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JE Awd Song ComponentModule

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This song rating component is best component for easily creating a song contest and determining a winning song.

->Admin can start the contest from the administrator panel and users can then add their favorite song.
->Users can rate their favorite songs.
->The default page shows songs in the current contest.It shows songs with an image, its average rating, how many times its played, the artist and the name of user who uploaded it.
->When you click on a song you will see the song's detail page.This page will show its image, album name, year of release, artist and average review.
It also shows all reviews and ratings. Users can rate songs, but is not allowed to rate his/her own song. To rate any song, a user must have uploaded their own song.

->There are 4 menus.
1.(Enter Contest) User can upload a new song.Whenever new songs are uploaded, users will receive an email to rate the new contest songs.
2.(Winner song) Users can see all of the winning songs from today.
3.(My Songs) Users can see all of their own songs they have uploaded.
4.(My Rated Songs) Users can see all of their own ratings for other users songs.

->There are 3 menus.
1.(All Songs) Admin can add and see all songs..Admin can also unpublish the song.
2.(Settings) Admin can set Contest finish date in this section.On this date depends on rating 1 winning song will be choosen. Everyone will recieve an email notification of the new winning song.
Admin can allow anonymous voting by setting values of anonymous voting.
3.(About)This section shows the terms and conditions.

Module(Song Rating)
->This module displays the latest winning song and the songs in the current contest.
->Admin can also set only unrated songs in the module from administrator.

->Its compatible with CB.If you use this component with CB then it redirects username to his CB profile.
->Integrated with Joomsocial component.
->Many of this functionality is done by AJAX and Javascript, so its very user friendly.
->The Song Player is very nice, slick and very small.
->The main aim of this component is to make a song contest very easy and user friendly and also very attractive with the image and player.

Change log:-
#Features :- Add New features like category in front of song
#Some minor Bug solved
#Add security level in new version

1.7.4 version
#Features :- Alias added
- Ordering set in back-end.
- Some minor bug solved

1.7.5 version
- JWplayer added in Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5 version.

Now available in Joomla 3.0 also.

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Reviews: 6
It does what it says, but I think there a few aspects to improve..
The user interface could be much nicer (i guess you could improve it your a css genius, but im not...)
And it would be nice to have more options for the songs (genre, etc..) and maybe more options like automatically mske playlists of top songs and play them anywhere on the site
All thst being said, it does what it says. Its ok, but can be better! :)
Reviews: 1
These guys helped me all the way with the translation of the software. Excellent and fast service.
Reviews: 1
This a great com, but the support is beyond compare. I had my computer crash and asked for a new link to download and the response was quick.
Reviews: 2
Nice work! It is worth registering for!
Reviews: 1
Beautiful extension. Loaded smoothly and easy to configure.

I would suggest one addition. A checkbox or something for the person that is uploading the song to confirm they have or own the rights to that song before uploading. Keeps us all legal. ;)
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and my all requirement satisfied with that extensions. Nice player also.
Owner's reply

Thanks for giving me good review and ratting.