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Music Collection is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and intuitive Music Management System for Joomla! to list all your albums, artists and bands, songs, lyrics, play mp3 songs online, make reports and more in your web site, under your classification preferences and with all sort of details
Music Collection is your mp3 Jukebox, use it to listen to your music wherever you are and to share your music with your users.
Create your music community, let your users upload their content and populate your site's collection! Create great artist profiles with the highly-customizable layouts!
Native for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x

- HTML5 player, compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod... etc
- Automatic folder importing reading ID3 tag metadata, import all your library in just 1 click
- ID3 tag metadata reading to avoid entering information manually
- Statistics
- Front-end users can add content
- EasySocial integration
- JomSocial integration
- Community Builder integration
- Komento integration
- Social Bookmarking and sharing options
- Discogs integration: import album and song data from the Discogs databse
- Folder auto-scaning for quickly creating new albums from your organized folders
- Comment plugin system: compatible with Facebook comments, Disqus, Komento and more
- Tag albums, songs and artists

-Add albums, artists and songs
-Add all sort of details into your albums or music items
-Videos for songs. Built-in integration with YouTube videos
-JW Player 6.8, HTML5 first and Flash fallback, plays MP3, AAC, MP4, FLV...
-PLAYLISTS: let your users create their own playlists on-the-go and store, comment them.
-Write reviews on your albums, artists or songs
-Add mp3 files to your songs and let registered users to listen them online or download
-Add lyrics, chords and other details to your songs
-Make associative relations between artists
-Define your own music formats, types of record and more and stablish relationships between them
-Define your own music genre tree, associating multiple "parent genres" and "children genres" to every genre
-Add your own tags to every item
-Add special keywords to be associed to your albums or artists
-Group diferent types of albums in Box Sets and decide to display them separately or in group
-Easily manage compilations of various artists
-Export your lists of albums to PDF
-Integrate album information into Joomla! articles
-Search artits, albums and songs through your collection.
Music Collection also provides modules and plugins to include features

-Completely integrad into Joomla! distribution, no extern components or plugins needed
-SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Music Collection is prepared for install extra plugins to work with the most common SEF components distributed for Joomla!, such as Artio JoomSEF system or sh404sef.
-Complet separation of programming logic and content display. Easily change the look and feel

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Reviews: 1
I did a lot of research before buying "Music Collection", which seemed at that time to be the most complete Joomla music extension.

I use Music Collection since 1 year now and I can confirm that it meets my needs perfectly!

The amount of modules and plugins and their configuration flexibility (features + css) offer a real advantage for customizing your music site to fit your needs.

In addition to having a high quality product, you can count on a 5 stars support service. The architect behind this extension also offers a customization service that makes customization options unlimited.

Thanks Germi for that great extension!
Reviews: 32
Hello ,,i have been 'round Joomla for a couple of months and i was always looking for a component like Music collection to my first website , i am not a coder and i barely know things about sites , but i leanrt a lot in few months , i bought Music Collection Community Professional , i had some issues at first clearly because i am new in this thing social website .
Reviews: 1
Whether you have one artist or a whole bunch of artists that you are working with on your site, this is the player for you. There are just so many different options and layouts. Plus, it is user friendly, not complicated at all. The Facebook plugin is an especially nice touch. Also, their customer service is quick and very professional. I highly recommend this player. You can check out what I did with it at, the site is down right now, but I should have it up and running by the end of the week. Thank You Music Collection for making my site bettter!!
Reviews: 1
We did a lot of Research when were looking for music tool that would work well with our project, tested other components and finally found what I this one. The system offers a lot out of the box and it's very easy to get a music system up and running in no time. Price/quality is good as well.

This product has definatley presented it self-well, it has grown and updated itself quite rapdily. We started with version 2.0, nowwithin a year they are at version 2.3. Not to mention, with mobile technology on the rise, the whole HMTL 5 upgrade has been a great advancement.
Reviews: 1
This Music Component can handle thousands of albums and functions brilliantly to our sites needs.
Thankfully we came across Joomla Music Solutions, that has everything and more of what was needed, it's truly an outstanding component.
The installation process was very simple to set up, and using the component is easy for all our staff to work with.
For the artist's that come to our site, they can easily upload there music and create their own detailed profile that showcases all their music professionally to the public.
Music Collection is always evolving and I really love the latest update that has the ability to create an album automatically in seconds without having to type a single track name.

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
This extension was most useful to us ,since we are developing a commercial music site in which customers can search for instrumental music based on ,moods,regions,styles etc.
It was easy to integrate,and the support and custom
service was very good.
Reviews: 1
A great component which has a lot to offer. The backend and frontend have really nice layouts, with lots of options, while being easy to setup. There are some really neat plugins and modules that come along also. The developer is easy to communicate with and offers great quick support. It is also nice to see developers that offer custom service.
Reviews: 3
I've been waiting for another directory app (rhymes with SOBI2) for years to do something similar to this but to my amazement this app has been developed. And I didn't need to tweak it to get it to do what I want. It works right out of the box. I did have a couple SEO issues & support was very responsive & helpful. Saved me hours in time & money!
Reviews: 1
There isn't any other music component out there worth it.

I'll be honest, I was sceptical at first, thinking to myself "how could any component be that good". Foolishly I ignored it at first. How wrong I was, after trying a few other components on offer I couldn't believe how much better this one was.

It was more than I ever expected. It really provides the best way to manage music on a Joomla site. The features are countless and the versatility of the software coved all that I needed and even helped with modules that just gave the site an all round clean look. Can't live with out that discogs feature, that little edition to the site has saved hours of work for me. I can't thank these guys enough.

Honestly you'd be wasting your time and money anywhere else.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension. Because of its structure, it can be easily adapted for all most every collection you want. Fast and easy to use.Very good modules, with many options.Excellent support, with quick and professional response.
Reviews: 1
I bought the MC extension to create a music catalogue site for a client. Even though the extension was great, there were certain features I needed that it didn't have. I contacted Germi the lead developer about adding them. He was polite, helpful, and prompt in his response. He was able to develop the features I requested and my client and I are both happy campers!
Reviews: 2
A joomla music solution in 2 minutes ! Awesome component and awesome support !
An application that gets better with time. A problem with ? Technical support is always fast and competent.
Reviews: 1
For a long time I've been looking for a good component for my audio files which i've uploaded on to an external server. I looked at many components/ modules but none seemed to have a nice layout and none were able to suit my requirements. I was surprised to find that Music collection is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm very impressed with this component, although it's commercial, as the support is excellent. Unlike other developers, Germinal Camps is very helpful and has responded very quickly to any questions or queries i've had. The layout is very professional and the component has many impressive features. Anyone interested must have a look at the demo. I definitely recommend this component. Usually i don't pay for components/ modules but this definitely seems worth the money.
Reviews: 1
These guys have done an excellent work making this extension. I could make my website up and running in just 24 hours.
Also their support team is doing a real good job.
Reviews: 1
I did a lot of searching when i started with Joomla, tested other components and finally found what I needed with this one. The system offers a lot out of the box and it's very easy to get a music system up and running in no time. Price/quality is good as well.

I'm a happy man with what I've got now, the support Germi gives and the way my site is going due to this addon. Keep up the good job!
Reviews: 1
I searched around for months looking for a product that could manage my music collection and allow me the flexibility display it a way that was appealing to the eye, efficient and easy to manage.

Joomla Music Solutions did the trick!

The wide range of modules gave me the flexibility to display varies genres in a variety of formats, but the support that was provided is what makes this the best component for music management to me.

Any issue that I ran into the support team walked through the solution step by step.

Great product.
Reviews: 1
All i can say about this component is that it is awesome. Very powerful, and everything is automated. To me the fact that it is able to let users upload their own music, create an artist profile for them and create their album profiles was just perfect. After i bought it though was when i found out all the extra features it includes. Playlists, downloadable content, image resizing (thumbnails), video capabilities and much much more.

If you need a music management community website this is the component for you.
Reviews: 1
I use Music Collection to display podcast on my web radio site. This component simplify my live. Easy to manage and powerful. The design integrate nicelly in my site.
The statistics function is very useful.
I recommend it at 100%
Reviews: 4
I use music collection on my website This website is about music and MC helps me to inform visitors about my customers (musicians) and I can please my visitors by offering them some very nice music. It makes my website a place worth visiting for more reasons than only looking at my products so it’s also a visitors magnet, luckily there is a very useful (3d party) Xmap plug in. MC is very well structured; it’s easy to navigate through categories etc and it has a nice look. It has many features and for me there is not so much more to wish for but the developer seems eager to improve the component even more and I think it will be supported for a long time. While working with the component I noticed that MC has some bugs but these were minor bugs and did not cause real problems. Customer support was very helpful and all my emails were answered very quickly.
MC was a good buy, well worth the money!
Reviews: 3
Very good for artists listings. The users login, create their artist profile, upload their music very easily. Easy install and configuration.
Very good extension and very easy to use.
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