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Random MP3 Pro ModulePlugin

A module extension that plays a random list of mp3s from a folder, or a specified list of mp3 files, using the Flash media player.

To use it you just install the module using the Joomla installer. Enable it using the module manager. Upload your mp3s to the folder 'media/mp3s'. That's it.

You can also use the Joomla images folder to store the mp3s, and use the media manager to upload them.

This is the pro version of the random mp3 module. It includes 3 additonal skins, and also displays id3 information about the song title, artist and album. It also includes additional parameters for volume level and background color.

As well as a module, the player can be used as a content plugin, allowing it to be embedded directly into the Joomla! article content - great for podcasting and similar applications.

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Reviews: 3
This extension has some basic things missing in it like
1. The player starts with the same mp3 file everytime you open. My suggestion is, it should start with a new file each time a user visit.

2. Popup opens as a blank screen without a player or image or anything. My suggestion is, popup screen should display the player.

Otherwise a good extension for playing mp3 files randomly(???)
Owner's reply

Are you using the latest version of the player? There was a problem with the randomness in earlier versions but this was solved a long time ago. I am puzzled by your suggestion that the popup opens a blank screen, this is not a bug that we have encountered, it does not do this in our own tests. It would help if you had contacted our support rather than posting this in a review, as it is not really the place for bug reports. It sounds as if you might be using an out-of-date version of the module.