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HD FLV Player supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4v along with Youtube videos, stream from Amazon S3 bucket

High Quality / High Definition Flash Video Player exclusively tailor made for Joomla Community with highly flexible options to meet the requirement of your websites needs.

Available as Component with the ability to control the player features and options through the Joomla Admin.

Feel free to contact us at or Chat with us at

=> AS3 player
=> It supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V.
=> Three methods to show videos on HD FLV Player. Direct YouTube video url, External video url, Direct video upload.
=> Show Google adsense / Adbrite / other script ads on the Video for Monetizing the traffic.
=> Google analytics Tracking Enabled.
=> Supports Ads from VAST compliance network. (Scanscout)
=> Show custom ads / videos through Preroll and Postroll options.
=> RTMP & Lighttpd Live streaming support.
=> Flexible player size to support your website design.
=> You can change Tool tips on Player to any language you want
=> Link / Embed code button to allows users to get embed code or code video link.
=> Send to friend features within flash player.
=> Social Media Bookmark option (diggit, myspace, facebook,, spurl, furl, google).
=> Preview image (for first frame of video).
=> Ability to turn on/off, share, volume and embed functions.
=> Full Screen feature.
=> 1X, 2X and 3X zoom capabilities.
=> Capable of downloading any uploaded videos, that plays on our HD FLV Player, You can disable this option as well.
=> Can disable or enable FFMPEG.
=> Ajax sorting of videos for easy management.

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Reviews: 1
I am not a user who spends time on giving review on websites. but this one deserves my time. I am a Joomla developer and this is one of best module I have ever used.

Reviews: 11
This is my first negative review on this site and I really have given this company so many chances but enough is enough.

I bought their player around 4 months ago. The presales support was great, lots of info and communication. However, after I paid my money, I found an issue with JS errors in IE8 (they only occur after refreshing the browser or leaving a page with a video on it).

I logged a ticket on August 16th 2010, explaining the problem. Obviously I can’t paste in all the text from my various chases but at various intervals (I normally gave them 2 weeks to at least give me an update), I chased and the normal reply was “Sorry for the delay.We are checking this.We will fix soon and update you.” followed by nothing for weeks.

This went on for months, where the only solution they did offer was an update to the module which actually made things worse! Not only did their update not fix the JS errors but it also put a space/gap at the top of the module where the title would have been (I had disabled displaying titles, so it should have collapsed that area).

After more chases and no answers, I finally lost patience and demanded it to be escalated to their senior dev. After another couple of “we’ll get back to you soon” replies, they came back to me (October 23rd 2010) saying it was my site, not their module!

I had to prove it was their module by setting it up on my dev site. If I disabled their module the JS stopped occurring. If I re-enabled their module, the JS errors started again.

After this, they seemed to accept it was their module and came back with another update to their module on October 25th 2010. Due to the problems with them before, I thought I better try it on my dev site first. Lucky I did, this updated module had the same issues as their previous update (didn’t fix JS errors and space at top) but also had a new issue. This time, it changed the page to the name of the video! This would have ruined my SEO.

They did offer to log into my site and try to fix but after all these mistakes, there’s no way I could let them in. I couldn’t risk them breaking something else.

I’ve finally uninstalled their components/module and I’m using another FLV player (with no JS errors). I’ve asked for a refund (on October 29th 2010) but they’ve gone completely silent now.
Anyway, I hope this review stops some others making the same mistake as I did.
Owner's reply

Hi Robert

As you see the reviews from the other customers, we always give top priority even for after sales. On your case I see that my guys regularly update the status of the issue but there was a delay at the end since they were on the on the long festival holidays here in Diwali. When they back from the holiday they responded to your ticket on your request.

We will make sure to avoid the delay in response to all of our customers by monitoring the ticketing system closely. I would still like to resolve your issue if you are interested. My sincere apologize for the delay.

Thank you for understanding.

Reviews: 1
I just had to take to time and review this joomla product.

The HD FLV player is a great product with, great support.

This company truly supports their work, they have even gone above and beyond by helping me customize the system to fit our specific needs under share options, etc.

The HD FLV player is a "must have" purchase for any site that hosts a large amount of video content.

in addition to the fact that i have been able to incorporate this system with the shadowbox / lytebox java script.

Videos looks great on our site now!!!

Kyle Cleaver
Reviews: 4
Wow. AMAZING component. Installed and was up and running in under 10 minutes. The component is very user-friendly (like a video CMS within Joomla), and the module and plugin are easy and straight-forward. Overall, very intuitive, works like a charm. Very easy to set-up a video "gallery" using the playlists feature. Even the language tool is great, although a great addition would be to be able to configure more than one language (this would come in handy for multi-lingual sites). The only other tiny "complaint" is that the styling of the texts in the sharing mode is old-school (Times New Roman?). But overall an amazing component, well worth $99.

6 stars. Like.
Reviews: 1
Tried many other players before getting this hd player. this one never had any issues and the only fully functional player. Thanks
Reviews: 1
It has lots of features, as we see on the descriptions.. Worth buying it.
Reviews: 1
I am using the free version of this player. Work exactly the way I needed. I am happy because my client is happy.
Reviews: 2
Personally, I wouldn't even look at another player. This player worked the way it should and when I encountered minor issues (after updating Joomla + Flash), the tech support was fabulous. For $99 this extension is a bargain.
Reviews: 3
The player itself is very good, and the support team have really helped me integrate it into my clients site, it looks amazing! Highly recommended, I did look at (and try) all the other options available and this was the best.

I am now using it again for another client site. Great work!
Reviews: 1
I have never seen a player with such a quality!! I bought the player and the support was great, professional, polite and helping.
Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot for making it so easy
Reviews: 1
Thanks for such a wonderful component that suits all my requirement. Excellent team with regular updates and good support.
Reviews: 1
One of coolest extensions available here.. Thank you guys.
Reviews: 1
I just need to say: This guys are werry good and fast. I submited my problem on live chat and guys have made update in about 3. minuts. This is werry nice.

Thanks to all you guys, special thanks to Roy...
Reviews: 1
One thing that attracts me about this developer / products, is about their regular updates to there player and it is free to download.

Good work guys! I would appreciate if you could update me through email when there is a new update :)
Reviews: 1
I've just installed the demo player..

i have also created a playlist...but i can't see the playlist at the video player...

the playlist is working only when we buy the component?

thanks Lampros
Owner's reply

Thank your for using our extensions.

I also see that you have asked in the forum. Please check the link for the response


Reviews: 1
I am extremely happy. I have finally got what I wanted. Excellent FLV player. The support documentation is also very good. I strongly recommend this for every one.
Reviews: 1
I have never seen a player with such quality. It has got many features which other players does not have. One interesting fact about hd flv player is, they provide very good documentation which helps me to easily install wihout any technical assistance.
Reviews: 1
Its a nice player.. thanks....
Reviews: 1
Good to use. Simply the best.
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