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Music Collection is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and intuitive Music Management System for Joomla! to list all your albums, artists and bands, songs, lyrics, play mp3 songs online, make reports and more in your web site, under your classification preferences and with all sort of details
Music Collection is your mp3 Jukebox, use it to listen to your music wherever you are and to share your music with your users.
Create your music community, let your users upload their content and populate your site's collection! Create great artist profiles with the highly-customizable layouts!
Native for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x

- HTML5 player, compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod... etc
- Automatic folder importing reading ID3 tag metadata, import all your library in just 1 click
- ID3 tag metadata reading to avoid entering information manually
- Statistics
- Front-end users can add content
- EasySocial integration
- JomSocial integration
- Community Builder integration
- Komento integration
- Social Bookmarking and sharing options
- Discogs integration: import album and song data from the Discogs databse
- Folder auto-scaning for quickly creating new albums from your organized folders
- Comment plugin system: compatible with Facebook comments, Disqus, Komento and more
- Tag albums, songs and artists

-Add albums, artists and songs
-Add all sort of details into your albums or music items
-Videos for songs. Built-in integration with YouTube videos
-JW Player 6.8, HTML5 first and Flash fallback, plays MP3, AAC, MP4, FLV...
-PLAYLISTS: let your users create their own playlists on-the-go and store, comment them.
-Write reviews on your albums, artists or songs
-Add mp3 files to your songs and let registered users to listen them online or download
-Add lyrics, chords and other details to your songs
-Make associative relations between artists
-Define your own music formats, types of record and more and stablish relationships between them
-Define your own music genre tree, associating multiple "parent genres" and "children genres" to every genre
-Add your own tags to every item
-Add special keywords to be associed to your albums or artists
-Group diferent types of albums in Box Sets and decide to display them separately or in group
-Easily manage compilations of various artists
-Export your lists of albums to PDF
-Integrate album information into Joomla! articles
-Search artits, albums and songs through your collection.
Music Collection also provides modules and plugins to include features

-Completely integrad into Joomla! distribution, no extern components or plugins needed
-SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Music Collection is prepared for install extra plugins to work with the most common SEF components distributed for Joomla!, such as Artio JoomSEF system or sh404sef.
-Complet separation of programming logic and content display. Easily change the look and feel

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Reviews: 1
Music Collection is simple and beautiful. Beyond all features and integrations, there is a forum where the developer and other users really help you with your doubts. And the customization service is great! I would like to recommend it for all!
Reviews: 7
This extension not only streams music on demand - it also streams video. It was easy to set up and gives us all the functionality we need.

To make it even better, Germi is extremely helpful if you want to customize the extension to fit perfectly with your needs.

We are using it to offer self-help audio/video's on a paid membership site. It works great!

Thanks for this excellent extension.

Reviews: 1
:-* this kiss is for developing of music collection its work like a dnt have words for it. Best of LUCK

im planing it to use on my website check it later :) again Thank U so Much
Reviews: 1
Last October I submitted a less than favourable review of the upgrade to this extension under my business identity and sad to say only one review is permitted per identity. However, in response to the vendor's comments and several significant developments in the meanwhile, I would like to declare unreservedly that my earlier dissatisfaction has been addressed and I now use the latest version of Music Collection which has proved to be the best in its field and worthy of the highest recommendation.

It is fair to say that some of the difficulties were related to Internet Explorer but anyone who uses Joomla and other web based applications will have had similar experiences. Nevertheless, Germi continues to work on the development of his extension and with major enhancements in the pipeline, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who proposes to create a music website in the foreseeable future. The way I see it, this extension is way under priced and that can't last.

So, for anyone who read the earlier review and hesitated, be assured that it has passed my very critical appraisal and I unreservedly retract that earlier review.
Reviews: 3
This component is just amazing. A really good quality for a little price.
The options available are incredible. I needed a custom work and Germi made this fast and perfectly working. A really serious work from a serious team.

This is just excellent!

Waiting for the next upgrade with eagerness!

Thanks for all!
Reviews: 1
I have never felt compelled to write a review before - That has changed!

From every aspect I have been Amazed and Impressed. The depth and detail that is found in this Component is very refreshing. From the first time I looked at it I couldn't believe it had everything - I mean EVERYTHING - the true music enthusiast could hope or dream for. The included modules, flexibility & functionality. The total package.

If your looking for something to manage your music needs - This Is IT! It's worth it's price, and then some!

Way to go Music Collection!! Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Ive been looking for something like this for a long time, and this is just excellent. Music Collection 1.5 just oozes quality, and you can tell that the programmer is a real music fan as this is definitely a labor of love, which you can see too in the quality of support on the forum he gives. To top all of that you would think it would cost you a chunk of money, the price of this is so cheap by the side of the quality of what you are getting, that again says quality, a programmer that cares about his work and the support he gives.


Reviews: 10
This product is amazing. I at first thought that it was going to be too much for a simple band website with only one artist, but it proved me wrong... The support has been excellent, quick replies to simple and complex questions and even an offer to customize for free. Germi, the developer of Music Collection is top-notch!

Reviews: 2
I have purchased this app and really cannot find any fault with this....I have had questions and they were answered in a timely fashion.

For what the program cost, it is a great deal !!! And the support is second to none .....I am a seasoned computer user and I have never, ever seen a Developer offer support to this degree.

This was Germi's response to a question of mine:

"Quote" - when it comes to support service, to make the "original" component work properly on a customer's website, we dont charge a single penny to anybody, because the component has to work OK for everyone, it does not matter if it takes us 50 hours to set things right. when you pay for a component, it has to work. this includes also just setting up confguration paramters, because since we dont have a user's guide yet (we're on it) some users can get confused at some point. (unQuote)
Reviews: 1
The extension is perfect, stability excellent, design poor but unambiguous. Satisfied I am the support, a drawn express and helpful ones they were. I recommend it to everybody. Cheap, reliable.
Reviews: 7
I ported my old custom site to joomla/music collection a couple of months ago and I am really amazed by the ready-to-use features and very very good backend of this component. It is a real time saver for large collections. The code is written as it should be which make customizations really easy, new modules and plugins are coming very often and the help/support from the developer is excellent. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
The best MUSIC COMPONENT EVER!!! The Developer is helping with everything he can. You will miss a BIG TIME if you dont take this component. I havent seen anything like it here so its your choice guys :) be sure that the owner will help you with everything you need, no problem with install no problem with anything.
Reviews: 1
Music Collection is a great Joomla extension. I would highly recommend it. The developer is very nice, quick to answer questions and does so personally. Although I'm still getting used to it, because I am a newbie to adding music to a site... I think it will work out fine. Definitely a must have if you want music on your Website.
Reviews: 1
well worth the money, creates instant playlist type albums for your sites visitors.easy to install and the easiest extention i have used yet to upgrade. The one thing that could make this better is integration with jomsocial profiles section. this would be an Aplus at that point
Reviews: 1
This is the first review I have really felt the need to write for a Joomla component, quite simply because it is fantastic!

It is exactly what I was needing for my website and it came along at exactly the right time. I purchased the component but had a small problem after it had been installed, this was down to my fault. Not to worry, I simply contacted the author (germi) through the support forum on the website and within an hour the had helped me solve the problem and it worked like a charm!

The component has already gone from version 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 because the author listens to the users and is dedicated to making this the best component for Joomla. Any problems you have or any suggestions you have for the future of the component and related modules, the owner takes on board and tries his quickest and hardest to help!
If only all Joomla authors were as helpful as this, it would make the Joomla community amazing!

Now the component it's self. Looks fantastic, works fantastic, installs easily and I can't fault it. Everyone will have a few tweaks or ideas as to how to improve it but as a fairly new component, it's great and will only get better!

This is worth the small fee to purchase it as it has so many possibilities and option for your music collection or a music database website!

Support the Author and purchase this component, I promise you won't be disappointed!
Reviews: 12
We all remember the MusicBox component I guess. Music Collection is far more better and has a lot of WORKING functions that MBox didn't.

Installs in a second and you can learn how to use it in two. So, you all are three seconds away from having a perfect music based web-site !
Reviews: 7
This saved my life! Just what I was looking for. It saved me weeks of work!!

I signed up just to say that this application ROCKS!
Reviews: 7
Music Collection is one of those Extensions, I've longed to build or see built for a few years now. The developer has created a good-looking, versatile, functional tool, which also is very easy to use. It is one of the few commercial extensions that I not only found interesting enough to purchase (for my needs, anyway), but which has not disappointed in the least, afterwards. It's also one of those rare extensions, in which the developer seems to have left few stones unturned, when designing and coding. It's usable right out of the box, and really seems to leave very little left to be desired.

Though designed primarily for those who wish to display their music collection, I've found that with very little customization, it also suits the needs of a label or artist, to display a catalog of material and samples. Samples are played in an embedded Flash MP3 player which appears every time that particular song is listed and the albums themselves automatically pull all relevant album tracks into a "master" player, so that the full album can be previewed in one shot. It comes with a great player, but you also have the ability to swap it out for the compatible player of your choice.

Music Collection comes with a great variety of options from frontend display styles, customizable genres, types, and more. It also allows you to write reviews/info for each album and/or artist, allow your users to preview each track, plus get additional detailed information for each track and album. This also includes things like catalog number, release date, price, and much more. There's even a place to input lyrics for display!

There are also built-in search and browsing features, plus some "smart" functions, requiring only minimal effort - Music Collection easily makes the connections between related artists, albums that are part of a box set, and it also recognizes subgenres that are the same between one master genre and another. An example in that case would be... if you have a genre Rock ->Pop ->Brit Pop and you also have a genre Soundtracks ->Modern Rock ->Brit Pop, an album search would correctly yield appropriate results for any Brit Pop searches. And you have full use of keywords and tags. The search does not yet include lyrics at the time of this writing, but I believe this is on the way, as are other things.

Music Collection also comes with access to customizable modules such as "Random Album" and "Top Rated Album," the latter of which you can choose by genre or artist, if you desire. And you can also implement SEO extensions to make your links much more search engine-friendly.

Music Collection also has its own forum, where you can ask questions, make suggestions, or access straightforward documentation, which is steadily being added and reveals even more hidden tricks and features. The creator is very user-friendly and actually has answered my questions rather quickly, and taken my few suggestions seriously. He's also been very much on the ball with updating on when new modules are available, and the downloads are easy. You also have access to the modules and the extension itself, through your account... indefinitely, should you ever need to re-install again.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If your site involves albums or singles, I can't think of any better way to implement it into your Joomla site than this.
Owner's reply

I am amazed to read this review, I think you explained it better than I would have! :) thanks vivaknievel

Reviews: 2
This extension saved my life. Works out of the box, no tweaking required. It can sort your music in every possible way. Very nice minimalistic interface. It *really* does work with Joomfish.
Reviews: 3
This app is a really interesting one. You will se how it handles different albums, how it allows you to find different songs and albums or makes it easier to the users to find whatever they want...
Moreover, the graphic interface is grate, the users can listen songs life, and of course it is awesome if you wanna have your personal music well classified...
The best thing you could do is try it, you will find one of the best tools to manage music in your web sites, thats for sure!
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