have Video's with both music and talking on the web page. If I start the background music and then start any other audio or video, they both play at the same time. The suggestion for improvement is this: When the background music is playing, and then someone wants to hear an audio or video file, have the background music automatically stop until whatever is being played stops and then the background music starts again, so they do not play over each other. That would be fantastic. I know it can be done, I have another web page (I didn't put it together) it does that, REALLY NICE. I can send URL so you can see it. Also, second suggestion is to make the background music player float in and ask if they would like to hear music. I have a different site that does that. Can send URL if you want. Combine those two things and you have the best out there hands down. I do love the player though, really nice, these are just suggestions for improving.
Reviews: 2
This little player is indeed magic. It's simple to set up and puts a virtual jukebox on your site. My clients are always impressed with the way Pro Magic looks & functions. I have found tech. support for Pro Magic to be first-rate: immediate, patient & respectful, and 100% helpful. This is an A+++ product with A+++ support. Well worth the nominal cost to purchase. I cannot identify a downside. Nice!!!
Reviews: 1
a pop out function is a must for band websites so that fans can navigate the site without any interuption to the music, or leave the site altogether whilst still listening to the music

great module/plugin and excellent support!
Reviews: 1
-easy installation
-easy usage/configuration
-good documentation
-all colors can be defined by the user, templates for easy usage exist
-execellent support, I got help within 10 Minutes and the even worte me an Update within another 20 minutes
-put some MP3s to an folder and it works, it has a superior shuffle function: every time the plaer is started you get a new random playlist. This is a nice feture, if you want to provide something like the radio player from "" on your webside.
Reviews: 2
I absolutely love it!!!
Listening to it while i type and it works awesome.
I have had some issues with setting the style/colors but having delt with these guys before and knowing of the excellent support i recieved i know if theirs any probs i'll get it fixed no problems.... another awesome jobs guys!!!
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