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HD FLV Player supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4v along with Youtube videos, stream from Amazon S3 bucket

High Quality / High Definition Flash Video Player exclusively tailor made for Joomla Community with highly flexible options to meet the requirement of your websites needs.

Available as Component with the ability to control the player features and options through the Joomla Admin.

Feel free to contact us at or Chat with us at

=> AS3 player
=> It supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V.
=> Three methods to show videos on HD FLV Player. Direct YouTube video url, External video url, Direct video upload.
=> Show Google adsense / Adbrite / other script ads on the Video for Monetizing the traffic.
=> Google analytics Tracking Enabled.
=> Supports Ads from VAST compliance network. (Scanscout)
=> Show custom ads / videos through Preroll and Postroll options.
=> RTMP & Lighttpd Live streaming support.
=> Flexible player size to support your website design.
=> You can change Tool tips on Player to any language you want
=> Link / Embed code button to allows users to get embed code or code video link.
=> Send to friend features within flash player.
=> Social Media Bookmark option (diggit, myspace, facebook,, spurl, furl, google).
=> Preview image (for first frame of video).
=> Ability to turn on/off, share, volume and embed functions.
=> Full Screen feature.
=> 1X, 2X and 3X zoom capabilities.
=> Capable of downloading any uploaded videos, that plays on our HD FLV Player, You can disable this option as well.
=> Can disable or enable FFMPEG.
=> Ajax sorting of videos for easy management.

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Reviews: 9
This multimedia component works absolutely great, but what impressed me even more is the amount of support you get for the pro version. I need some tweaks, that could not be achieved with the included options and the team responded quickly and made all the required adaptions. Simply great work!
Reviews: 5
This is a simple to use extension. It was easy to customize. You may need to clear your cookies after making changes but that's not an issue at all. I love it. Thanks guys
Reviews: 1
Usually, when I try or use a free extension, I feel bad having to ask for support. This time though, it was a language related problem. I use the free Demo version, the support was excellent, the problem was fixed in 2 days. I hope other non-English speaking users will take advantage of this fix! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I would like to call this player simple yet effective. It was easy to upload and share videos and I didn’t find any difficulty in setting it up. This player offers complete control to owners as well. The video quality with easy drag and drop options are other elements which I liked in this player.
Reviews: 1
"When I read few negative reviews here, I was little scared to purchase but the live demo and the way their team responded back made me to purchase it"
Reviews: 1
I have uploaded a lot of my personal and business videos on youtube and vimeo, and was looking for a way to implement them on my website too. Thanks to this joomla video component, this has become an easy task.
Reviews: 1
Recently I have installed the hdlfvplayer component in my site. It's easy to install and setup. Component working like a charm. I recommend this extension
Reviews: 2
This extension works perfectly and exactly what i needed and also its easily customizable. Support service is excellent and their ticketing system is very useful.
Reviews: 1
This guys are great. Great product with a best support team
Reviews: 1
The team was responsive and proficient in supporting with my tech issues and queries. And moreover am impressed with the set of cool skins available in this HD FLV player. I just installed the free version to try them, but later I upgraded to paid version to obtain more features. The upgrade was worth purchasing it. Thanks
Reviews: 1
I was really happy to post review for this product. I strongly agree with the below commented user fredmail. Their support was fabulous and the product indeed is good. Seems to be a great team working behind. Congrats.
Reviews: 1
After reading the recent reviews here I was bit afraid about this components performance. Continuous follow up by the tech support guys made me to write this first review on joomla.

Though the chat response is slow when I contacted through email, they were fabulous and they were with me till they answered all of my questions .. with my personal experience I will rate 5 stars..
Reviews: 1
Hello everyone
I see happy faces and sad ones.I must say this is a nice module but the team behind it really dont know what support is and how a customer has to be treated.Be aware!
Reviews: 2
I paid a lot of money in the hope to have a possibility to play video's on my Ipad, using the HTML5 functionality. However I did not succeed in playing a MP4 video, using a normal Firefox browser.
It is very difficult to communicate with the support (very poor english)
Owner's reply


Apologize for the inconvenience, I thoroughly checked your ticket and found that the video that you mentioned is not playing on firefox browser but it works good on Ipod. We have also checked this video on other player like JWPlayer and it does the same. So, its a problem with the video codec.

When we uploaded a new video it works well on browsers and also on Ipod / Ipad. You can check the video titled Test Video on your website

If you are still not satisfied and want refund please send your request to We will provide you the refund.

Thank you

Reviews: 1
I am a joomla developer for more than 3 years now and I have used many many extensions so far... but this one is very special. Every this is automatic, i have some question which got good response from their help desk than any other extention owners so far.
Reviews: 1
HD FLV Player seemed to work great for 9 months, then all of a sudden after 47 videos uploaded, the oldest video started showing up as the first video in my list for no reason. No matter how I soted them in the backend, it would not work. Others on the forum said the same thing and the one reply from Contus was to change some code. The poster said they did and it caused his player to error out. When you don't get a reply in a timely manner, and your player code is bad, who wants to take the chance of changing the code when you have to wait weeks for a reply

The reply was to go deep into the root files and change soring code in the files or upload the commercial version. Not everyone is a code junkie. If you take a look at the forum postings under Joomla, you will see hundreds of them, but only a few have replies and some postings have been there for months with no reply.

I really liked this HD player, but the support gets one star. There are very few updates to get rid of bugs and the forums are open to everyone and because of that, there are tons of postings on there on porn, animal sex and beastiality and tons of postings that have nothing to do with HD Player.

The developers could really do a lot better on customer service and support updates, and try answering the tons of questions posted with zero replies. If they would do this, I would rank this a 4 star.

I don't know how Hannes7 and others gave this a five star rating with fast and reliable support. Sounds lile the developers tooting their product, but hey.

I agree with "carantz", on very poor support.

Pick up the pace Contus and I would change my vote.
Owner's reply

Dear Wineman,

We have taken note of your feedback and we'll definitely look into your issue and respond to you. Kindly provide us your contact information such as Email ID, phone number, and chat ID so that we can touch base you. We hope that you had already created a ticket in our ticketing system to address this issue, if not please let me know so that we can create a ticket. Creating a ticket is very simple, you just need to send a mail.

We are confident that we'll serve you better.

Thanks and best Regards,
Support Team

Reviews: 3
Great player, great support. Definitely one of the best players available for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I usally do not rate things but i have to for this one. This is a good component. Like the functionality and the options. But just have one problem. The component is not free at all. So it should not say it is free. It has a demo version which has there company logo on it. if it is free then the company logo should be removed. other than that the product is $99.
Reviews: 1
The player is average, not too bad. However, support was an absolute joke. I submitted 3 tickets, and they simply closed all 3 without attempting to help resolve. Support was out of India, and on India time, NOT US Standard. No attempt was made by them to contact me for ANY kind of resolution, short of an email that said they WOULD contact me within 24 hours.
Reviews: 1
Its a very easy to use, simplistic and fantastic interface, I don't have better words to describe about this product.Very well programmed. Hats Off to the programmers!! A job very well done.
Expecting more of this kind.

Mark Sloan
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