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Music Collection is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and intuitive Music Management System for Joomla! to list all your albums, artists and bands, songs, lyrics, play mp3 songs online, make reports and more in your web site, under your classification preferences and with all sort of details
Music Collection is your mp3 Jukebox, use it to listen to your music wherever you are and to share your music with your users.
Create your music community, let your users upload their content and populate your site's collection! Create great artist profiles with the highly-customizable layouts!
Native for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x

- HTML5 player, compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod... etc
- Automatic folder importing reading ID3 tag metadata, import all your library in just 1 click
- ID3 tag metadata reading to avoid entering information manually
- Statistics
- Front-end users can add content
- EasySocial integration
- JomSocial integration
- Community Builder integration
- Komento integration
- Social Bookmarking and sharing options
- Discogs integration: import album and song data from the Discogs databse
- Folder auto-scaning for quickly creating new albums from your organized folders
- Comment plugin system: compatible with Facebook comments, Disqus, Komento and more
- Tag albums, songs and artists

-Add albums, artists and songs
-Add all sort of details into your albums or music items
-Videos for songs. Built-in integration with YouTube videos
-JW Player 6.8, HTML5 first and Flash fallback, plays MP3, AAC, MP4, FLV...
-PLAYLISTS: let your users create their own playlists on-the-go and store, comment them.
-Write reviews on your albums, artists or songs
-Add mp3 files to your songs and let registered users to listen them online or download
-Add lyrics, chords and other details to your songs
-Make associative relations between artists
-Define your own music formats, types of record and more and stablish relationships between them
-Define your own music genre tree, associating multiple "parent genres" and "children genres" to every genre
-Add your own tags to every item
-Add special keywords to be associed to your albums or artists
-Group diferent types of albums in Box Sets and decide to display them separately or in group
-Easily manage compilations of various artists
-Export your lists of albums to PDF
-Integrate album information into Joomla! articles
-Search artits, albums and songs through your collection.
Music Collection also provides modules and plugins to include features

-Completely integrad into Joomla! distribution, no extern components or plugins needed
-SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Music Collection is prepared for install extra plugins to work with the most common SEF components distributed for Joomla!, such as Artio JoomSEF system or sh404sef.
-Complet separation of programming logic and content display. Easily change the look and feel

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Reviews: 1
excellent extension for music management. actually, if you have a music site based in joomla, THIS is the extension to have.

really happy with the purchase. great work.
Reviews: 2
I have a small music store in East London (UK) and my clients can now scan through the whole shop catalogue through a couple computers I have for them. I have increased my sales and created a small community since I started using the Music Collection. Big thanks for that.
It was easy to install and customise to my needs. I moved hosting provider a week ago and the extension author answered all my questions in a few hours.
Reviews: 4
I love listening to music and purchasing Music Collection has been the Best Decision Ever. Period.

I now have all my music organized (rated, tagged, grouped, with their cover image, with lyrics, etc, etc), can even listen to it in my iPad, see graphs and stats on my music listening habits, create playlists for different moods and genres, etc...

This extension is completely amazing, it is fully featured and works really well. The setup was really easy as it autoscans your music folders and adds them automatically.

Germi (its author) is a nice chap, very supportive and has helped me with all the questions I've had very quickly, eventhough I sometimes ask him dumb questions :-)

Big thanks, greatly satisfied with MC!
Reviews: 1
This component, I use more than one year.Estimates only positive.In my opinion, is designed and focused on major projects.
With multiple options to effectively control the music directory and minimal knowledge of html, css and php quite significant for customization.
Thanks to developers. It is obvious that this product could do only people who know music. Good luck in your future development!
Reviews: 1
Hello, My name is Rob Kobus, I am the Artistic Director for Capital Carillon, a non profit Handbell music ensemble located in Washington DC. Our group has been setting up a registered section of our Joomla site so members can use it as an educational tool. We have many MP3 of past concerts we wanted to share and archive. I decided to buy the Music Collection software and installed it. For what ever reason, I could not get the player to work. I contacted the Help forum and within minutes our conversations oh how to fix the problem stated. After a quick review of my setting, Germinal Camps,Chief Software Engineer discussed and fixed the problem. It turned out to be a wrong setting with my HTML.
Not being a programmer and only knowing what I know about Joomla from trial and ERRORs, I really appreciate the professional help give to our group. I would recommend this product to any non profit located anywhere! Thank Germi!!!
Reviews: 1
A very good product for my use. A very good support. Nice guy.

I'm not George Clooney ... but "What Else?".
Reviews: 1
Germinal Camps - the author of this component - was very helpful with the installation of this component into my community site. Music Collection is perfect for use in both single user and community websites where music listings and other features are required to engage users. While it is obviously a complex, it is presenting a lot of data in a small space, and Germi is incredibly helpful in supporting it. Very flexible for the developer, I highly recommend this component! I will be using it in many music artists websites to come!
Reviews: 1
Very nice component. To date, the organization of the musical content he has no equal!

It is worth noting that the developer of this extension is willing to contact with users and provide invaluable assistance in solving problems.

I was glad that he had repeatedly appealed for help to Germinal Camps, and he willingly helped me in the settings of the component.
I also ordered his additions necessary only to me and he provided to me the necessary code in the required time and in good quality!
Reviews: 2
It is really excelent you can search the albums, genres, types or tags a lot of modules "featured artists, Random albums, webplayer,Top viewed artists" Statistics to songs so you know which song is the preferated one for your users.
Modules for JomSocial and community builder...

You have a webplayer + a video player and you can input the lyrics text to.

i test a lot of copmponents but this is really thath what i have search to a real good price.
Reviews: 2
This component is very complex and has a lot of potential. It is also one of the more expensive components available for Joomla. As such, I would expect a certain level of support, but have been very disappointed. The paid members portion of the support forum is filled with unanswered problems/bugs and a lot of complaints. If you want to pay for custom services, I'm sure the level of support is better, but as a paid customer I think it is very poor.
Reviews: 1
I thought al long time before i decide what player i should use on my website. Then i came on this website and did play around a bit. Did ask some questions and got response within a few hours. For my goal this software was almost perfect what i needed. I did ask them for a modification adn they did within a few days and now i have the perfect solution for what i need!!! They are very very helpful, and no question is to much for them!! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 4
We purchased this a year ago for a client who works in the music industry. The extension was exactly what they needed. When we went to check our update status the developer generously extended our time so we could get the newest version and bug fixes.

Also support is very fast and efficient if you do manage to have a problem you can expect a response very quickly

This developer does a wonderful job keeping their customers happy.
Reviews: 5
This one component all by itself has improved my website 200%. I can't say enough good things about this truly excellent product. The functionality, ease of configuration, and display options are outstanding. Support? Gosh working with Germi is nothing short of fabulous. I have artist on my site i.e., Melba Moore, Etta James, R. Kelly and many others - all have commented that the addition of MC has turned the website from good to a professional product unbeatable in use, functionality and excellent look n feel. I can reap nothing but praise on the developers and offer my thanks from the bottom of my heart for such a configurable, professional, easy to use product.
Reviews: 1
My search for the legendary music extension has finally ended :D

You know the old saying "You get what you pay for?"

Well although this is a commercial extension, it was the only extension that I found that suited my needs...and I didn't mind paying for it. If you're worried about support, don't be. Germi (the author) and the other folks over there are really friendly and quite prompt with their replies.

I appreciate all the hard word that is going into this extension and I would LOVE to see it stick around and only become better with time.

Thank you for a wonderful extension!
Reviews: 1
The entire Jam's Space On Demand feature would not have been possible without Music Collection. In our first two months we were able to organize and share over 1000 songs from 100+ artists. The analytics/stats component built in is very thorough and easily customized. The support is great, if you ever have a question Germi makes sure to take care of you. Thanks again Music Collection for helping us release such an exciting Reggae/Rock website!
Reviews: 1
Amazing component, I highly recommend it, well designed, based on simplicity and overall functionality.

Reviews: 1
Well, if you need to introduce a music catalogue or an artist roster, Music Collection is perfect for that. Very usefull and easy to manage. You'll find a complete Joomla component to show and play all your music. Also link to several online shops, like iTunes..

Germi is a great developer and he is always ready to help you. Also he listen your proposals and try to add them for next updates.

Finally I had to tell I like both interfaces, backend and frontend: clean and organized.
Reviews: 1
This is a great piece of work.

Easy to use and highly configurable. The creator is very kind to offer quick and excellent lifelong suport, and this is priceless. Worthy spending some bucks, you won't regret!
Reviews: 1
I've been using Music collection, and I'm loving it. I'd got some problems and bugs submitted to the support teams throu their forum and email. Surprisingly the helps were quick and good! They helped me to fix all bugs and made the component running for my site, and as they have promised, any bugs will be fixed as long as they find out.

If you are looking for a Music component for joomla, I'd highly recommend THIS ONE, simply the best, easy to use, great supports, friendly lay-out.
I and my users love it!

Keep up the good works, guys!
Reviews: 1
Music Collection is so great. I would highly recommend it. I´m using Music Collection to organize all the band database from my city here in Brazil.

Since I´m new at all this, I'm getting a lot of great support from the author, Germi. The responses are very quick and helpful. I have had ALL my answers replied very quickly, althought it´s so easy to configure the whole thing.

Really, if you have music, bands, and music collection in your website, don´t think twice, Music Collection is what you need.

Thanks to the developers for making our lives easier :)
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