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Simple MP3 Player Popular Module

Simple MP3 Player is an easy to configure Flash MP3 player module for Joomla!.


- singleplayer without playlist
- multiplayer with playlist for hundreds of mp3 files
- various styling options

NEW in version 1.7.1 for Joomla!™ 2.5

- improved administration
- 4 different player styles (.swf files)
- more background images added

NEW in version 1.5.3 for Joomla!™ 1.5

- usage of the playlist was formed clearer

NEW in version 1.5.2 for Joomla!™ 1.5

- popup player
- playlist option added

- for the fantastic "Multiplayer"
- Honza Odvarko for his color picker

Before you visit my support forum ( please make sure, that you've read all the help files in the module administration.

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Reviews: 3
Simply Awesome. Easy to use. I agree with the review below about using cookies to keep the music turned off if selected. That's the only thing missing.
Reviews: 1
Is the best and the most useful modul I´ve ever downloaded!
Reviews: 16
Awesome, customizable, very well planned.

Future hope: add 'cookie' setting so if people return to the same page the music sample won't start again & again till cookie expires
Reviews: 1
Hello from Barcelona (Spain).
Simple, funtional, intuitive, documented... and it has working at first installation time. It is a big MP3 reproductory! (Gran reproductor)

:-) Best regards.
Antonio F.S.
Reviews: 1
... and a great service!
Reviews: 1
Simply the best and most comprehensive FREE MP3 player for Joomla. Lightweight, with several options and super customizable.

Recommended to anyone seeking a beautiful and functional tool.
Reviews: 1
I love it :-) very ease and fast to adjust and get it working! you can change the colors to your own.

I needed someone to edit the playlist from the backend from the website and use a playlist.css to get it edited in the template. It worked like a charm :-)
Reviews: 1
Overall not too shabby but you are missing the smp3p_playlist variable within mod_simple_mp3_player.php. It seems that Ive fixed it on mine ... I just added the following line of code below line 59 mod_simple_mp3_player.php:

$smp3p_playlist = $params->get('smp3p_playlist');

Wihtout this it will say invalid variable within the player.

The play list feature doesnt work proper, I havent figured out what the issue but have a feeling it has something to do with the above variable.

I hope this helps.
Reviews: 3
Great player based on the famous flash-mp3-player. But, i want to integrate players in my article and it seems it is not possible. The player is in module position mode. Otherwise, i like the look and feel and the simplicity.
Reviews: 5
Simply amazing!
Completely customizable, works with or without playlist, and free.
Congratulations to the developer.
Reviews: 1
Finally a Multi Player that does exactly what it's
supposed to do !!! This is the sort of extention that one would wish to have part of the Joomla core.
And how nice is it to be able to style it so it
integrates perfectly with the look of your site.

Tres bon Travail.
Reviews: 2
Love this Module. Your step by step "How To configuration" right in with the module was perfect. I installed and set-up on my website in less than 20minutes. I only needed one MP3 to put up and this module was versatile. Everything I was looking for. Thanks!!
Reviews: 6
Thank you so much for this module. I wasted money and significant time on other mods that didn't work. Then I found this one and got it up and running and looking the way I wanted in under an hour. Perfectly customizable! The addition of the popup function is what really made it suit my purpose! Thanks so much!
Reviews: 7
The title says it all. I installed this and think that this is the best one with most options that I have seen. Works and looks great!
Reviews: 5
This is a most excellent player. I tried about five others and they all had problems, from display to inscrutable instructions. This just works, and no problems in rotten Internet Explorer, which usually chokes on most things that are good. (Ugh, I hate that browser.)

My only suggestion is there be an option for a plain old vertical text file for multiple songs. The song1|song2|song3 etc, vertical bar separator on a long line, can get visually confusing when the line gets longer and longer. No, I don't want an XML file. Simple should stay simple ;') A spot for artist name to be displayed on the player would be good, though. Many times they won't object to your using a song snippet as long as they get credit. All that other junk they put in xml files, I don't need. title, artist and song location are about it.

I sure don't need to name the publisher and record label and god knows what else. Let the robber barons of the music industry do their own advertising ;')
Reviews: 2
I've installed numerous Components, Plug-ins and Modules and have paid for several by some "top developers". Some great components, but none with the attention to detail as Simple MP3 Player has. The interface for the admin SETS THE BAR in my opinion. As a professional designer, I really appreciate the color selection tools and the fact that it gives you a color swatch of the color selected in the admin panel. Also the ability to have a custom image. The "Cheat Sheet" is VERY user friendly as it's right there to help you on the parameters page - ALL extension developers should follow this format! Thanks Medien.stroeme! BRAVO. I look forward to more products from you and for other developers to follow your lead.
Reviews: 1
Awesome player, easy to customize.... Excellent,thank you!
Reviews: 1
I spent a LOT of time trying out all the non-commercial MP3 players I could find.

I wanted a player that:
- I could easily make look nice
- Included continuous play, not stopping after each track
- Was free to use

I'm SO pleased with the outcome!

Reviews: 1
Loved it! Couldn't find a descent mp3 module, was almost giving up then came across "Simple MP3 Player".

No better name for it, well done, simple and costumizable!
The result is in my web site!
Hope the music works as payment!
Reviews: 2
I'm testing this module right now on my website: well it looks pretty nice, not really difficoult to find a fitting colour; if you all are able to put a website online, I guess you all should be able to set exadecimal colour for all module elements! A little annoying to set manually the songs names; also the imput field is not really clear: would be better to enlarge it to a multi line imput field.
Only 2 issues:
1)randomly, the module "cuts" the song while playing, stopping or simply skipping to the next song;
2)randomly the module does not load the song (does not play it)
Both issues lead into navigation problem, causing the browser to freeze page, and ofthen the need to close it, and restart it.
I'm testing actually on IE8 and Opera 9.62, the module manages only 6 songs, all same bitrate fitting to audio CDs standard.
Anyway apart from these random issues the module works fine. I used website URL path to folder (http://), please post a comment, if things are different changing to absolute root path.
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