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Pro Magic Audio Player ModulePlugin

This player is magic. Magic in so many ways that you won't find a better mp3 player for Joomla.

HTML5 version now available!

With Pro Magic Audio Player you can have UNLIMITED playlists with UNLIMITED number of tracks. Upload, manage and even delete straight from the front end!
This player is so magic that it can be used ANYWHERE in your template. Is your space too narrow? This player can fit in there!

HTML5 / Amazon S3 and Dropbox SUPPORT!

It's incredibly easy to set up and use.
Supports auto start, shuffle, repeat, compact mode, playlist mode and more.

With the added support for IDTags you don't have to worry about file names anymore. Folder recursion is also a new feature to help you manage your play lists better.

You need to sort your files? Great! This player got 9 sorting options to meet your sorting needs. From A to Z and Last Added to Older first, it can sort the way you need.

You can use the Pro Magic Audio plugin to open the player as a popup or to place it anywhere in your site.
No need to worry about people having problems listening to your tunes while browsing your nice site.

You can perfectly match all the colors and style in your template and more. The perfect choice for any Joomla site!

Need your files updated, removed or new audio tracks added? Upload, manage and even delete tracks in a second, STRAIGHT from the FRONT END!
No need to connect to your administrator page or open the FTP client. Use the included UPLOADER which is very easy to use.

*** create an instant play list (you can now use a single file too)
*** publish unlimited instances / page or across the site
*** supports mp3 & ogg and remote services like Amazon S3 and Dropbox
*** front end uploader with file browser
*** you can scheduled play lists by date
*** 7 pre-built skins + custom theme support
*** theme customization with 75 options!
*** color picker for sharp theme matching colors
*** multiple sorting options
*** pop-up option for a continuous play
*** jingle / audio ad / sticky file support
*** easy to embed in articles
*** 100% compatible with any template or extension
*** the pop-up player can now re-use the window or open a new player in its own window

HTML5 Features :

*** compatible with mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android, etc.)
*** works with the major browsers too
*** flexible and scrollable play list
*** multiple instances on a single page or across the website
*** display of total time for all tracks and elapsed time for the play
*** enable download for tracks in the play list (guests or registered users)

Built to work with ALL available Joomla! versions

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Reviews: 1
now such extensions like pro magic audio player set the standards of joomla.. properly conceived, nicely rendered and does beautifully what it says.. i guess the price is also fine.. good work projoom team.. would like to see more development of this extension as this shall be required by many sites as the utility is so common and universal.. would like to see better GUI and enhanced functionality for this extension in future releases.. thanks for this wonder extension
Reviews: 5
All good. I have my mp3's in my stories directory - no problems there.

The Plugin and Module is great - lots of configurable options. No advertising or links to other sites.

Can't see any thirdparty JS in my build (I'm not using the google features). Looks safe to me.

The audio title name is the file name - but that's just how it works without a playlist.
Reviews: 1
The thought of building a website has always been scary for me. I tried to give it a shot and was frustrated with wired names, path etc.I was about to give up until I got Pro Magic Audio player from Projoom. The language was simple, the Player worked magic. My goodness my entuthiasism was revived and I could not get off the PC. I decided to but all extensions Projoom has and fortunately got a good deal for the Pro mega pack with order #(#3037. made up of nine extensions.. your extensions are fun to work with, sleek, easy to understand and really begin to feel like a pro. My friends think I took some classes secretely.

Not only di i get the best, exquisite extensions with smart easy to understand video documentations but the technical help is faster than browsing the net. I asked for extensions and I even got tips on how to use Cora Draw. I payed for all of their extensions but I have a Projoom technical man who is more interested in my project and always there for me 24/7 with the speed of urgency whiles other tech men brushed me aside.

Thank u guys at Projoom. keep up the good job. You made me feel like a pro.

Reviews: 1
- The player looks very nice from the front end
- It is very easy to configure in the back-end

- Media files must be in the web root(!)
- The code is naively obfuscated with nested eval(gzinflate()) constructs (causing the php to run much, much slower and hiding the source)
- It includes external javascript from third-party sites (!).

I love how this player looks and feels on the front end, but running pseudo-encrypted code is a no-go. Pair that with including third-party javascript and you have a potential recipe for disaster. IMO, installing this player is dangerous - hence the low rating.
Reviews: 1
This by far is the best mp3 player for joomla. Projoom keeps upgrading and updating all their products, which is a big plus. Support is 5 stars, hands down. Most of my questions are answered within a few minutes, the rest maybe an hour or 2. Can't say enough good things about the product. Sam C.
Reviews: 46
WOW !!!
Had an Mp3 player up and running on my site in minutes.
Great Plugin.
Looks great too.
Plenty of options to customize it.
Pop up option is handy, music plays as the user goes through your site.
Reviews: 1
This extension is clearly the best, easay to install and use. Unlimited playlist, no more need to create playlist, just write the folder url and thats it!! Great Job Pro Joom! Recommend to all!
Reviews: 3
This is the best audio player around. It looks great on my page, and I like that it plays high quality songs saved at a high bit rate. The company gave the best possible support in getting it working when I ran into a snag after uploading it to the remote server. Thank you Joompro for the excellent audio player and for your great support.
Reviews: 3
I downloaded, installed and un-installed a lot of audio players these last couple of days.
Everytime there was something else I couldn't do with the extention or plug-in so my search kept on going.
After sending a question to ProJoom around midnight I got an answer within 5 minutes, I thought, this module I will pay for. Let's see.

Pro Magic Audio Player did the job for me.
Bought it, downloaded it, installed it and POW! Works like a charm, different templates for colors, settings and parameters. The best support you can imagine. No offense to other developers, but Pro Magic Audio Player is for me hands-down the best out there. It does all the magic I needed and more. And did I already mention the fast and friendly support??

Thank you ProJoom!
Reviews: 7
This extension exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a smooth, easy to implement jukebox style player. It took me a minute to work out the specifics of the parameters for the popup plugin. After having issues I went to the documentation, watched the video tutorial and problem solved. FYI - when entering the image for the button for a popup use only the image number - not the path or even the full name. Works like a charm. Love it....

Great job ProJoom... thanks...
Reviews: 1
Love the product! Unbeatable CS, on a Sunday non-the-less, the support team responded to a call-ticket, updated the .php file for the plugin and had it uploaded to their server within an joke! Thanks for the great product and customer support! Visitors are now able to view pages on my site while the popup player plays in the background, best $20 I've spent!
Reviews: 4
There is not much to say about this extension except that it is perfect!

It works very well in joomla 1.5 and is so easy to use. It's a dream no more playlist creations, the extension just needs a folder and creates its own playlist!

No more worring about the size of the player. this flash player is flexible as hell!

And, last but not least. I got very good custommer support!

Definitly more than worth the money! Very very very good.
Reviews: 3
This extension is a nightmare!

-It came with outdated ducumentation.
-There is no support from the developer.
-The plugin is much less than what advertised to be.

I bought the Nova Magic Audio Player about a month ago. I installed it and tried to use it on my website. I tried to get support from the website (which is not in English). After repeatedly trying to reach the developer. I just opt-ed for calling it quits!
Reviews: 3
I'm not in the habit of buying extensions, because it has been my experience that they rarely live up to the hype, and often there is a free extension that does the job as well or better.

There are many audio players out there, and several really good ones, like 1PixelOut, however the Nova module and plugin worked much better for my purposes. They allow me the customization options i needed, and more importantly, the ability to launch my players in a pop-up window - allowing the site's viewers to continue browsing while listening to the podcast.

But what really sets Nova apart is the customer support...
* When there was a download delay caused by PayPal, I wrote to ask what was up, and got a prompt response.
* When the plugin would not launch the pop-up from a module in J! 1.5, as I had originally intended, they located a module to enable plugins in conent.... and even modified it to work for me!
All within a few hours of contacting them.
* When the new module lacked a place to add a required module class suffix, they even walked this noob through altering the module's xml file!

I would recommend this product highly, and I would not hesitate to purchase another component from these guys in the future.
You will not find quality products AND customer support like this from most places!
Reviews: 11
This is an excellent player and most of all, the support is excellent as well.
I am very pleased with their professional approach to customer service as they are always ready to help if you have question or want to use the player in many ways-
Reviews: 4
Wow What an amazing little player and the price is perfectly right - I can not say anymore about this player other than quick install, easy configuration, and great walk though for installation I give this A Major Thumbs up for the Excellent work that went into it. Thanks for making a perfect player ;0)
Reviews: 1
Best player I've seen so far, easy to install, easy to configure, worth every cent and on top of that - cheap.
Also, great support from creator.
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